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 Torn Between Two (six)

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PostSubject: Torn Between Two (six)   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:07 am

Chapter Six-

Lily glowed for the rest of the day, Charlie smiled when she noticed her mood, no doubt things had gone well with Sev. Anna wasn’t as happy as Charlie and Lily were she glowered and was in a bad mood. Charlie pulled her aside after dinner and told Lily they would be there in a minute.

“What?” Anna grumbled.

“Can’t you see he puts her in a good mood?” Charlie asked.

“Yes, but I still don’t like it, he’s a Slytherin for God’s sake.”

“Why does that matter? If she likes his company it doesn’t matter.”

Lily left the hall looking over her shoulder wondering what her friends were talking about. Anna’s surly mood hadn’t dampered Lily’s. She hummed starting to go up the stairs.

“Prongs we don’t have time.” Lily heard Lupin’s voice complain. She turned around and saw the boys by the door. Potter was contemplating going back into the hall. “Later Prongs.”

“Fine.” The Maruders left through the door and went outside. Her curiosity got the better of her and Lily slipped out too. The sun was starting to go down. Lily quietly followed the Maruders, they were making their way towards the whomping willow.

“Potter.” Lily said calmly. “What are you doing?” She was confused. What were the Maruders doing near the whomping willow. It was almost dark.

Potter spun around and swore. The rest of the Maruders turned too. Lupin looked slightly fearful. “Evans go back inside.” Potter said.

“No.” Lily was stubborn. She wanted to know what the Maruders were doing out.

“Prongs.” Lupin said looking up at the sky. It was getting darker now, the moon was starting to rise. “We don’t have time for this.”

“Time for what?” Lily asked gazing suspiciously at them.

“Evans just go inside.” Black muttered his eyes livid.

“Not until you tell me whatis going on.”

“Evans please.” Potter begged.

“Prongs the moon is nearly up.” Black said, he glanced at Lupin. Pettigrew squeeked

“What has the moon got to do with anything?” Lily demanded. She wasn’t going anywhere until she found out what was going on, she would stand outside all night if she had to.

Potter glared at Lily then turned back to his friends. “Take Moony there I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Where in a minute?” Lily half shouted. “James Potter. What is going on? You’d think becoming head boy would knock some sence into you.”

The three other boys continued on their way to the whomping willow. Potter glared at Lily. “Evan’s please, this is for you own good. Get back to the dorm.”

“Not on my life.”

“Prongs.” Black shouted. He was looking at the sky at the full moon. “It’s too late.”

“Too late for-“ But she stopped and looked at Lupin. “He’s a werewolf.” She breathed.He was looking at the moon aswell. It was so obvious, why he was never around at the full moon or any of the other Maruders for that matter. That’s what they had saved Sev from, Lupin when he had been a werewolf. She stumbled back as Lupin started to change, transform. Soon a great big werewolf was standing there. It turned and spotted Potter and Lily. “Or dear.” Lily squeeked, for once Potter had been right. The werewolf started to run towards them. Black ran after it changing into a dog mid run. Lily was too astounded at the werewolf to pick that up. James too ran up to the werewolf tuning into a stag. Both boys stood in front of the wolf pushing it back keeping it away from Lily. The wolf got through and the stag ran forward and charged into the wolf making it change direction, the stag and wolf began to fight.

“Where’s Lily?” Charlie asked once they got into the commen room. She wasn’t waiting for them. They walked into the seventh year dorm. She wasn’t there either.

“Maybe she has a Head Girl meeting?” Anna suggested feebly.

“She would have told us.” Charlie countered, she was worried for her friend.

“Well lets go see if the Maruders are anyway. There can tell us if there is one because Potter is head boy.” The girls left their dorm and went back into the common room. The Maruders weren’t anyway to be found either. “They could be in their dorm?” Anna suggested.

Charlie shook her head. “I don’t think so. I think they are up to something and Lily followed them. We’re going to need to wait to she comes back.”



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Torn Between Two (six)
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