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 Prongs Fail Drabbles (33)

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PostSubject: Prongs Fail Drabbles (33)   Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:00 pm

Draco- Time.

Time was running out, Draco knew this, he was trying to
speed up but he couldn’t, everything he tried wasn’t working. Something was
going wrong. It was only a matter of time, before he ran out of it. Before he
was given no more chances. Before it was over. He was letting his family down
not just himself. He had never been brave, heck he wasn’t a stupid Gryffindor.
He was a coward, and hard as he tried he couldn’t change that. Even time
wouldn't, even time couldn't. Time was about to run out, and he’d lose it. Lose

Peter- Commit

For once Peter was the one in charge, in charge of making
sure that the Dark Lord could never find the Potters. Though in the end Peter
really didn’t have a choice, it was out of his hands. There was no saying no to
the Dark Lord. It was a yes, or you payed with your life. Peter was a coward,
how he got into Gryffindor was anyone's guess, he wasn't brave, he wasn't noble
and when given the choice of his life or the lives of two of his friends the
choice wasn't as hard as it may seem.

Trio- Blood.

Blood, it was something that the three of them saw many
times over their seven years at Hogwarts. More often than not it was Harry’s.
From charging off to be a hero, by doing something heroic and reckless, risking
his life to save others. But it never got easier, never made them any less
nervous when Harry appeared covered in blood, whether his, or someone else’s. If
anything the fact that he always seemed to find a way to injure himself was a
worry. Trouble followed them all, they all got their share of it but Harry most
of all.

Tom Riddle-

Tom Riddle had never been transparent, never been someone
that people didn't notice. He wasn't the kind that people took one look at then
looked away. Even before he had become Voldemort. He had never envied those who
were able to disappear into the background, in fact he pitied them.

Remus- Numb

Numb was a feeling that Remus had felt a lot over the years,
when he had lost Prongs, thinking that Wormtail had been killed and that
Padfoot had betrayed them all. He forced himself to be numb, to not to think.
To not to care. He didn't want to feel, feel the pain that the memories
brought. The memories of best friends, of caring. Of sticking with each other
till the end. The memories of being Marauders. Making mischief and being up to
no good. The numbness blotted it out, kept away the pain. And then he got
Padfoot back and things were right for a while, despite that Prongs was still dead and he had learnt that
it had been Wormtail who had betrayed them all, they were together, the two of
them. Then he lost Padfoot again, the pain was worse this time, and again the
numbness came.

Marauders- Where?

Sirius bounded down the corridor, hide and seek was one of
his favourite games to play. Especially when he was holding the Marauders Map
and knew that James, who was it, could not cheat. Sirius was the best hider out
of the four, and without the aid of the Marauders Map the other three wouldn't
have a clue where he was hidden. He of course magically appear once the game
was long over, and the other three were sitting in the common room playing some
new game, happy to have yet again won much to the displeasure of the others.

Draco- Breakfast.

Breakfast. Draco had never really seen the point. Adults
said it was the most important meal of the day, though more skipped it then not.
He of course did not, but this was more out of habit then desire to eat at that
time. His parents made him eat the meal when he was at the Manor for the
holidays and he just continued once the school term began. He just wasn’t
hungry at that time, having done nothing but sleep all night and thought that a
break should be given in between their first few classes to have breakfast.

Trio- Beach

It was an interesting time when the trio, Ginny and their
children were at the beach. The day started off fine, the sun shining, the children
gleeful to be at the beach and the parents content. The children rushed off to
build in the sand or play in the water. By the end of it though, children were
screaming, siblings having stomped on top of their castles, or knocked them
into the water. The parents were frenzied trying to solve the problems that
their crying children brought to them. What was once a nice day out, turned
into a nightmare.

Rp Characters-

Cassie was impulsive, she didn't think before she acted. The
plan and the directing of the plan usually happened in the same moment. Actions
first, questions later. She didn't stop and think how the consequences might
affect her, most of the time she didn't think at all. She just acted.

James- Shining

James often thought of himself as shining, handsome and just
all around awesome. A lot of people agreed with James on this fact, and many
didn’t. And one of the ones that didn’t was the one whose opinion mattered most
to James. He actually did not care if the rest of the female population thought
he was horrible, but what Lily thought mattered to him. And the fact that his
charm did not charm her was quite a blow to his ego, it also frustrated him. As
he didn’t understand why. Why Lily didn’t like him.

Remus- Punctual

Remus liked to be on time for things, and he usually was, at
least he was unless someone, this someone more often than not being Padfoot,
did something which caused them all to be late for whatever they needed to be
on time for. Once they had left the common room with enough time to get to
class and had somehow ended up only getting there for the last five minutes.
Remus later found out Padfoot and Prongs had gone around changing all the watches
and clocks so the time was wrong. Needless to say, McGonagall had not been

Peter- Everybody

Everybody didn’t have the highest opinion of Peter Pettigrew.
In the beginning and again in the end. It had of course changed in the middle.
Few had thought he had changed, that he was different. This was mostly because
of his friends, because the four of them had been a team, despite their
differences. Because of the Marauders. But again, in the end he wasn't held in
high regard. After what those friends had done for him he had turned around
betrayed them all, gotten two of his friends killed, the other chucked in
Azkaban having been deemed a murderer.

Lily- Fingertips

Lily looked at the small figure in her arms, he looked
exactly like James, his hair jet black and his face shaped the same way. The
only difference was his eyes, they were just like hers. Harry gurgled happily
and Lily smiled rocking him back and forth in her arms and singing softly to
him. His tiny hand curled around her pointer finger. “Mumma,” He said, his
green eyes staring into hers. She smiled. Gurgling more baby language Harry let
go of her finger and pressed his tiny finger against her finger tip. “Mumma,”
He repeated smiling up at her.

Tom Riddle-Zeal

Enthusiastic is not a word you would attach to the name of
the dark lord. It was just too bright, sounded to happy to work. But in fact,
he could be enthusiastic (if you want to call it that) but not about things
that most people are enthusiastic about. He was enthusiastic about murder,
killing, ripping families apart. Definitely not the most pleasant thing to be passionate
about. Most people attach enthusiasm to something bright, something happy. But
truth be told, some people, some things as
they aren’t quite people, are enthusiastic about all of the wrong things. Like

Rp Characters-

Taylor loved her siblings, by God she did, but she just
wished that she didn’t need to look after them. She was still young and she
wanted her problems to be about furthering her education and working out what
she wanted to do in her life not about making sure that two hungry four year
olds had enough food and everything they needed to grow up healthy. She wanted
her parents back, she wanted to just be a normal twenty year old with trivial
problems, not a twenty year old who was like a mother to her two younger

Draco- Trust.

Draco wasn't one to trust, there was barely anyone in his life
he could trust. The Slytherins? Hardly, he couldn’t tell them about his
problems. Especially after acting all calm and reserved. Acting like he knew
exactly what he was doing. His Father? Again, hardly. He would just be told to
get the job done and a lot of other rubbish that Draco did not need to hear.
Draco had never realised just how alone he really was, it had never bothered
him before. He hadn't needed people to turn to, just people to bully. But now,
now was different.

Lily- Crash

A crash was heard and Lily turned to assess the damage.
Harry, only a year old sat on a toy broomstick he had gotten for Christmas.
Glass was strewn across the floor and on the fragments Lily could see the
pattern, it was the vase her sister had given her Christmas. She sighed walking
over to Harry and picked him up. Making sure no glass had flown into him. Once
she was sure, she put him down away from the glass and uttered a spell cleaning
the mess. She could have fixed it, but she hadn’t liked that vase much.

Peter- Chose

Choices were never easy, and Peter stood, well kneeled in
front of the Dark Lord. A dark mark burned onto the forearm of his left arm
thinking that perhaps he had made the wrong choice. He had lost all of his
friends that night, and it had been his fault.

Marauders- Ends

They had never expected the end. Best friends forever
that was what they had said. Forever. Not for a little while, not just for now.
Forever. But it did end and how it ended. James murdered by the dark lord protecting
his wife and only son, Sirius hit by a curse and fell into a veil never to
return again. Peter choked himself to Death and Remus died in battle, leaving
his young son to be an orphan. For what had once been such a happy group, now
was dark and somber. Their hopes of
happy lives, smashed and gone.

Marauders- Middles

Middles were the best part, and this was true with all things. Chocolate was one of these things, the sticky flavour in the middle was always the best part. And another of these things is friendships. The ends are awful, no-one wants a true friendship to end. Ends are the hardest, ends bring pain. The beginnings are sketchy, full of awkward silences and floundering for things to say. But in the middle, everything is good. After the awkward stages but before everything blows up in your face, when everything just seems right. Despite the bumps it all ends up fine.


Prongs is made of music, waffles, and rainbows. With a dash of flamethrowers.

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PostSubject: Re: Prongs Fail Drabbles (33)   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:31 pm

Renée’s Drabbles (13)

When she was younger and was awoken from terrors in her dreams she would crawl into her parents bed, and her mother would sing her to sleep, a sweet tune that forced the bad thoughts out of her mind. Or she would be comforted by the maid until she could no longer fight exhaustion. But these many years later she sat curled up in her bed, knees pulled in to her chest, unwilling to find her parents. She didn't want to seem childish, as if the dark creatures in her dreams still scared her. She didn't want to seem weak.

Renee held onto her mother's hand and stared up in her pale face that gazed unseeingly in front of them. "Mama," she said, her mother turned her head to stare at her but Renee did not speak again but stared into her mother's face. She was not crying, but looked so inexplicably sad that it was worse than tears streaming down her face. "Are you okay Mama?" She asked. Her mother faked a weak smile. "Of course," she lied quietly, her voice cracking. Don’t cry, don’t be sad, everything is always fine, is what Renee learnt, a lesson subconsciously taught.

The sky was strewn with bright stars twinkling on the dark backdrop, Renee sat by the windowsill staring up into the sky. She yawned and blinked, almost missing a shooting star that shot through the sky moments later. She stared at it. "Make a wish," she mumbled blearily to herself. I wish I was perfect. Her mind whispered, not even willingly to acknowledge the thought to herself she tried to push it firmly out of her mind. "I wish, the, year goes well," she ended lamely. Frowning at the brilliant night sky. I wish I didn't care what other's thought.

"You look beautiful," Celeste told her sincerely, smiling at Renee who smiled back at her. "Thank-you," she replied quietly, tucking a strand of her hair back behind her ear. I'm not though her mind thought bitterly. Stop it she told herself with an envious look at Celeste’s skinny frame. You're beautiful. You. are. beautiful. She didn’t believe her thoughts though, nor Celeste’s words. “You are,” Celeste said quietly, watching her carefully, seeming to know the thoughts that she was thinking. “I’ll make you believe it.” You’ll be waiting a while. She faked a smile at Celeste who was not fooled.

The two stood a few feet away from each-other fuming. The echo of their words hanging in the air between them. "Go them," Renee sneered, trying to calm her furious rage. "Fine then. I will,” the second retorted. “You pathetic-" before she could finish her sentence, there was a bang and a squeal and the second girl held her arm tightly to her chest. "What did you do?" she screamed at Renee, who was staring horrified. "I didn't, I swear," her eyes widened. The girl gave her a furious look and nursing her injury turned and fled. Leaving Renee alone.

"My parents will kill me," she murmured with a fervent glance over her shoulder as she ran down the quiet street. Her way dimly lit by the faint pricks of star light. The salty air from the sea filled her senses as she paused on the edge of the sand, trying to spot Celeste's frame against the deep blue sea. She was leaving to England the next day, and wished to say goodbye to her friend before she departed. It would be another year until she came back to France. Too long to not see one of her close friends.

She smirked and yawned lazily, tiling her chair back so it teetered on its back legs. The befuddled Gryffindor was fervently trying to explain to the teacher that he had no idea how his book has flown to the front and hit her in the head. The teacher did not appear convinced by this story, and while the student was attempting to claim his innocence Renee flicked her wand and a few sheets of paper from the teacher's desk flew towards her. Glancing around her she shoved the sheets into her book, and turned her attention back to her work.

Phone Call
Renee gave the bizarre object a half amused, half intrigued look. "What does it do?" she asked her friend frowning at the muggle technology. "I'm under the impression muggles use it, to communicate with people far away." Her friend murmured. They were in Muggle London, amusing themselves with the obvious difference between the muggle and wizarding world. The two continued to stare at the telephone, both thinking it was a weird collection of useless plastic. "Weird," Renee mused frowning at it. "Muggles are weird," her friend claimed. Renee nodded her agreement. Wondering how anyone could have thought of such things.

She pushed helplessly against the door. It was locked as it always was, though that helped her none, as she could hear the footsteps of a parent coming up the hall. she dreaded to think what would happens if she was found creeping around the room. There was no explanation she could give that would suffice. With a moment to spare she threw herself under the bed and bit down on her lip as she rolled onto something hard. Mere moments later the door opened and Renee caught sight of her father's polished black shoes as he entered the room.

Pinching the bridge of her nose she stared at the list of subjects that she could pick up as she entered into her third year, and the letter from her parents in her other hand. A letter which despite hidden in the layers of words told Renee quite plainly what subjects she ought to take, what subjects would beneficent her future the most. She knew her parents had her best interests at heart, however she was frustrated at her lack of choice. She sighed mournfully with a glance at her parents letter and grabbed her quill to chose her classes.

Renee stood in the daunting shop, peering around at the shelves full of wands. The owner of said shop had disappeared into the back searching for a wand that suited her. He came back with a collection and silently passed her one, which emitted a collection of sparks. She went through a dozen, the shop keeper watching silently, grabbing wands out of her hands before she had a chance to test it. There was something about the feel of the wand that chose her, the different between all the others she had tested which showed her she had her wand.

It was one of the first things that she had been told as a child, never matter what had happened or what was wrong. The key was to smile, like you meant it. It unnerved people, showed them that their petty tricks weren’t going to disrupt you from your goal. Made people think that you were confident, even while you had no idea what it was that you were doing. It was the key to life, and to make the people around you think that you knew the secrets of everything. And people gravitated to those who seemed to understand.

She screwed up her eyes and leaned back into the chair, on the desk in front of her sat a pile of homework that she had been slowly churning through. "I can't do this," she murmured burying her head in her hands, trying to calm herself down. She started to sing softly, keeping her eyes screwed shut, a lullaby her mother used to sing to her as a child, during storms or when she woke up from nightmares. While not as successful as her mother's calming voice, the tune and words succeeded in calming her down.


Prongs is made of music, waffles, and rainbows. With a dash of flamethrowers.
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Prongs Fail Drabbles (33)
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