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     The Marauders (OOTP)

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    PostSubject: The Marauders (OOTP)   Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:24 pm

    “Once upon a time…”

    No, that’s not right.

    “It was a dark and stormy night…”

    No, that’s not right, either.

    You know what? Screw that. I can’t think of a way better to say it than actually saying it.

    A long time ago, there were four girls. They were pretty awesome girls, actually. One was named Lauren, nicknamed Ellie. She was the oldest of the four and the shortest of the four. She was a deviant and a rebel with more feelings than any human being should actually contain. She was lazy and brilliant and thought lots about everything.

    However, although she was the oldest, the tale does not entirely start with her. It also starts with a girl named Lucy, called Cj by her closest friends. She, surprisingly, was the youngest, although she did not act her age. She seemed older than she was. She was slightly violent and slightly proud, but one of the most fiercely loyal people in existence.

    Cj was the one who initiated everything. She, with Ellie’s help, created her own space. It was a space to be a nerd without judgment. It was a space to be friends, united by one single common aspect: a love for Harry Potter.

    She created a website called The Order of the Phoenix, or OOTP for short.

    OOTP is the setting for most of this story, but I feel I should establish right now that this is not a story about OOTP. This is a story about people.

    Now, I said there were four girls, and have only explained two.

    That’s because that was all there was, for a while. Ellie and Cj created OOTP, but there was no sudden rush of people clamoring to join. It was a small forum.

    Things started changing again when the third person entered.

    Laci, nicknamed Tsuki, was the middle ground in some ways. She was taller than Ellie but would eventually be shorter than Cj. She was younger than Ellie but older than Cj. Personality-wise, however, she was a person entirely her own, an odd mix of reserve and aggression. She kept her feelings to herself, even when they were scary. However, she was one of the most forgiving people, unable to stay angry at anyone she loved for long.

    The three became very close. They, as well as one other person (who, to complicate matters, is not the fourth girl), formed the Marauders. Ellie became Moony. Cj became Prongs. Tsuki became Padfoot. Ellie and Cj took the Unbreakable Vow never to leave OOTP, with Tsuki acting as the Bonder.

    Their Wormtail left.

    It was a while before they finally had a complete set of four Marauders again. However, February 20, 2010, the fourth Marauder, the replacement Wormtail, joined OOTP.

    That fourth person would be me.

    My name is Kat. I am the second youngest and the tallest. I am Wormtail that was never meant to be Wormtail, introduced as a Marauder within days of being on OOTP and given the only position open at the time. I am logic and understanding and neither at all. I am completely biased, and cannot give an accurate description of myself. If you want to know anything about me, you’re going to have to work it out yourself.

    The four of us became friends. That year and the two years after that became a tangled web of nerdiness, secrets, friendship, dishonesty, ridiculousness, and love.

    This isn’t my story to tell. I never should have been involved in the first place. However, I somehow found myself in the position of being the one person who knew everything.

    I am the hub of information, a one-person spy network.

    It’s time for the full story to be told.


    Tsuki is fantastic.
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    The Marauders (OOTP)
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