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 Sera Madeleine Scott

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PostSubject: Sera Madeleine Scott   Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:05 pm

Just Like You

Where Are You Now?
Name: Sera Scott
Age: 17
Year: 4th
Gender: Female
House: Remington
Patronus (if applicable): snowshoe hare
Blood Status: Halfblood
Face Claim: Heather Morris

When You Were Young
Nathan Scott, 51, Muggle with advanced affinity for healing, deceased.
Carrie Edlund Scott, 45, Burkenshire
Nathan Scott, Jr., 21, Burkenshire

Personality: Sera has a tendency to naturally gloss over other people's flaws. She doesn't make an effort to see the best in everyone; it just happens. Despite her good will toward everyone, she doesn't readily make friends as she gets very attached and can't maintain too many friendships at once. She's a generally happy but very earnest person; when she comes to care about something, it is deeply and not easily given up. She's very affectionate with the people she loves and has an incredibly soft heart when they appear hurt or upset.
Her Burkenshire mother passed on her passion for helping the underdog and protecting the weak, but Sera almost feels that it is beyond her to do something on such a large scale. Her power has always been focused on individuals and there's no foreseeable way to fix the whole situation of the world that she lives in.

History: Almost everything you need to know about Sera can be learned from the story of her father. Nathan Scott, Sr. sought out guidance for his growing talents at a very young age and found himself immersed in a world full of magic he hadn't dreamed of. Over time, he learned to focus his skills in healing and began working at a hospital in the magical community. Eventually he met Carrie Scott, a witch who he fell in love with over long years of working together. They had two children, Nate and Sera, both fair and light-eyed like their parents. At fifteen, Nate developed a rare form of brain cancer that Muggle nor magical medicine would touch. Nathan did everything he could to save his son, building up his energy and then using it all to work against the growing cancer. In the end, the exhaustion overcame him; however, Nate's cancer had been reduced so greatly that it was then manageable by normal treatment. It has yet to reoccur. Sera was eleven when Nathan died and he is undeniably her hero; she feels honored and yet oddly pressured by her father's selflessness and talent.
School has been an interesting period in Sera's life. She attended Southerngate as a child just like her brotherand entered SAS with strong grades and a will to accomplish something. Despite her good grades, her kind face and naive attitude led a lot of people to believe she was not quite all there in the head. She quickly began to try to counteract this by proving them wrong in as many ways as she could; she now sits on several committees and is taking a Dean-approved third elective, all alongside her upcoming training for her endowment.

Endowment: Sera's talent for healing is inherited from her father and enhanced by her magic. She grew up nearly oblivious to her abilities; over time it became rather blatant that she never caught the normal coughs and stomachaches that other kids her age did. When her father died, she was finally given the whole story and for a long time she was extremely afraid of her gift, scared she would end up losing her life the way he did. Eventually, though, her respect for him and her wish to carry on his good work prompted her to start working with her endowment intensively. She has gained a lot of control but has a tendency to over-exert herself by accident without realizing it.

Undisclosed Desires
Likes: dancing, makeup, corresponding with her brother at university
Loves: gardening, rain, magical theory
Dislikes: the entire concept of money, her mother's attitude about her endowment
Loathes: when people assume she's stupid, when someone isn't given the benefit of the doubt
Wishes: To control her endowment and use it for the benefit of others without harming herself
Fears: That someone will take advantage of her trusting nature and ruin the happy life that she's built
Secrets: Sera's endowment is starting to behave....oddly.
Random Fact: Sera's favorite color is blue.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Moony
Age: 19
Rp experience: all of it. ALL of the experience.
Contacting: blah blah blah
Other Characters: Dodge. And Stevie. And Pasha. Is that all I have here?


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Sera Madeleine Scott
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