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 Renèe Victoire Rivière

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PostSubject: Renèe Victoire Rivière   Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:51 am

Knock, Knock

Who’s There?
Name: Renèe
Nicknames: Ren, Rene, Renee (cause I'm not doing that e thing every time I write her name)
Age: 15
Year: 5
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood
Era: Marauder
Face Claim: Clemence Poesy

When You Were Young
Family: Jacqueline Adèle Rivière, 43, Beauxbaton
Benjamin Julien Rivière, 45, Beauxbaton and Slytherin House.
Xavier Louis Rivière, 6, Not yet of schooling age.

Personality: As with everyone, her personality changes quite a lot depending on who she is with. For the most part, she is a perfect little Slytherin, with the exception of some of the people that she hangs around with. And she can give reasons as to why she hangs out with them that benifeit her. Although sometimes she is not sure if those reasons are the reasons she hangs out with them, or because she enjoys it. To her parents and the teachers she is a reasonable hard working student, and gets good grades. Because of that however she gets, and puts a lot of pressure on herself to do well. Her actions towards you depend on who you are. And at times she isn't sure which person she really is, and which one are edited versions to suite how other people are meant to perceive her.

History: The history starts before Renèe was even alive, her parents met originally at school, but did not have much to do with each other until much later. In his last two years of schooling Benjamin's family moved to England and he was enrolled into Hogwarts, because his family would rather him to be that tiny bit closer. At first he was frustrated but once he started and got to know people he decided that he enjoyed Hogwarts far more than he had enjoyed Beauxbaton. And England in general. A few years after he finished schooling he went back to France to visit relatives and bumped into Miss Jacqueline and when Benjamin went back to England she came with him.

When Renèe was born Jacqueline wanted to move back to France, as she wanted her child to be around her family, and they did, but for only a couple of years, as they had decided that she was to go to school at Hogwarts because Benjamin had preferred it there. So thus, she was born in England, lived in France until the age of seven and then moved back to England. About two years after they moved back to England Xavier was born, and the four of them went back to France for a year before again returning to England. Renèe didn't mind the constant moving around, as she loved both England and France, though at times being in France made her want to go to Beauxbaton.

Once hitting Hogwarts she was sorted into Slytherin House, which her father had been in the few years that he had been a student at Hogwarts. And while she became friends with people in her own house she became closest with three other students, who were each in different houses. She got a lot of negativitiy from the Slytherin's for being friends with the other houses, especially Gryffindor and for the life of them couldn't see why anyone would want to be anywhere near a Hufflepuff, but Renèe didn't really care. Even if it got on her nerves at times.

She spends half of her holidays in France, and half in England and added to her school work gets sent French work that she needs to do and send back. At times she writes part of her Hogwarts essays with French slipping in, as while she speaks both fluently, she speaks mostly in French at home, and writes to her family in French.

This Is Your Life
Likes: Confusing people by speaking French when they are frustrated at her. Honeycomb/any sweet covered in chocolate. Books.
Loves: Being bi-lingual. Visiting France. Travelling in general. Europe in Winter. French music.
Dislikes: Mess. A little is fine, but outright mess annoys her. Dogs. Idiots, she can fathom how some people can be that stupid and exist.
Loathes: When people ask her to say something in French, like she's some sort of walking French dictionary. Getting 'bad' marks. Though her bad marks are excellent for others.
Wishes: Sometimes she wishes that she went to school in France. She had a siblings closer to her in age. People would leave her alone about her choice in friends.
Fears: That her choice in friends will somehow affect her future. That her family will stop going to and from England and France. Something will happen to her little brother whom she adores. Doing badly in school.
Secrets: If I told you. It wouldn't be a secret. Or well, if she told me. It wouldn't be a secret.
Random Fact: If she doesn't know a word in one language, she'll substitute it with the word in the other. Or at times unknowingly slips into the other language.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Cj the awesome.
Age: Immortal.
Rp experience: Since the beginning of time.
Contacting: Bottle in the sea.
Other Characters: Everyone and no-one


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Renèe Victoire Rivière
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