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 Bianca Emmaline Moore

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PostSubject: Bianca Emmaline Moore   Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:03 am

Knock, Knock
*Bianca Emmaline Moore*

Who’s There?
Name: Bianca Emmaline Moore
Nicknames: B
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure Blood, both parents magical, yada yada.
Era: Death Eater Era
Face Claim: Bianca Degroat

When You Were Young
Martin Moore, 45, Slytherin.
Yolanda Moore, 43, Slytherin.
Elsie Moore, 21, Slytherin


Basically, Bianca is evil evil evil. She is a death eater and she eats death regularly. She is friends with one Tom Marvolo Riddle, and she is a fan of manipulation and brute force, when it is necessary. She hates people. She especially hates muggles and mudbloods and all them kind of people. Because she's all BA death eater.


Her parents were all like, "DUDE, PUREBLOODS ARE THE BEST AND EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD EAT DIRT!" And since her family was rich and happy and perfect, Bianca believed them. And so when Voldie came around saying, "Dude, let's kill off all the half-breeds and them," Bianca was like, "awesome! Sounds perfect."

This Is Your Life
Likes: death
Loves: murder
Dislikes: muggles
Loathes: being told she can't kill mudbloods
Wishes: she could kill all the mudbloods
Fears: the mudbloods will try and revolt
Secrets: she is afraid of centaurs
Random Fact: she likes black

Somebody Told Me
Name: Me
Age: X years
Rp experience: sure
Contacting: sometimes
Other Characters: sure


Tsuki is fantastic.
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Bianca Emmaline Moore
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