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     Calvin Gareth Coughlin

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    PostSubject: Calvin Gareth Coughlin   Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:54 am

    Knock, Knock

    Who’s There?
    Name: Calvin Coughlin
    Nicknames: Cal
    Age: 15
    Year: 5
    Gender: Male
    House: Hufflepuff
    Blood Status: half-blood (both of his parents are Muggle-born)
    Era: Marauder's
    Face Claim: Colin Ford

    When You Were Young
    Sister: Kerrigan Coughlin, 20, Hufflepuff (soon to be Kerrigan McGill), shop girl
    Adopted Brother: Maxwell Ferguson, 4, magical status unconfirmed
    Mother: Rebecca Ferguson Coughlin, 42, Hufflepuff, nurse
    Father: Nelson Coughlin, 47, Gryffindor

    Personality: Cal is mostly a sweetheart by nature, although you can really invoke his fury by picking on those smaller or less fortunate than you. He loves to work with his hands and has a natural talent for it which delights his mother and disappoints his father. He's a very talkative and friendly person who is almost always the first to start a conversation with a stranger. Despite having many friends and acquaintance, Cal very rarely talks to anyone about what he considers important and personal and mostly keeps his chatter shallow and simple to avoid arguments or awkwardness. Although Cal has a few admirers (third-year Lisa Francis and a group of seventh year Hufflepuffs who think he will "grow up" to be quite handsome), he has never had a crush or anything resembling one; he simply doesn't think that way about people and never has. He doesn't really consider it abnormal and figures most of his friends are bluffing a lot of their interest in dating and sex.

    History: Calvin's parents, were both at Hogwarts for Nelson's final two years, but without really meeting each other properly. Instead, the Fergusons actively sought out husbands for their daughters. With Mary Ellen, it failed, leading her to conduct a single life far removed from her family. With Rebecca, though, it worked at least in theory, and Nelson was pleased to have a wife who, if not wealthy, at least took part in polite society unlike his own family. Soon after, the couple had their first child, unfortunately (in Nelson's eyes) a girl.

    When Calvin was born, Nelson viewed it as a triumph, since a son could be trained and taught to be intelligent and efficient, someone to move the family up in the world, as both the Coughlins and Fergusons were quite poor. As Cal grew older, though, it became clear that he tended more towards simpler ambitions and preferred to help his mother around the house rather than learn about business sense or anything to do with money. Eventually, Nelson decided it was unacceptable and forced him to take more difficult electives at school than he'd have chosen on his own, trying to push him toward the future he wanted for him without actually helping.

    When Cal was ten, his aunt, Mary Ellen Ferguson, died in childbirth without even notifying her family that she'd been pregnant. The child, who she refused to name a father for, went to her sister's family, and Rebecca and Cal raise little Max as if he were another member of the family. In his early years of school, Cal suffered through bullying over his small stature and quiet, polite nature toward the older students and teachers. Eventually, he got his vengeance thanks to a little help and hasn't been bothered since, though he now regularly stands up for the younger students who still face harassment.

    This Is Your Life
    Likes: Charms, people-watching, fixing things around the house for his mom, Herbology
    Loves: playing with his brother, Muggle electronics (especially tinkering with them), cars, sports
    Dislikes: his own handwriting, overly fancy foods, being alone with his thoughts
    Loathes: bullying, writing papers, his father's attitude
    Wishes: That his father and sister would treat Max as a real family member, that people would sto p mistreating each other, and that he could discover who Max's real father is so Max might have a chance at a better dad than his own.
    Fears: That his father won't let him be the man who wants to be when he gets older.
    Secrets: he's been tinkering with some Muggle electronics on his break, trying to get them to function properly with magical interference
    Random Fact: Cal despises most of his classes and figures he'd probably be better off learning some kind of Muggle trade like his mother.

    Somebody Told Me
    Name: Lauren
    Age: ugh old
    Rp experience: yes
    Contacting: why


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    Calvin Gareth Coughlin
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