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 Tsuki's Dribbles, Drabbles, and Droubbles. Can't bother sorting them out. (26)

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PostSubject: Tsuki's Dribbles, Drabbles, and Droubbles. Can't bother sorting them out. (26)   Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:43 am

Draco- Blind

He looked at what lay ahead of him, but he did not truly see what was there. He couldn't see passed what was now, what was the present. It was as if he had no future to see, or to look forward to. He could not see the options that lay ahead, the changes, the life waiting there. All he saw was what was, not the what could be's. It was like something shrouded his eyes and mind, cutting them off from his imagination. It kept him from imagining his life years from now, from seeing anything he could have.

Draco- Grasp

He could feel it slipping away, his sanity slowly leaving him, threatening to disappear completely. It had started with the voice; sounding mysteriously like his father, and then it had evolved to a multitude of voices, including his mother and that stupid Potter. All of them pushing his mind in different directions, criticizing him whenever they could, making him want to tug out his hair and curse to the skies at them. But it was all that Draco could do just keep his sanity intact, his grasp on reality fading more at each tick of the clock, another piece gone.

Remus- Not Enough

A soft sigh escaped his lips as he stared forlornly out the window at the overcast sky outside. Sometimes he hated himself. He hated that he could never give all that needed to be given, that he could never do everything that needed to be done. His condition kept him from so much. He did not know how he was ever going to be a proper father. He had known this would never work when it first started. He was not meant to have or to raise a family. Remus Lupin knew, had always known, that he was not enough.

Remus- Taste (minor slash warning)

It was winter. After romping around in the snow, the Marauders took refuge in their common room. There they played games of chess. Remus decided it was too loud and retreated to the dorm. Sirius followed.

"Moony, c'mon," he whined. "Don't be such a party pooper."

"Give me one good reason to go back downstairs," Remus challenged.

Sirius pouted at Remus for a moment then leaned forward to kiss him. "That's why," he said turning to leave.

Remus sat on his bed, completely stunned for a moment, as Sirius bounded out of the dorms. Sirius tasted like chocolate…Holy shit.

Remus- Guilt

He said no as many times as he could. But she was resilient, never giving up on him, wanting to be with him. And now look where they had landed themselves. Parents. They already knew the child took after his mother, a Metamorphmagus, but had he also taken after his father? Remus would never forgive himself if Teddy had. He looked at the small child, sleeping in his bed. Remus frowned, not at the child, but at himself. If Teddy ended up a werewolf, Remus would be forever guilty for having inflicted something so dreadful upon such an innocent child.

Remus- Moon

The moon is a rather lovely object, taking up its place in the sky at night. But to some the moon is a clock or a timer, ticking away to a transformation that they had no control over, and one that they did not choose. Many of those people had to face it alone, but Remus did not. Remus did not, because he had an amazing group of friends, ones who stood by him no matter what, who took the time to ensure they could be there in his greatest time of need. And for this, Remus was extremely grateful.

Remus- Son

There was one thing Remus Lupin had never expected. He had never expected to have a family, of any sort, ever. He had thought he would always be alone. But here he was, holding in his arms something precious. Here Remus was, holding the small bundle that was his son.

Remus- Mousetrap

Whatever possessed him to think that this was a good idea was beyond him. So now, Remus sat in a chair, watching Sirius try to understand the mechanisms of a mousetrap, worry evident as Sirius pulled back the part that caught the mouse, attempting to fasten it with the latch, fingers on the spot that would get hit if his other hand slipped. "Be careful," Remus said.

Sirius looked at him. "I'll be fine. What could go wr- Ouch!" Sirius' fingers had slid…and the mousetrap had caught the other five. He quickly went to pry it off.

Remus got up from his chair and went over to him. "I told you," he said, looking at the very red fingers on Sirius' hand.

Sirius pouted at Remus. "You're the one that gave it to me," he accused.

"Only because you pouted and whined at me for an hour."

Sirius rolled his eyes at Remus, and brushed his fingers away from his hand, eyeing the mousetrap like he wanted revenge on it for hurting him. Remus sighed at Sirius. Padfoot could be quite ridiculous at times. Remus wondered why he dealt with him. Especially when Sirius picked up the mousetrap again.

Teddy- Autumn

The leaves were changing color, just like Teddy changes his hair color. Although, he was pretty sure that leave couldn't turn turquoise unless they were magically colored that way. But, because the leaves changed color, autumn was Teddy's favorite season. He loved the different colors and shades the leaves became, rather than the boring green of the rest of the year. It made him like himself that much more, because it was during autumn that he knew he wasn't the only person or thing that could change color. It, oddly enough, made being a Metamorphmagus not all that bad anymore.

Luna- Attention

She didn't mind the attention. Really she didn’t. Never once did she mind the odd stares or the whispers in the hallways as she walked by. Luna was just herself. She didn't care or mind what the other people thought. If she wanted to wear radish earrings, then she could.

Luna- Outside

Birds sang happily and the wind blew lightly, ruffling her feathery blonde hair just slightly. Things were peaceful. She could hear a stream a little ways off even, flowing and trickling through some rocks. Her pink ruffled skirt circled around her as she calmly twirled, doing a sort of lonely dance, resting against her leggings when she stopped moving. This was why Luna enjoyed being outside. It was so much freer than the confines of indoors. It made her feel free. Outside, also, offered up a whole new world to explore and discover. Luna thought she liked this part best.

Lily- Ends

Best of friends, right? That's what it had always seemed like. And now…now they weren't anything, drawn to separate sides in a splitting world. The fabric of their friendship had been ripped away at the seams, all from one eight-letter word. And as much as she wanted to make herself hate him, Lily just couldn't. She and Sev had been friends too long for that. But she was angry at the time. And now, sitting there on the horizon was the potential end to a long friendship. And Lily didn't know that she was ready for it to end.

Snape- False

Masks are interesting objects. They can hide who you really are, or they can hide who you aren't. And Severus had in a place a mask, for years now, and he held it there firmly. The falseness that he gave off saved him from death, but it also hurt him. To pretend to be something that he wasn't, no person ever wants to do that. It cost him. People lost the trust they'd built in him over the years, trust he'd worked hard to gain. Being someone other than who he was, being someone false had cost Severus his life.

The Marauders- Gravity

Remus had come to expect something from his friends. The thing that he had come to expect was that every Saturday morning, about an hour after he had risen and made his way to the common room to wait for the rest, that they would come stumbling down the stairs to the boys' dorm. And he just knew that one day something was going to change, because really the Marauders were probably some of the least constant people he knew. So, one Saturday morning as they were stumbling their way down the stairs Sirius, who was in the back of the group as usual, yawning and rubbing at his eyes, tripped successfully knocking down the other two and causing them to all tumble down the rest of the stairs, complaining and griping at each other once they hit the bottom. And of course yelling at Sirius for making them all fall in the first place. But they were wide-awake a lot faster than normal, and so there was much less breakfast grumbling. Gravity, it seemed, had been on Remus' side that day, because as much as he held his friends dear to him, he just could not stand their grumbling.

Narcissa- Wonder

Narcissa was worried, that much was clear as she stood just on the outskirts of the clearing. She knew that her son was within the walls of the castle, and she knew that there was fighting. She wondered if he was alright, hands wringing together in worry. She wasn't sure how long she stood in the position, hands twisting. Time had stilled. And then the fighting stopped and Harry Potter showed up to face the Dark Lord. And then it was Narcissa's job to check if he was alive or dead. In her mind, she thought how could he not be? He'd been hit with a Killing Curse. But as she knelt next to the boy, she discovered that he was alive. She asked of her son and upon learning that Draco was safe she felt compelled to lie. Her worry and wonder were assuaged now, if only for now.

Sirius- Missing

He felt empty on the inside, as if a large part of him was gone. And Sirius knew exactly what it was. He knew exactly what had happened. He hurried to his motorbike and started it up. Upon arrival to Godric's Hollow, he was stunned. Where James and Lily's house had stood before was in shambles. Sirius ran a hand through his hair, cursing that little rat they'd allowed in their group. That traitor. He should have known Peter was not the right man for the job. So now, here Sirius stood, staring at the destruction, two friends forever missing.

Sirius- Mirror

When most people look in the mirror, they can point the ways they are similar to the members of their family. But not Sirius. When he looked in a mirror he saw a smile, laughter, love. Things his cold and reserved family lacked. Sirius was proud of this fact. It set him apart from them, from their stupid ways, their stupid histories. It gave him a sense of self, the mirror. When Sirius looked into the mirror, he saw he wasn't a Black, he was Padfoot. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing a Black, Sirius looked in the mirror and saw a Marauder. It made him proud to know that it was possible to be someone else, to break free of the ridiculous tradition his family had put in place. When Sirius looked into the mirror, he gave himself a sharp nod and went off to be different.

Albus Severus- Forever

He just couldn't take it anymore. All he ever was was a stupid Potter, never just Al. His brother, James, was the perfect model of Harry Potter's son, but Al…Al was a snake in the lion's den. He didn't play Quidditch, he wasn't a Gryffindor, he was different. And it would always be this way, so long as Al was the son of the Savior of the Wizarding world. Albus Severus Potter would forever be forced to live with the image his father created for the family. And he absolutely loathed it, because forever is a very long time.

Scor- Butterfly

Children are innocence. They are the most innocent beings on the planet. Exploring the wonders the world has to offer, and becoming intrigued at something new. In particular, things in the outside world were far more intriguing than the things inside, unless you count his father's wand. But a three year old has no interest in that. Scor was most interesting in traipsing through the yard of the house, looking for new things to discover. The weather was finally warming up, so there was no more being bundled heavily as he wandered, looking like a demented penguin in the winter. Scorpius wandered to the garden, now starting to bloom. Then he saw it. A butterfly sitting on a flower. Having never seen one before, he toddled over to it. His hand reached out to it, but the butterfly flew away from him, landing on a different flower. Scor tried again, failing a second time. Frustrated, he started to pout, tears gathering in his eyes. He sat back on the garden's path and stared at the butterfly, wishing he could touch it, just once. Sensing his want, the butterfly started to fly again, landing this time on Scor's nose. He smiled.

Scor- War

It raged inside of him, this indecision, this war within himself. And he could not break free from it. What was this feeling that was slowly consuming him? First his body, now his mind, both gone to this emotion now. He was lost, and he was confused, and he was stumbling around blind in the darkness. His mind was a jumbled mess. He couldn't think straight anymore. The feeling enveloped him and he was losing the war. He was falling prey to love. And of all people he was falling for, it was the one that he couldn't have back.

Scor- Silver

Going to Hogwarts was the turning point in every young wizard and witch's life. And Scorpius was no different than any other child his age. He couldn't wait to go there, to ride the train, and to see the magnificent school he'd only heard stories about. And so, he walked through the doors of the school, eyes wide and mouth ever so slightly agape, taking in every detail he saw. The stories did not do the castle justice. And then Scorpius was being sorted. He was nervous beyond belief about it. He didn't know where he fit in, and a part of him didn't want to find out. And then it was over. He was sorted. He went to sit down at the long table that held his new housemates. The next day, Scorpius got ready for class. He walked out of the common room, bearing bronze and not silver.

Fade to Black- Alexz Johnson (Sirius)

It hadn't been that long, but it felt like it'd been an eternity. An eternity apart. He missed the warm embraces, especially on cold nights. He missed looking at each other and smiling from the secrets they kept hidden from everyone else. He even missed the nights where one of them would be crying, and the other trying their best to comfort. But most of all, Sirius missed Remus. He lay awake at night, trying to remember all of the good times they'd shared, before the Dementors could suck them all away from him. The memories never lasted long enough to do Sirius any good, and he would quickly be left feeling as empty as he had before he started remembering. This was when Sirius would sleep. There at least, the memories came back, although most of them just turned into nightmares. Then Sirius let his world fade to black.

My Last Breath- Evanescence (George)

Death is called a peaceful thing, when really it is anything but. Sure, the dead person is at peace, but those who knew them are not. Those people are grieving from the other person's last breath. Because they know that they will have to carry on their lives, not seeing the one that they lost. George knows this feeling very well. It's particularly hard, losing one's twin. And he will be never be the same or whole again in the living world. He's lost his other half. So when death comes for him perhaps he will be thankful. They reunite.

Hero- Skillet (?)

The world was in turmoil. Chaos and destruction reigned everywhere. Everyone lived their lives in fear. They all knew that at any moment they could possibly die. But at the same time, there were people who were strong, and the ones who fought. They were the ones that weren't afraid to die, the ones that stood up and said "No more!" But they lacked something essential to their success. They had no leader. And then someone stepped up, and was their hero and they won. Many lives were lost, yes, but in the end the price was worth the reward.

You Gave Me a Promise- Fireflight (Remus)

Friends forever. That's what they had promised each other. What a joke! Here Remus stood now, alone. James and Lily were dead. Sirius was locked up. And Peter was dead, too. There was no more friendship. Promises were useless things, Remus thought. They got your hopes up, then dashed them.

Stand Up- Fireflight (Tom Riddle)

He was only a child, but that meant nothing. Even as a child he had aspirations. He knew he was different than the other children that surrounded him in the orphanage. And they knew it as well. For you see, Tom Riddle was a wizard; the other children were not. He thought this made him stronger, better. Then he learned how his mother had died. She had died because she was magic, because his father was a Muggle. This made Tom angry. So he decided to stand up and show these Muggles what magic could do. So he became Voldemort.


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PostSubject: Re: Tsuki's Dribbles, Drabbles, and Droubbles. Can't bother sorting them out. (26)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:23 am

You have a unique style of writing, and I really like these.

Also, I really, really appreciate that you put slash warnings in there. XD

Anywho I adore your drabbles. ^.^


Tsuki is fantastic.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsuki's Dribbles, Drabbles, and Droubbles. Can't bother sorting them out. (26)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:27 am

These are all amazing. When I came to the Butterfly one, I was giggling. Too cute! They're all magnificent.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsuki's Dribbles, Drabbles, and Droubbles. Can't bother sorting them out. (26)   

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Tsuki's Dribbles, Drabbles, and Droubbles. Can't bother sorting them out. (26)
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