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 Geometry (an oversized drabble, with awkward author's notes)

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PostSubject: Geometry (an oversized drabble, with awkward author's notes)   Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:08 am

One night, I was having a good bit of odd thinking on the sexualities of HP characters, and stumbled on the idea of writing drabbles, exploring possibilities. I never managed to get around to most of them, so this is the only one that's properly written up. I'd really prefer you didn't read it XD I'm not sure why.

Ginny Weasley loves boys. She knows this the moment she meets Harry Potter, the boy of fairy tales and bedtime stories. She struggles to capture each minute detail of their brief meeting, but all she knows is that he is small and shy and she loves him.

She recalls all three of these things when she is older and her body is behaving in awkward, foreign ways...when she begins to really love boys. And in the beginning it is still Harry, only Harry. He is still small and sharp and angular and too thin, but not weak, no, never that. She is drawn to how solid he seems, how firm and oddly elegant.

But Ginny loves a lot of boys before long. Dark or fair, Pureblood or Muggleborn, nothing matters as long as they are built from the long, sharp lines and flat, hard planes that she finds herself in awe of. Their bodies are like turning corners onto strange new paths. She loves how, even under her severe grasp, they feel as if they can never, ever break.

It is not until she has felt the smooth, indecent softness of Draco Malfoy's body that she has her epiphany: Ginny is enthralled in curves -- the geometry of figures that do not turn in on themselves sharply, but flow and bend and, yes, they will break, so she must be careful. She loves vague, round, impressionable shapes that leave her ever lingering on thoughts of spiralling endlessly downward.

She doesn't question how she can crave two things in such clear opposition. The contrast between them is striking, gorgeous, and real. She feels safe and kept against the strong and somehow angry density of boys like Harry, her Harry, but she is invited and intrigued by the pliant, welcoming arcs of what is just beyond her reach. Ginny Weasley loves boys, but she can't say she has much objection to girls.

(author's notes: Um, I don't know why draco is pointy in the face but soft in the body. it just felt right. I liked the imagery, I guess. Anywho, I am regretting that I am about to post this. Nothing in this drabble is vulgar, but it feels too...intimate, or something. Now it's going to be weird. *hides*)


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Geometry (an oversized drabble, with awkward author's notes)
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