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PostSubject: Doom   Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:38 pm

For me, humanity’s redeeming quality is their pride. Lust brings forth new generations of humans to conquer and break. Gluttony and sloth make them weak. Wrath and envy aid their ultimate downfall. Greed motivates them to achieve their goals, and earn the things that they believe are rightfully theirs.

It is pride that makes them mine. The moment when the foolish mortals see themselves at the top of the world, able to take on anything—that is the moment I savor the most. The moment when they feel most sure of themselves is the moment they have doomed themselves to fall. Like a roller coaster, they rise to the top slowly, and in one euphoric moment, they reach the top. They can see everything for miles, and they fool themselves into thinking they have triumphed.

The rapid plummet to the ground teaches them otherwise. Time after time, they subconsciously look for ways to fall, because their honest screams suggest far more than the horror they are experiencing.

There is also delight. Raw adrenaline.

They think they can handle the fall.

They are rarely right.

When things are going the best is when the little missteps start to develop. One by one, they build up. They become a mountain of mistakes, able to topple even the most sound, put-together individual. I have seen it firsthand a million times.

It is what keeps me alive.

Human folly is my source of existence. I have the privilege of watching people fall to pieces , right when things were looking up. I have the honor of experiencing the moment where everything tumbles downward, sending them into complete disarray. Death, debt, romantic problems. All of them carefully orchestrated. All of them leading to the same result—the haughty brought to justice, the careless tumbling downward over their own stupidity, the deceitful trapped in their own lies.

There is nothing more beautiful than a broken human being, trapped within their own mind and wallowing in their own existence. There is something beautiful in “what if” and the “almost” and “what could have been.” Being an inch away from the heavens, only to melt into a pool of despair. That is truth.

Humanity cannot seem to cope with the idea that there is no fairytale ending. Things will end badly. Life will wear them down, and in the end, death will take them away. They will be broken, unloved, and completely and utterly at fault.

But that’s okay. If they figured it out, where would I be?

Not where I am now, that’s for sure.
So, next time you are happy, look out for me. When you fall, I will be there waiting for you at the bottom, ready to devour your soul.

Welcome to your worst nightmare.


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