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PostSubject: Darkness   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:35 am

Part 1


It is said that the world is built of darkness and light, sun and shadows. The light is the ideal, the perfection that most aspire to. Kindness, mercy, generosity, goodness.

I have to give humanity some credit for their ingenuity. They have managed to trick themselves into believing that they are light in a dark world. Everything beyond their reach is the unknown, full of danger, hatred, and sin. They are a pinprick of dazzling righteousness, a pinnacle of truth and honor, and while yes, they have their faults, they are good people when it comes down to it, right? Average, but well-meaning.

Meanwhile, they spread the seeds of the very hatred they declare war against. It fans out in their daily life, carefully concealed. Little white lies, barely masked disdain, classroom bullying.

Even more amusing is the way humanity convinces itself that the words left unsaid damage no one. People plant seeds of hatred even within themselves. I would know. As I consume their flesh, I can taste the words they have kept on their tongues. The malicious, snide remarks die like ash in their mouths, leaving a bitter, unsatisfying taste.

At least, it is unsatisfying to them. It could not make me prouder.

After all, I am darkness.


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