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 Darcie May Andrews

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PostSubject: Darcie May Andrews   Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:14 am

Knock, Knock

Who’s There?
Name: Darcie
Nicknames: No idea. Make one up if you need one.
Age: 17
Year: 7
Gender: Female
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Era: Death Eater
Face Claim: Taylor Momsen

When You Were Young
Family: Both of her parents, and her unborn brother died in a car accident. When she was six. And she went to live with her godfather (who isn't related to her) who happened to be a wizard. He was divorced, and had a son that came to live with him every other week.

Personality: Darcie is shy and quiet, and likes to be left alone. As she hasn't had the nicest experiences with people. She was worse during the later years of primary school, it slowly got better throughout going to Hogwarts, because she was away from her godfather for most of the year. But she is still quite timid and quiet. Too cautious of people to let herself fully relax around them.

History: Things were fine for the first six years of Darcie's life, her parents were decent, they had their off days but for the most part they were good and nice parents. Though when she was six and at primary school one day her parents were going somewhere and got into an accident that resulted in the two of them, and her unborn brother dead. And Darcie went to live with her godfather, as all her relations lived overseas and no-body really knew how to find them. And things just continued to go downhill from there. Her godfather was a wizard and he wasn't the nicest guy, he was probably the opposite of nice guy. And before she even knew that she was magical she'd became quite terrified of it, because she hadn't had a good encounter with magic, and she'd come to learn that the appearance of her godfathers' wand was never a good thing. The only reason she stayed at Hogwarts was because it was a place where she could get away from home.

This Is Your Life
Likes: Muggle stuff. She just adores it cause it reminds her of when she was younger. Music, cause there used to be music played all the time when she was little.
Loves: Her parents. She reads a lot. But that's her way to forget for a bit. As she gets really into what she is reading. She adores chocolate, doesn't matter what type. It's chocolate, it's good.
Dislikes: Magic. She can see its uses, but she doesn't like it.
Loathes: Her godfather, his son,
Wishes: Her parents had never been in that accident.
Fears: v and she gets very trghiarothqy when she has to go in cars.
Secrets: She's rather terrified of magic.
Random Fact: She has a scar along her shoulder.

Somebody Told Me
Name: This is the part where you realise that hey, you know all of this stuff. Because if you didn't. WHY ARE YOU ON MY WEBSITE?
Age: And what does my age have to do with anything anyway? I mean. Really.
Rp experience: Along with this. Oh no she's only been rping a few weeks, YOU CAN'T ROLEPLAY NOW. AHHH. Really.
Contacting: (Email, Pm) Again, seriously, I think you would all know by now how to contact me if you wanted to contact me. This is stupid.
Other Characters: ...Are you serious? And what does what other characters I have have to do with this character? It's not like you can't tell me I can't make anymore characters. I own this place. YOU CAN'T TELL ME TO DO ANYTHING.


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Darcie May Andrews
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