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 Seth Brayden Close

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PostSubject: Seth Brayden Close   Tue Aug 28, 2012 5:33 am

Just Like You

Where Are You Now?
Name: Seth Close
Nicknames: n/a
Age: 17
Year: 5th
Gender: Male
House: Meriwether
Patronus: Tabby cat
Blood Status: Half
Face Claim: Tyler Posey

When You Were Young
Dad: Brian Close, 50, Burkenshire
Mom: Maria Close, 46, Muggle
Sister: Annabeth Close, 15, Remington


Seth is a very chill person. It is incredibly difficult to get him riled up, because there isn't really much of anything people could really say or do to upset him. He is determined and consistent, and he takes things seriously. He is not prone to getting caught up in the moment. Seth tends to have a calming affect on the people around him, and he encourages people to slow down and think before acting. He is very trustworthy and a very good listener. He keeps secrets well, but encourages honesty and openness.

Academically, Seth excels in math and science courses, although he usually gets good marks in all of his classes. He doesn't put a lot of pressure on himself to do well in school, but he works hard and does his homework. However, he does not run himself ragged. During exam periods, people are known to flock to his room because it is a virtually stress-free zone.


Seth has had a fairly normal life. He was born on November 3 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a muggle mother and a wizard father. He was raised knowing he had magic, and although his mother insisted he be sent through muggle schooling, his father taught him about the magical world and about SAS from an early age. Seth's father was the first one to recognize his endowment, though he could not help Seth train and learn to properly use his abilities, since he was a Burkenshire.

Seth's little sister, Annabeth, was born when Seth was three. When she was younger, Annabeth was always frustrated with her older brother's lack of reaction when she was trying to annoy him, but as she got older, she realized that he was a valuable, nonjudgmental shoulder to cry on. The two were separated when Seth went off to SAS, where he was sorted into Meriwether. A few years after, though, they were reunited when Anna enrolled in SAS and was sorted into Remington. He often relies on his friends Josh and Colette to look out for her when he can't.

Endowment: As a Meriwether, Seth has a natural affinity for animals. It is not strong; he cannot speak to animals or turn into an animal. Animals like him, though, and he tends to have a calming affect on animals, including werewolves during the moon. Seth is aware of it and uses it for Colette's benefit, but he doesn't really think it's useful otherwise.

Undisclosed Desires
Likes: Swimming, music, reading
Loves: Peace and quiet, animals, the night sky
Dislikes: Lots of surprises, contact sports, loud music in the middle of the night that wakes him up, spring (he has mild allergies)
Loathes: Needless worry, feeling scattered
Wishes: That everyone would just calm down and take a deep breath before bursting into his room in a panic, especially Josh. Actually, really, only Josh.
Fears: Small, enclosed spaces
Secrets: He knows that Colette is up to something, and he suspects what it is, but he would never tell Josh.
Random Fact: He is an incredibly light sleeper.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Screw names. I hate names. I hate them so much.
Age: Whatever. I hate names.
Rp experience: NAMING NEEDS TO DIE.
Contacting: owl
Other Characters: ahahahahahahahahaha YES WHICH IS WHY I AM OUT OF NAMES


Tsuki is fantastic.
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this modern glitch.

Posts : 4574
Join date : 2010-02-21
Age : 25
Location : A hole in the bottom of the sea.
House : Ravenclaw and Burkenshire

PostSubject: Re: Seth Brayden Close   Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:50 am

Verse: Original
Date: August 31, 2012
Full Name: Seth Brayden Close
Pronunciation: Seth braid-in close (as in “he is close to Seth”)
Nickname/Alias: n/a
Meaning: Appointed
Title: n/a
Pet Name: n/a
ID Number: n/a
Signature: Small and neat, but relatively slanted

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 17
Age Appearance: 17
Birthday: November 3, 1994
Deathday: n/a
Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Sign: Dog

Immediate Family: Dad. Brian Close, 50, Burkenshire grad. Works for the Institute. Mom. Maria Rodriguez Close, 46, Muggle. Manager of a convenience store. Sister. Annabeth Close, 15, Remington.
Distant Family: Seth’s dad’s parents live 20 minutes away from their home, but they don’t see them often. Seth’s dad is a higher-up in the Institute, and he frowned on Brian marrying a muggle. Maria’s parents are divorced, her father living in Mexico and her mother living in Michigan. They take a trip up every few years to visit Grandma Rodriguez.
Parenting: Brian and Maria were okay parents. Even though the family wasn’t really strapped for money, they tended towards the frugal side. Maria was big on setting rules for the kids, but she wasn’t very good at enforcing them. With Seth, it was never a problem. He was a relatively calm child. Annabeth, however, was more rebellious, and Seth’s parents realized that they had to change their tactics. Eventually, they worked things out. Annabeth was unhappy that she could no longer walk all over her parents, but to Seth, it was a bit of a relief.
Upbringing: Seth’s father was a pure blood, so, while Maria focused on the importance of a muggle education and surviving in the muggle world, Brian always pushed taking shortcuts and doing things the magical way. Brian said that efficiency was key, and, although he loved his wife, her desire to push the “old-fashioned” way of life on Seth and Annabeth would only slow them down.
Infancy: [0-2] Seth was a quiet child. He cried, like all babies do, but he slept through the night relatively well. As soon as he was old enough to start moving around on his own, he had the tendency to pick a corner of the house, grab his toys, and play by himself. He liked when his parents were around, but he did not really need their attention. He was rather introverted, and his parents didn’t know he could talk for a while after he figured it out simply because he didn’t talk when they were around.
Childhood: [3-12] When Seth was three, his little sister Annabeth was born. Seth was as excited as his parents ever saw him about having a little sister around, and when she was brought home, Seth spent a lot of time sitting in the room, staring at the crib. He was starting to learn to read, so he would often pick up books to read to Baby Anna, as he called her. His parents were baffled by his change in demeanor, but Maria’s mother insisted that maybe he just preferred looking out for others, as opposed to being looked out for. They realized that it was not that Seth was antisocial so much that he did not want to socialize with them when he made friends with the boy next door, who had a pool in his backyard. The two would often go swimming together, and Seth learned that he really enjoyed being in the water. Brian told Maria that they should make an effort to foster Seth’s ability, but she did not want to spend the money to give him swimming lessons or any real training, so she let him flop around in the neighbor’s pool and let it be.
Seth finally got old enough to send to muggle school, and Maria happily shipped him off. There were a few arguments; Brian insisted that a magical primary would provide a more suitable education for someone as special as Seth, but Maria rolled her eyes and did what she wanted.
At school, Seth was the boy in the class who everyone liked but no one was really close to. He always had really good grades, but he never had a “best friend” unless there was a big test coming up. His first grade teacher had a dog that she would sometimes bring to class, and Seth adored the puppy. When the teacher told Seth’s father how amazingly good with the animal Seth was, managing to calm down the pet in a room full of wild, unruly first-graders, Brian started to suspect that his son was a bit more special than he expected. He bought the family their first dog, a Labrador retriever that Seth named Twinkie, because he was the same golden color as the snack cakes. Watching Seth interact with Twinkie, it became obvious to Brian that Seth had an endowment.
Maria insisted that Seth be kept in muggle school, but Brian started giving Seth extra “classes” at night, teaching him about the wizarding world and Salem Academy of Sorcery. Although Brian could not help with Seth’s specific endowment, having been a Burkenshire, Seth told him that what he could do was normal for a wizard in Meriwether.
As Annabeth started getting older, she started becoming more and more of a handful. She was no longer the adorable little baby in the crib. She enjoyed trying to get a rise out of Seth, who wasn’t nearly as reactive to her misbehaving as their parents. Annabeth didn’t like Seth very much. Even though he was close to her age, he was too calm and quiet. Seth was often the target of Annabeth’s early outbursts of magic. Though he was never seriously injured, there were a few times he went to school with his hair dyed bright pink. Annabeth’s magic was much more active than Seth’s, and after much debate, Maria finally relented and allowed Brian to send her to a wizarding primary school. Seth continued at his muggle school.
The less time Seth and Anna spent together, the more she realized that Seth was actually a good older brother. He always asked her about her day and snuck candy and sweets from her. When she was in a foul mood, he always seemed to know how to calm her down. She started appreciating her older brother more, and they became close friends. Annabeth knew she could trust her brother with pretty much anything, and Seth liked being someone’s favorite person, for once.
When it was time for Seth to go to SAS, Annabeth was incredibly sad to see him go. Brian was proud that his son would be going off into the wizarding world at last, and he was eager to see his special son succeed. Maria worried that her son, who she saw as rather reserved, would not be able to make friends, though Annabeth told her that if anyone in that stupid school had half a brain, Seth would be the most popular kid there.
Adolescence: [13-17] Seth was sorted into Meriwether at SAS, as was expected. His father couldn’t be prouder. Seth took to SAS like a fish took to water. The classes were challenging but fun, and he already had a leg up on some of the students because of his father. He did not mind being away from home much, although he did miss Annabeth a lot.
When he learned that SAS had a swim team, Seth started to get excited. He didn’t think he was good enough to make the team, since everything he knew about swimming, he had learned from his next-door neighbor and his mother, who used to be a swimming instructor. Before the season started, he spent a lot of time at the pool, which was where he met Josh. Josh rarely actually swam, but he often sat with his trunks on and his legs dangled in the pool, staring off into space and thinking. After a week of wondering whether he should go talk to the boy, Seth decided to take a chance, and he walked over and sat down next to Josh. The boys talked for almost three hours. They started going out of their way to make sure that they were at the pool at the same time, and when Seth ended up making the swim team, Josh went to every single meet. They became close friends, and Josh liked Seth because he could ramble on and on and on and Seth would listen to every single word of it. Seth balanced out Josh’s more impulsive tendencies and calmly told him when he was being an idiot. It was cathartic. Seth listened to Josh rambling a lot about a new boy he met, Cody, who Josh seemed enthralled with. Seth took it in stride. Josh learned quickly that there wasn’t much Seth didn’t take in stride.
When Josh made friends with a girl that Seth had heard was a werewolf, the two were introduced. Seth did not know Colette very well, but it was common knowledge that she was a werewolf. Seth knew that animals liked him, and he tended to have a calming effect on them, so he offered to try to help Colette with the full moon. Eventually, the two fell into a routine. Colette and her boyfriend, Cody, appreciated what Seth was doing for Colette, and Seth liked feeling needed. He never asked for anything in return except for their friendship and trust. He did not expect thanks. He was just doing something nice for one of Josh’s friends, who quickly became one of his own friends.
His senior year, Josh dragged him to a GSA meeting, where he met a Remington girl named Jessie. The two hit it off right off the bat, and after a long conversation and some waggled eyebrows from Josh, Seth and Jessie exchanged numbers. They went on a few dates and texted fairly regularly before Seth asked her out.
In general, people at SAS like Seth. He’s very relaxed and easy to get along with. He is a good listener, and he always leaves his door open for anyone who needs to come in and vent. His room is officially a stress-free zone during exam week, so there are often people in his room who are taking a break from studying.
Adulthood: [18+] UNI!
Coming of Age: When he went off to SAS.
Evolution: Seth has become a lot less reserved and a lot more willing to interact with others. He has become a lot more mature and patient.

Species: Wizard
Ethnicity: Half Mexican
Blood Type: O+
Preferred Hand: Right handed
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hairstyle: curly. He lets it do what it wants
Skin Tone: Darker
Complexion: Good
Makeup: Nope
Build: He’s got a swimmer’s build from years in the pool, with abs and muscles that Josh has openly admitted to being jealous of.
Height: 70”
Weight: 164 lbs
Facial Hair: When the swimming season is done, he sometimes lets a little stubble grown in, but that’s the extent of it
Shoe Size: 11
Birthmarks/scars: n/a
Distinguishing Features: n/a

Health: He is fairly healthy. He works out and eats healthily. He stays in shape for swimming.
Energy: Medium. He has energy, but it isn’t as obvious as someone like Josh’s energy level.
Memory: Very, very good.
Senses: He has really good eyes.
Allergies: Pollen. They act up in the spring.
Handicaps: n/a
Medication: n/a
Phobias: Claustrophobic
Addictions: Swimming.
Mental Disorders: n/a

Style: Seth’s style is wear whatever was on top in his dresser. That ends up being lots of jeans and t-shirts.
Mode of Dress: Seth wears his jeans low-slung, and he likes his shirts long, but not loose. He sometimes teases Josh that he looks like he is swimming in his clothing, and Josh teases Seth by saying he looks like he’s trying to make people see his stupid swimmer’s abs through his shirt.
Grooming: Well-kept
Posture: He sits up straight when other people are around, but when he’s alone, or it’s just him and Josh, he tends to be a sprawler.
Gait: Seth doesn’t walk anywhere quickly unless he has to. He has a relatively slow, ambling walk, like he’s taking in all the details as he goes.
Coordination: Very physically fit with good reflexes.
Habits and Mannerisms: When Seth is thinking a lot, he tends to go quiet and steeple his fingers. Josh jokingly called it his “God Gaze” once, and the name stuck.
Scent: During the swimming season, no matter how many showers he takes, he always ends up smelling vaguely of chlorine. The rest of the year, he smells faintly of cinnamon because of the body wash he uses.

Mood: Pensive
Attitude: Seth has a relatively positive attitude. He’s realistic and relaxed, and he does not get easily riled up.
Stability: Very high
Expressiveness: Seth isn’t very expressive around most people, but around the people he loves and trusts, he lets it out a bit more
When Happy: Giant grin that lights up his face
When Depressed: He doesn’t really get depressed, but when he’s feeling sad, he’ll go swim laps in the pool
When Angry: This very rarely happens. It’s like he’s made of patience.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: Cincinnati, SAS, Wizard Uni
Community: Although his city as a whole is about half white and half black, his area is fairly homogeneously white. SAS and Wizard Uni have lotsa wizards.
Family: Brian, Maria, Annabeth
Friends: Josh, Colette
Enemies: No one
Bosses: He’s had multiple over the years, some better than others
Followers: His sister idolizes him
Heroes: His maternal grandmother, Karim Hassan
Rivals: n/a
Relates to: n/a
Pets/Familiars: Twinkie, followed by Oreo

Wardrobe: He does not have an extensive wardrobe. He has swimming gear, he has casual clothes, and he has dressy clothes.
Equipment: Goggles
Accessories: n/a
Trinkets: He usually wears a watch
Funds: He’s not really rich, but he’s not starving
Home: His house is small but well-kept. His room is a bit cramped, but it’s big enough to fit a bed, a bookshelf, and a dresser, which is all he really needs
Neighborhood: White, middle-class Americans
Transportation: He sometimes drives his mom’s car
License Plate Number: n/a
Collections: n/a
Most valuable possession: He technically paid for television in the living room with his own money. He worked summer jobs to pay for it, since his mom insisted they didn’t need one
Prized Possession: n/a

Lovers: He dated a muggle girl in middle school. He is currently dating Jessie
Marital Status: Dating
Sex Life: Not until very recently
Type: Storge, usually
Turn-Ons: Energy. He often thinks of himself as rather dull, and he likes people who have life in them to balance him out. Dimples.
Turn Offs: When a girl knows every single race he swims, he knows she’s not the one
Position: Dom
Plays: He’s not telling
Fetishes: None of yo beeswax
Virginity: No longer intact
Element: Earth

Occupation: He is a lifeguard over the summer. During the school year at SAS, he works weekends at La Fontana. He always gets good tips.
Work Ethnic: Seth works hard and saves his money.
Rank: Lowly waiter. He doesn’t care so much about advancing, as long as he has a little bit of money squirreled away.
Income: Not much
Wealth Status: Middle class, though it’s not of his own doing
Experience: He did a lot of raking leaves from yards when he was younger
Organizations/Affiliations: n/a

IQ: 120
Education: Good.
School: Muggle primary school, SAS, wizard uni
Grade: Straight As
Special Education: Always on the honor role
Social Stereotype: he wasn’t really in a clique. He blended in in primary school, and he hung out with the swimmers a lot at SAS, though his closest friends were Josh and Colette
Degrees: College degree. He plans to go onto Wizard Grad School
Intelligence: Logical and Spatial are his best
Extracurricular Activities: Swimming is his biggest one. Josh sometimes drags him into things

Religion: He’s a baptized Christian, but he doesn’t really practice his faith
Morals: Hurting others. Violating other people’s trust.
Crime Record: n/a
Motivation: His sense of responsibility
Priorities: School and the future are tied with Josh and his friends at first.
Philosophy: Life goes on
Political Party: He’s an independent. He can’t vote yet, and he knows what is going on in politics, but he thinks both sides have their issues.
Etiquette: Very good
Culture: His mother born in Mexico but raised in the United States. She has kept some traces of her culture; she is a very devout Catholic, for example. Brian is a staunch atheist, and the kids do not seem to have much understanding of their faith, though, so she often goes to Mass alone.
Influences: Although they were his parents, Seth was not highly influenced by them. His biggest influence was his mother’s mother.
Traditions: They always eat meals together as a family. They celebrate Christmas and Easter and Cinco de Mayo and El Dia de los Muertos
Superstitions: Before he swims a race, he has to adjust his goggles at least twice

Main Goal: Live life
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Make friends and all
Career: College professor at a wizarding university
Desires: Close relationships
Wishlist: He would really like his own car, but with his ability to apparate, it’s not entirely necessary, so he probably won’t ever buy one
Accomplishments: He was valedictorian of his class in muggle primary school
Greatest Achievement: Getting Jodette together because that was SO INCREDIBLY OVERDUE
Biggest Failure: He lost a swim meet once?
Secrets: He knew what Colette had planned
Regrets: He broke up with Jessie. In the long run, it was a good choice, but he regretted it at the time
Worries: He worries about his little sister
Best Dream: Getting a nice job in academia and having a wife and being able to settle down and just sit on the front porch and look out at the night sky
Worst Nightmare: Failing out of school
Best Memories: Swimming, getting a dog
Worst Memories: He doesn’t really have a ton. He doesn’t like thinking about back when Anna and he didn’t get along very well, though

Hobbies/Interests: Read, spend time outside.
Skills/Talents: Swimming. Studying. Playing unpaid therapist.
Likes: He loves nature. He loves animals. He loves fall and he loves night.
Dislikes: Feeling scattered or out of his depth. Contact sports.
Sense of Humor: Dry
Pet Peeves: People getting more worked up over something than they need to
Dreams/Nightmares: He has very vivid dreams, but he doesn’t really talk about them much
Quirks: He almost always knows when someone has been in his room
Savvy: In a lot.
Can't understand: Getting worked up over little details
Closet Hobby: Reading Wikipedia for fun
Guilty Pleasure: The first section of the newspaper that he reads is the comics

Strengths: Seth is an incredibly good listener, and he is not easily stressed out. It is difficult to upset him, and he is very non-judgmental. He is logical and good at helping people work things out.
Flaws: He can be a bit distant. He isn’t the type of person that is really easy to get to know.
Perception: Life is simple. People make it more complicated than it needs to be.
Conflicts: Long-distance relationships suck.
Instincts: Take a deep breath and think before acting
Lures: People who have just a bit too much time and/or energy on their hands, and who have feels out the wazoo
Soft Spot: Animals.
Cruel Streak: He does tend to be a Papa Bear when it comes to his little sister.

Powers/Abilities: Calms animals.

Favorite Colors: Blue
Favorite Animals: Dogs hold a special place in his heart
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Werewolves
Favorite Places: SAS
Favorite Landmarks: The only time he’s seen anything really notable was when he spent a week with Josh in NYC. Considering Josh’s planning abilities, Seth spent more time trying to figure out where they were than he did enjoying the sights.
Favorite Flavors: Chocolate
Favorite Foods: Carrots. Josh teases him mercilessly for it.
Favorite Drinks: Gatorade
Favorite Characters: Remus Lupin
Favorite Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Books: He’s read so many that compiling a list of favorites is hard
Favorite Movies: He doesn’t really watch many, unless Josh drags him over.
Favorite Games: Scrabble
Favorite Shows: He watches everything on the history channel religiously
Favorite Music: He doesn’t actually pay much attention to music. He listens to some of Josh’s sometimes, and he thinks it’s okay, but he’s not crazy about it
Favorite Bands: n/a
Favorite Songs: n/a
Favorite Sports: SWIMMING
Favorite Stores: A local bookstore near his house
Favorite Subjects: Astronomy
Favorite Numbers: 16
Favorite Websites: Wikipedia
Favorite Words: n/a
Favorite Quotations: n/a

Least Favorite Colors: Orange
Least Favorite Animals: Spiders. Jessie freaks out whenever they’re around
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Anything bigger than him that looks like it thinks he’d be tasty
Least Favorite Places: Cincinnati
Favorite Landmarks: n/a
Least Favorite Flavors: Spearmint
Least Favorite Foods: He’s not big on curry
Least Favorite Drinks: He doesn’t drink soda
Least Favorite Characters: n/a
Least Favorite Genre: Slapstick Comedy
Least Favorite Books: n/a
Least Favorite Movies: n/a
Least Favorite Games: Anything involving less skill and more luck
Least Favorite Shows: n/a
Least Favorite Music: Anything loud that is waking him up in the middle of the night
Least Favorite Bands: n/a
Least Favorite Songs: n/a
Least Favorite Sports: Basketball
Least Favorite Stores: Clothing stores
Least Favorite Subjects: Fine Arts
Least Favorite Numbers: 4
Least Favorite Websites: n/a
Least Favorite Words: n/a
Least Favorite Quotations: n/a

Languages: English and Spanish
Accent: n/a
Voice: Medium pitched
Speech Impediments: n/a
Greetings and Farewells: Hello and goodbye
State of Mind: calm.
Compliment: “Well, Josh, at least you’re still in one piece?”
Insult: “You’re being stupid again, Josh. Think first.”
Expletives: Doesn’t cuss much.
Laughter: relatively quiet. It’s usually more wide grins than it is full-on laughter
Tag Line: Just tell him/her/them the truth.

Reputation: Quiet but smart. Josh’s friend.
First Impressions: He is rather reserved, though not unhappy. He doesn’t do anything loudly.
Stranger Impressions: Although having a chill person around sounds awesome, he seems a bit too understanding to be real.
Friendly Impressions: Reliable. Good person to talk to in a tough spot.
Enemy Impressions: He’s gotta be repressed or something. He belongs more with animals than he does with people. He puts up with too much of other people’s crap and doesn’t live his own life.
Familiar Impressions: He’s serene and calming. He is always a person you want by your side when shit hits the fan. He’s loving, and he’s emotive, just in a very quiet sort of way.
Compliments: Fantastic listener. Honest. Open.
Insults: Boring.
Self-Impression: Seth likes himself. He is happy with who he is. Although he likes people, and he likes feeling needed, he’s the kind of person who could live alone if he had to with minimal problems.

MBTI Personality Type: INTP
Temperament: Phlegmatic
Enneagram: The Peacemaker
Ego/Superego/Id: Ego

Role: Mentor. Best friend. Unpaid therapist.
Fulfillment: Pretty darn well.
Alignment: Neutral good
Comparison: His animagus is a tabby cat
Vice: Envy works best, I guess
Virtue: Patience, hands down
Defining Moment: He doesn’t really have one. He sees life as a lot of little moments.
One Word: chill (because I have noticed that it comes up EVERY SINGLE TIME I describe him. It just works.)


Tsuki is fantastic.
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Seth Brayden Close
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