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 Jessica Avery Roth

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PostSubject: Jessica Avery Roth   Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:36 am

Just Like You

Where Are You Now?
Name: Jessica Roth
Nicknames: Jessie
Age: 16
Year: 4th
Gender: Female
House: Remington
Patronus: Seal
Blood Status: Half Blood
Face Claim: Crystal Reed

When You Were Young
Dad: Robert Roth, 50, Meriwether
Mom: Terri Roth, 45, Muggle
Paternal Grandmother: Winry Roth, 76, Remington


Jessica Roth is an adventurous, restless soul. She likes to be in motion, she likes to explore, and she is always up for pretty much anything. Jessie is sociable and bright, with a persistent optimism that would seem fake were it not for the fact that she is such a real, natural person. It is hard to make fun of her, because she always comes across as a very together person. Jessie is genuinely interested in other people and their lives, whether she is talking to a stranger that she met in line at the grocery store or a long-term friend.


Jessica Roth was born April 27 in Portland, Oregon. Her mother was a traveling salesperson, and she moved around a lot for work, taking her husband with her. However, when they had Jessie, they wanted her to have some semblance of stability. They wanted her to be able to grow up in one place, without having to move with them every few years. So, shortly after Jessie was born, she moved in with her paternal grandmother into her house down in Florida.

Throughout her childhood, Jessie's parents would visit often, spending all the time with her that they could. Grandmother Roth loved having Jessie around, though she insisted it was stupid, since Robert could apparate and bring his wife with him. However, with Robert working his own job and Terri often having reactions similar to allergic reactions around too much magic, Jessie's parents ultimately decided that having her stay with her grandmother was really the best option, although they sometimes do take her on short trips to cities where they are living, just so she can find them if something goes wrong. For Jessie's fifth birthday, they gave her her very first camera, which she has kept over the years. Every time her parents move somewhere new, she takes pictures of the city and adds them to a giant collage on the wall of her bedroom at her grandmother's.

Grandmother Roth raised Jessie well. A graduate of SAS and a Remington, she immediately recognized Jessie's endowment when it manifested. She did not have any endowment herself, but she was able to encourage Jessie to develop it, though Jessie had little success.

Jessie was homeschooled in muggle education, but she never went to an actual muggle school. She left for SAS and was sorted into Remington. Through her time at SAS, she learned that she was pansexual. She is out to her grandmother, who was more confused than anything, but not to her parents.

Endowment: Jessie has some healing abilities. She can heal minor scrapes and bruises easily, and when faced with major injuries, the most she can really do is take the edge off them. She does not use them often, since she does not have much control over them; they only seem to come up when she's panicking or in great emotional distress. Jessie insists that it is her body's way of telling her to calm down, forcing excess energy out of her body. Her friends usually know when she's really stressed out, because their minor injuries tend to fade more quickly.

Undisclosed Desires
Likes: Smoothies, the beach, volleyball
Loves: Photography, traveling, people (especially her grandmother and eventually Seth)
Dislikes: Cold and cloudy weather, her endowment's inconsistency, eating meat (she is a vegetarian)
Loathes: Not seeing her parents as much as she would like, keeping her sexuality a secret
Wishes: SAS was closer to home
Fears: Hurricanes and spiders
Secrets: She worries about her grandmother getting old
Random Fact: There are only five states that Jessie has never been to: Alaska, Nebraska, Utah, South Dakota, and Maine.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Yes
Age: No
Rp experience: Yes
Contacting: Yes
Other Characters: Yes


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Jessica Avery Roth
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