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 The Horror of Our Love

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PostSubject: The Horror of Our Love   Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:56 am

OKAY SO GUYS. I had an idea earlier and decided to make a song fiction out of the amazing song The Horror of Our Love by Ludo. If you get nightmares easily.... I am not sure if I recommend this, because there will be some gory stuff O.o

Oh poo. Read it anyway.

1. Prologue


…I'm a killer, cold and wrathful....

It was dark. Its a small town, barely on the map. It had a beach, which eventually led out completely into the ocean. Perfect little city, no reason for anyone to come here and hurt people.

Which was exactly why the Lazari were here. They were hungry, and the bodies and minds of this tiny place were untainted by the vanity that came with places like New York, were it might matter if you looked nice or not. The humans that inhabited were comfortable with themselves and each other, everyone knew everyone. No one should care if something were to happen in this forgotten piece of soil, and it would be long before someone were to discover the population that no longer existed.

The Lazari were terrifying creatures. They left no traces, and no one made up ridiculous stories about them. They ate humans, tore their souls out of their bodies, completely destroyed small towns, like the one they were currently stationed in. Only the strong humans survived, freeing themselves from the binding that kept the feeding Lazari and the human together. The human would then become a Lazari, but it rarely happened.

It was like survival of the fittest. And, with the Lazari around, you truly had to be the fittest to stay alive... Or whatever the Lazari were, as they have no heart, no organs, just veins and a skeleton to keep their pale, almost rotting skin supported.

The Lazari could only feed while the victim was sleeping. While asleep, the human is vulnerable....willing. You cannot stop a Lazari from feeding once it starts, and if they find a human they particularly want to... Get rid of, they will stalk their prey until they are consumed.

The only draw back to the Lazari stalking their next meal, especially if the human is of the opposite sex, is that sometimes....

They tend to fall in love.


^thank you, Laurz, Kat, Ticookie, and August. You four brighten my day drastically.^
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The Horror of Our Love
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