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 Joshua Anthony Garrett

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PostSubject: Joshua Anthony Garrett   Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:38 am

Just Like You

Where Are You Now?
Name: Joshua Garrett
Nicknames: Josh, Garrett
Age: 17
Year: 5th
Gender: Male
House: Remington
Patronus: Prairie Dog
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien

When You Were Young
Dad: Henry Garrett, 47, Muggle
Mom: Lisa Garrett, 45, Muggle, dead


Josh Garrett is constantly being undervalued. He is often seen as nothing more than a hyperactive kid that is easily distracted and generally quite distracting in class. People know that he would often rather be cracking jokes than cracking books, but people also know he is smart, or he would have failed out of SAS already. People know he is gay, because he has never been very secretive about it.

One thing that people often don't realize is that it is not his ADHD that is his defining characteristic, or his openness about his sexuality, but his house.

Joshua is a Remington, through and through. He may not seem it, but he is an incredibly humble, selfless person. If he can make other people happy, it makes him happy, and he doesn't ever ask for much in return. Although he is generally cheerful and energetic, he tends to only really, really want the things he can't get. He tends to find that focusing on one goal, even if it's unreachable, makes the other little losses more bearable. When he does reach his big goals, he takes it as a sign that something bad will happen to balance out the universe.

He just isn't used to things going his way.


Josh was born on October 15 in New York to two muggles. He was sent through muggle schooling, where he was diagnosed with ADHD early on in grade school. When he was eleven years old, Josh's mother died. Josh and his mother, Lisa, were incredibly close, and when she got multiple sclerosis, it was incredibly difficult for him. His mother's health deteriorated, despite his father, a lawyer, hiring doctors and trying everything he could to help. With no known cure, however, there was ultimately nothing they could do but drag out the pain of watching their loved one slowly die.

When Lisa died, the family struggled. They were fine financially, but emotionally, both of the boys were very strongly affected. It took a while before either of them was ready to move on, and things were further complicated when Josh was told that he was a wizard. Josh nearly refused to go to SAS because he was uncomfortable with the idea of leaving his father alone when he was finally starting to be happy again, but Henry encouraged Josh to go. He always knew his son was special, and he was not going to let himself get in the way of Josh living his life. Reluctantly, Josh enrolled at SAS and left New York for SAS.

Josh was sorted into Remington and made friends with a girl in his house, Colette, an out werewolf. He made friends with a Meriwether named Seth, and quickly, the three became fast friends. Josh developed a crush on a Burkenshire named Cody, which over time grew substantially. However, he knew that he and Cody wouldn't work--Cody was dating his friend Colette, and they were happy together. Despite knowing that Cody was incredibly out of bounds and that he had an incompatible orientation, Josh's feelings outgrew being a simple crush. For years, Josh has been single and pining.

Endowment: n/a

Undisclosed Desires
Likes: Spice Girls, One Direction, dancing, the Mets
Loves: Cody, eventually Colette, goofing off, being in love
Dislikes: Stupid matching C names that he doesn't have, getting attention he doesn't deserve, schoolwork (although he's good at it)
Loathes: Feeling useless, being alone, his ADHD
Wishes: Things could work out for him just once
Fears: That he'll end up unhappy and alone, and it will all be his fault.
Secrets: Wolves turn him on.
Random Fact: Half of his closet is hoodies.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Dylan
Age: 21
Rp experience: huh?
Contacting: I'm awful at twitter
Other Characters: Stiles Stilinski


Tsuki is fantastic.
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House : Ravenclaw and Burkenshire

PostSubject: Re: Joshua Anthony Garrett   Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:10 am

Verse: Original
Date: August 31, 2012
Full Name: Joshua Anthony Garrett
Pronunciation: Joshua Anthony Garrett
Nickname/Alias: Josh, Garrett
Meaning: God saves
Origin: I wanted the name Garrett in there somewhere and everything else just kinda happened
Title: n/a
Pet Name: n/a yet
ID Number: n/a
Signature: Messy. Large and sprawling and sloppy. Loopy letters.

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine?
Orientation: Gay with a side of Colette. Polyamorous
Real Age: 17
Age Appearance: 17?
Birthday: October 15, 1994
Deathday: n/a
Birthplace: NYC
Astrological Sign: Libra
Zodiac Sign: Dog

Immediate Family: Dad, corporate attorney, Henry Garrett, 47. Muggle. Mom, stay-at-home mom, Lisa Barton Garrett, 45. Muggle.
Distant Family: Josh’s maternal grandparents live in Colorado, and he does not see them often. His paternal grandfather died before he was born. His paternal grandmother lives about an hour away, and they visit her at least once a month.
Parenting: Josh’s dad worked a lot, and he was very, very close with his mother. His mother was a bit of a troublemaker herself, and she let him run a lot freer than Josh’s dad would’ve. Josh was constantly getting into messes and having teachers fuss at him in school, because he had an overactive imagination, he could not sit still, and his focus was lackluster at best. A teacher suggested he might have ADHD, and his parents had him tested. Josh would often refuse to take his meds or forget them. When his mom started getting sick, though, he had to grow up a bit. His mom didn’t have the energy to deal with his messes, and Josh’s dad was starting to have to take off work to deal with everything. Josh started to realize that he was making an already stressful situation worse, so he worked hard to make things easier on them.
Upbringing: Josh’s mother was raised Catholic, but she had really fallen away from religion, and she and Josh’s father agreed not to get Josh baptized. Josh’s parents always put a huge emphasis on family; when Josh’s mother died, Josh and his father relied on each other a lot to keep afloat. Josh was raised with the idea that it was okay to rely on others, and that he did not have to be an island of a person, but Josh always felt bad counting on other people to do things he could do himself. Josh’s mother told him that if he wasn’t enjoying life, he was doing something wrong.
Infancy: [0-2] Josh’s mother had worked as a secretary for a small company up until her pregnancy. She didn’t really like her job, but it was something to do during the day when Henry was gone. She did not make much money. Josh’s father was making more than enough to support the family, so when she became pregnant, she quit her job. She stayed home to watch the house and take care of the baby. As a baby, Josh was generally rather agreeable. He could fall asleep just about anywhere, though car rides knocked him out better than anything else. His first word was “No”.
Childhood: [3-13] Josh’s agreeable nature remained, but along with it came an urge to move move move. Josh’s magic showed up in random spurts, though it wasn’t recognized for what it was. Josh would manage to get out of the gate, out the door, and onto the street. The first few times, it set his parents into a panic, but Josh never went far. He could often be found sitting in the neighbor’s house, pulling on the tail of the family dog. Josh had seemingly endless amounts of energy, and he was always disappearing. When someone said it was time to go, he was already out the door. He loved airplanes and cars and explosions, many of which he tried to set off on his own. Josh’s mother gave up trying to get him to behave and instead found more productive ways to burn his relentless energy, trying to teach him sports (most of which he was terrible at but enjoyed greatly), sending him to swimming lessons, teaching him to climb trees, and taking him out for “adventures”. The two of them often read together and made up stories, acting out dinosaurs taking over cities and giant robots fighting. Then, Josh went off to school, where the teachers were not nearly as good at keeping him entertained as his mother was. In second grade, Josh was diagnosed with ADHD.
Early on, Josh never showed romantic interest in… well, much of anyone. It never even occurred to him in the first place that he should care about girls, like everyone said he should. He wasn’t one of those kids who was certain that girls had cooties, but he thought the girls in his class were too prissy, because they preferred to play dress-up and do quiet stuff at recess than to run around and have fun. Josh frequently came home with scraped knees and new bruises from being rough and tumble with the other boys at recess. Around fourth grade, though, when the other boys started to think that maybe cooties didn’t exist after all. Boys and girls in his class started “dating”. Josh ignored it for a while, until his best friend started talking about having the biggest crush—on the tallest boy in the class. That made Josh start to think. He wasn’t crazy about girls, but he didn’t think boys were bad at all. He started asking his dad questions, since Josh figured crushes were different for boys and girls. Although Josh’s dad seemed caught off-guard, he quickly took things in stride, explaining to Josh that liking boys was a-okay.
The bigger Josh got, the bigger his troublemaking got. He was disruptive in class because he was incredibly bored. His magic did not make matters any better, and Josh developed a reputation for being sneaky, because none of the teachers could figure out how he managed half the pranks he pulled. Josh’s mother and the principal of his school were on a first-name basis. Josh’s father always worried about Josh not taking his meds, but Lisa, Josh’s mother, was more of an enabler than anything. She always seemed to find her son’s shenanigans amusing, smiling and laughing as he animatedly told her stories. Instead of lecturing him for misbehaving, she would ask him to explain the trick.
That same year, Josh’s mother started to have health problems. Lisa often felt dizzy, especially late at night. Her vision was often blurry, and there were times where her limbs started feeling numb or tingly. At first, she refused to believe anything was wrong. She was stubborn, and she figured she could power through anything. It was just a part of getting old. When things only seemed to be getting worse, though, Henry finally convinced her to go into the doctor. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. There was no cure, but the doctors told her that, with the right treatment, she could hopefully be able to live normally with MS. It was different for every person, they explained. It could progress rapidly or it could stop progressing. They were unable to give her an estimate on how long she would live. They told her she might not die at all.
Unfortunately, Lisa’s case was severe. Her deterioration started slowly. Her balance worsened, she was more sensitive to heat, and she was more easily distracted. She could still function on a basic level. She and Henry kept what was going on from Josh, not wanting to worry the cheerful boy any sooner than they had to. Things progressed quickly, though. Over the course of the next year, Josh started to pick up on the fact that something was definitely wrong with his mother. She always seemed tired, which worried Josh most. His mother was always the energetic one, while his dad was the one exhausted from a long day at work. There was something wrong with seeing his partner in crime lethargic. Josh confronted his parents, and they explained the situation. Josh seemed willing to cling to the hope that everything would get better. The doctors said that it wasn’t fatal for most. His mother had to be okay.
Josh started working to make his parents’ lives easier. Now that he knew something was wrong, he wasn’t going to be the brat he was used to being. He realized that his dad was exhausted from working and trying to take care of Lisa. He had to take days off when Lisa was having a scary day or when Josh’s school called, which made his work very unhappy. It was obvious that the stress was starting to get to him, and Josh felt incredibly guilty.
Meanwhile, Lisa was getting progressively worse. Her muscles seemed to obey her less and less, and she started having trouble walking, which seemed to frustrate her most. She was used to being active, and MS was taking that away from her. What was scariest to Josh, though, was when she started to forget things. At first, it was nothing big. She would forget to take out the trash one day, or she would forget to show up to appointments. Things grew steadily worse, though, and she was forgetting dates and names. The first time Josh’s mother just stared at him, like his name was hidden somewhere in his face if she just looked long enough, Josh knew that she wasn’t going to get better. He went to his room and cried.
Josh was in sixth grade (11 years old) when she finally died. That morning, just like always, he kissed her before heading out the door. It seemed like it would be one of her more lucid days—she seemed to recognize that Josh was someone important, and her speech was relatively clear when she told him to have a good day. Josh told her he loved her and headed out to catch the bus. During fifth period, right after lunch, he was called down to the office. His dad was sitting there, and he immediately knew.
She was dead.
They handled the funeral arrangements, but they kept things quiet. Lisa’s death was hard on both of them, and they relied on each other a lot to keep going. Josh’s friends in school understood that it was really upsetting to him, so they tried to leave it alone as much as possible. Josh’s teachers noticed that he seemed more reserved, like half of the life in him had disappeared overnight. Over the next year and a half, Josh grew up a lot.
Adolescence: [13-17] At 13, Josh received a letter telling him that he was eligible to enroll in the Salem Academy of Sorcery. He fully intended to turn it down and to stay with his dad, who was finally starting to seem okay again. Josh didn’t want to leave his dad alone. However, Henry pushed Josh to got SAS. He told Josh he wasn’t allowed to waste away his life worrying about an old coot like him. Eventually, Josh agreed.
He was sorted into Remington, and his very first year at SAS, he made friends. The only one that really stuck around was Seth, a Meriwether who he had met when he was goofing off by the pool. The two became fast friends. Josh also developed his longest-lasting crush on a boy on the football team, Cody. At first, Josh just paid attention because he was rather attractive, but the more Josh noticed Cody, the more he decided that there was something else going on. Cody and Josh were nothing more than acquaintances, but Josh decided from their few encounters that Cody was a very good person. From there, his crush only escalated. By the end of the year, though, Cody was in a relationship with a girl, and Josh knew his chances were shot.
Second year, there was a girl in the back of one of his classes. He had not noticed her before, but one class, she spoke up, and it caught Josh’s attention. He knew the girl was in his year, but he had never noticed her before, and he want to introduce himself. Colette was another Remington in his year, and although it took a while, they became close friends. By the time that Josh realized that Colette was Cody’s elusive girlfriend, he was already too fond of her to begrudge her for it.
Josh was in GSA at SAS, and he went to every single football game and swim meet that he could. He learned that Colette was a werewolf, and he introduced her to Seth, who has an endowment that allows him to calm down animals. The three started to regularly hang out together, even outside the full moon, though Seth and Josh were always the closer of the two.
Fifth year, Josh accidentally got Seth into a relationship. He dragged Seth along to a GSA meeting at the beginning of the year, when the higher-ups were complaining about membership numbers. When Seth met Jessie there and the two started going out, Josh was left feeling more alone. Seth always made time for him, but even Seth was in a relationship, when Josh himself couldn’t seem to get over Cody, five years later.
Over the years, Colette had picked up on the crush, although Josh had tried his hardest to keep it a secret from both her and Cody. Josh knew that Cody and Colette were a good couple, and he wasn’t going to screw that up. However, Cody was a closeted bisexual, and during his fifth year, despite loving Colette and being happy with her, he was starting to have regrets about having never dated a guy. Colette came up with the idea of bringing Josh into the relationship.
Adulthood: [18+] Josh goes to college and meets RJ.
Coming of Age: His mom’s death.
Evolution: Josh has grown up a lot. He is a lot less of a troublemaker, and although he still has trouble focusing and making himself sit still, he has become a lot more mature and better able to handle his ADHD. He is a lot less optimistic than he used to be, but he is generally a happy-go-lucky person, nevertheless.

Species: Wizard
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Blood Type: A+
Preferred Hand: Right handed
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hairstyle: longer. He likes wearing baseball caps, so he often has hat hair, but when he isn’t wearing a hat, he always makes sure to have the front of his hair up off his head
Skin Tone: God, I dunno. Gorgeous?
Complexion: Good
Makeup: Not much
Body Type: Somewhere in-between?
Build: Not incredibly thin or lean, but not fat or flabby. I am awful with this physical stuff.
Height: 71”
Weight: No idea. Somewhere around 147?
Facial Hair: n/a
Shoe Size: 11
Birthmarks/scars: Nope
Distinguishing Features: His perfectness

Health: He’s not in the greatest shape, but he’s relatively healthy
Energy: Way too much
Memory: His memory is sporadic. If it is important to him or interesting to him, he’ll remember it, no matter how relevant it is. If he finds it boring, it’s in one ear and out the other.
Senses: He’s big on sound
Allergies: None that he knows of
Handicaps: n/a
Medication: Adderall
Phobias: That he’ll end up unhappy and alone.
Addictions: Watching sports, especially THE METS

Style: Nerd is probably closest.
Mode of Dress: He wears lots of hoodies. He usually wears a t-shirt underneath. He wears straight-leg jeans that are often just a little bit baggy. When he’s at home, he doesn’t wear shoes or socks. He wears rather plain shoes, often converse or converse-style.
Grooming: Somewhere between well-kept and messy. He doesn’t put a lot of effort into his appearance, but he showers and shaves and wears deodorant and all.
Posture: Mostly slouchy
Gait: He tends to have a bit of a bounce in his step. He walks quickly, but not with much purpose.
Coordination: He is not in the best shape, and his coordination is so-so. Exercising is not his friend, and he’s not very good at most sports, but he will sometimes play them just for fun.
Habits and Mannerisms: Josh tends to be very fidgety, even when he isn’t nervous. When he is nervous or really excited, though, he tends to not be able to finish thoughts out loud, because he tends to interrupt himself. He does not bite his nails; he did for a while, but he finally beat the habit.
Scent: He smells like soap.

Mood: Generally, unless you know him well, you’d think he’s the most cheerful, energetic person there is.
Attitude: He gets along well with others. He likes people.
Stability: Although Josh definitely has his off days, and he’s prone to guilt and other negative emotions, he tends to be a genuinely upbeat, relatively emotionally stable guy.
Expressiveness: Incredibly expressive. His filter is busted, if it was even there to start.
When Happy: Talks with his hands. His face lights up and his speaking speeds up.
When Depressed: Talks to Seth. His movements are slower, more deliberate. When he’s thinking too much before he talks and watching his words, you know something is up.
When Angry: He doesn’t ever stay angry for long. When he’s angry, he doesn’t get violent. He goes off to himself, or tracks down Seth. Usually, though the anger fades into sadness or guilt or hurt pretty quickly.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: SAS and/or the wizarding uni. His home is in NYC, though.
Community: Wizards. Young wizards.
Family: Dad. Cody and Colette and RJ and potential Kennedy!baby.
Friends: Seth and his girlfriend, Jessie. Cody and Colette. RJ.
Enemies: Josh doesn’t really hate much of anyone. Lunsford’s character creeps him out, though.
Bosses: None.
Followers: None
Heroes: His mom.
Rivals: None, really
Relates to: Seth, even though the two are very different. His dad.
Pets/Familiars: n/a

Wardrobe: Josh has a black suit in his closet that fits him well that his dad gave him when he turned 16. When he’s wearing dress casual, he wears a lot of sweaters and collared shirts. Casual is a t-shirt and basketball shorts or jeans and a hoodie.
Equipment: wand
Accessories: n/a
Trinkets: Phone
Funds: His dad has a lot of money, but he himself does not have much.
Home: Josh and his dad live in a house in Queens. It is a relatively nice place, though it isn’t a mansion or anything. It is small enough for just the two of them. They each have their own bedroom and bathroom, and there is a living room and a kitchen. Josh’s bedroom is relatively plain. The walls are light blue. His room is usually a bit of a mess, and his dad does not get after him to really clean it up.
Neighborhood: He lives in a relatively diverse neighborhood, although his specific street is relatively wealthy.
Transportation: He does a lot of walking around NYC, and if he has to get anywhere too far, he takes the subway. His dad has a car, and he has his license, but he doesn’t use it much.
License Plate Number: n/a
Collections: He collected baseball cards as a kid.
Most valuable possession: His computer
Prized Possession: An old photo album

Lovers: Cody and Colette and RJ
Marital Status: Taken thrice
Sex Life: Check
Type: Depends on the person
Turn-Ons: WOLVES. When it comes to guys, he’ll be the first to admit that he has a thing for jocks, though he tends to go less for the incredibly muscled, looks like they’re on steroids kind of muscles. He likes fit. He likes smart and funny. He likes straightforward and he likes sweet and honest. He likes a lot of things, actually, and he doesn’t really know what he’s looking for until he finds it. Three times!
Turn Offs: Sleaziness.
Position: Switch
Plays: Depends on who he’s with.
Fetishes: I feel like he tends to be fairly vanilla. RJ makes him more adventurous, though.
Virginity: Nope
Element: Air

Occupation: Student
Work Ethnic: He doesn’t work very hard, but he gets by anyway.
Rank: n/a
Income: n/a
Wealth Status: upper
Experience: n/a
Organizations/Affiliations: n/a

IQ: 130
Education: getting a college degree
School: SAS
Grade: A student
Special Education: nope
Social Stereotype: nerd
Degrees: college degree
Intelligence: He has a mix of the different types. He often feels like he’s not good at anything because there are lots of little things he’s kinda good at but nothing he stands out at
Extracurricular Activities: GSA. Ultimate frisbee

Religion: n/a
Morals: Killing is bad. Being nice to people is good. He tends to be a bit of a coward, and he although he is a very honest person, he doesn’t like to tell the scary truths. He keeps things in and hopes people don’t notice.
Crime Record: n/a
Motivation: Himself. His dad. His loved ones.
Priorities: Loved ones first.
Philosophy: He tries to work towards his mom’s philosophy. He tries to take each day as it comes and work to be happy
Political Party: He doesn’t care much about politics, but he leans liberal
Etiquette: Good manners
Culture: Not really?
Influences: His parents
Relates to: Wasn’t this totally already asked?
Traditions: On the day his mom died, he skips school and visits his dad. They visit his mom’s grave together.
Superstitions: If something really good in his life happens, something bad will happen to balance out the universe

Main Goal: One of his problems is that he doesn’t really have one besides being happy and making others happy
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Survive school
Career: He has no idea
Desires: Happiness
Wishlist: He wants a new phone. His current one is getting a bit old and beat up, since he keeps it with him at practically all times
Accomplishments: In the end, he got Cody (and Colette and RJ). He did well at SAS and got into uni
Greatest Achievement: Making the triad work
Biggest Failure: Making things harder on his parents
Secrets: All the people he likes
Regrets: Not being there for his mom when she died
Worries: A lot of them
Best Dream: Getting a job that isn’t too miserable and living with his loved ones
Worst Nightmare: Ending up sad and lonely
Best Memories: Spending time with his mom.
Worst Memories: His mom dying

Hobbies/Interests: He hangs out with his friends a lot. He likes dancing, though he isn’t fantastic at it. He likes watching sports and sometimes playing them.
Skills/Talents: Interacting with people. Talking.
Likes: Spice Girls, One Direction, dancing, and the Mets
Dislikes: Stupid matching C names that he doesn't have, getting attention he doesn't deserve, schoolwork (although he's good at it)
Sense of Humor: Not quite witty, but not quite childish
Pet Peeves: He doesn’t have a lot. He’s actually a really fairly easy-going person.
Superstitions/Beliefs: This was totally ALREADY ASKED
Dreams/Nightmares: Josh doesn’t usually remember his dreams
Quirks: When he’s zoned out on you, you can always tell, because he starts fiddling with his clothes or staring off into space
Savvy: Not much. He’s smart, but he tends towards the naïve.
Can't understand: shopping
Closet Hobby: He actually does know some stuff about law. He finds it boring, but his dad talked about it so much for years that some of it stuck.
Guilty Pleasure: Boy band/girl band music.

Strengths: He’s very real and honest and open. When he says something, he means it. He loves things with his whole heart. He’s considerate and caring and he puts others before himself.
Flaws: He is awkward and cowardly. He often gets hurt because he pours himself into everything he does. He doesn’t have a filter and he doesn’t put up shields.
Perception: He sees the world as a generally good place.
Conflicts: He wants Cody and Colette and he wants RJ and he wants everyone to just be happy but really that doesn’t often happen but it works out for him?
Instincts: Blame himself
Lures: good, honest people
Soft Spot: He has lots of them. He’s a squishy person *nods*
Cruel Streak: Being mean to his significant others and/or parents

Favorite Colors: Green, Blue
Favorite Animals: wolves
Favorite Mythological Creatures: werewolves
Favorite Places: Queens (there’s no place like home, and he hasn’t traveled much, anyway)
Favorite Landmarks: Central Park
Favorite Flavors: Watermelon bubble gum
Favorite Foods: Pizza, tacos
Favorite Drinks: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Characters: Neville Longbottom (He doesn’t read a ton, but come on. It’s Harry Potter)
Favorite Genre: With movies he likes horror flicks and comedies
Favorite Books: Doesn’t have one.
Favorite Movies: The Avengers
Favorite Games: Monopoly. He OWNS at Monopoly.
Favorite Shows: Teen Wolf /ahahahahaha
Favorite Music: He listens to a lot of classic rock and alternative music, but he has a soft spot for boy bands
Favorite Bands: Already covered this
Favorite Songs: Doesn’t have ‘em
Favorite Sports: Football and baseball
Favorite Stores: He doesn’t really like shopping
Favorite Subjects: Parapsychology back at SAS was a blast
Favorite Numbers: 9
Favorite Websites: he lurks at twitter
Favorite Words: He likes ‘em all
Favorite Quotations: Doesn’t have one

Least Favorite Colors: Purple
Least Favorite Animals: mosquitos
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: He’s not crazy about flobberworms
Least Favorite Places: He hasn’t lived anywhere he hasn’t liked
Least Favorite Landmarks: Times Square. It’s always crowded and busy
Least Favorite Flavors: He likes spicy, but not too spicy.
Least Favorite Foods: Celery, unless it’s cooked in like, soup or something
Least Favorite Drinks: pomegranate juice
Least Favorite Characters: Pinocchio
Least Favorite Genre: Drama
Least Favorite Books: Across Five Aprils
Least Favorite Movies: Doesn’t have one
Least Favorite Games: He can’t play poker to save his life
Least Favorite Shows: If he doesn’t like it, he probably doesn’t care enough not to like it, and if he doesn’t watch it, he doesn’t care
Least Favorite Music: he isn’t crazy about country
Least Favorite Bands: n/a
Least Favorite Songs: n/a
Least Favorite Sports: Golf. It bores him to tears.
Least Favorite Stores: Anything filled with pink, frilly, scented stuff
Least Favorite Subjects: Ancient Runes
Least Favorite Numbers: 8
Least Favorite Websites: tumblr kinda scares him
Least Favorite Words: n/a
Least Favorite Quotations: n/a

Languages: English
Accent: n/a
Voice: medium pitched
Speech Impediments: n/a, though he has a bit of a motor mouth at times
Greetings and Farewells: Hey, hi, what’s up? Bye? He says it a lot of ways. It depends on his moods
State of Mind: Not bad
Compliment: You’ve got to be kidding, right? I’m pretty sure you have no flaws.
Insult: This needs context. He’s not big on insulting.
Expletive: Damn
Laughter: It kinda bursts out
Tag Line: Uh
Signature Quote: …..

Reputation: He’s an awkward, hyperactive gay kid
First Impressions: He’s sweet
Stranger Impressions: He’s a little weird, but he seems like a nice guy
Friendly Impressions: He’s a good person
Enemy Impressions: He’s too much. He’s not even that special, but he’s got three people in love with him.
Familiar Impressions: He’s heegtawgtwefaehwfeghe
Compliments: Perfect (Not really, but seriously, this is dragging on)
Insults: Too modest for it to be genuine. He needs to calm down and take his meds.
Self-Impression: He screws up lots of good things

MBTI Personality Type: ENFP
Temperament: Sanguine
Enneagram: The Enthusiast with shades of The Peacemaker? I dunno nothing fits him quite right
Ego/Superego/Id: Ego

Significance: He’s the main charrie, yo
Alignment: Chaotic good
Comparison: PRARIE DOG
Symbol: n/a
Vice: Sloth
Virtue: Kindness
Defining Moment: When he goes to SAS and meets Cody
One Word: Muchly


Tsuki is fantastic.
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Joshua Anthony Garrett
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