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 Cody Everett Hudson

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PostSubject: Cody Everett Hudson   Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:36 pm

Just Like You

Where Are You Now?
Name: Cody Hudson
Nicknames: n/a, unless you count Colette's penchant for calling him 'babe'
Age: 17
Year: 5
Gender: Male
House: Burkenshire
Patronus (if applicable): hawk
Blood Status:Muggleborn
Face Claim: Colton Haynes

When You Were Young
Family: Cassidy Hudson - 14 - Muggle. Everett Hudson - 42 - Muggle. Miranda Creel Hudson - 35 - Muggle
Personality: There's a lot more than sexuality locked up in Cody Hudson's closet. On the surface, he's your typical high school joke, if slightly less boorish. Lots of classmates (and teammates) consider him a friend, and those that dislike him are most likely holding a petty grudge, whether it's over his status as the quarterback of the football team or his insistence on keeping Colette Kennedy permanently off the market.

Behind that wall, though, Cody is different. He's very serious and focused when he sets his mind on something and can often get caught up in the details of things. He dedicates most of that energy to working with his hands or keeping his grades up, since thinking on certain topics gives him a serious headache. He has to work hard for the grades he expects of himself and often has to enlist help from Colette in English, since he often has trouble expressing himself clearly.

If you're looking for a guy with a heart full of teddy bear fluff, Cody is your man. He's not one for big romantic gestures (besides saying, "I love you," like it's going out of style), but he is constantly betraying himself in small ways. Subtle reassuring touches, adjusting his mood to suit someone else's, and remembering things only idly mentioned are some of his trademarks. When he cares for someone, he cares deeply and feels strongly about protecting their feelings.

Cody's never had much reason to learn jealousy, but he is well-versed in guilt. Any time that he can't be around for the full moon or otherwise does something that may cause Colette to be hurt, he gets extremely frustrated with himself and usually does something rash to try and make up for it.

Despite being dedicated to and enjoying football, Cody isn't very naturally competitive. He mostly likes the hard work, discipline, and the confidence it gives him in his abilities and his future, which is finally looking up. He's still wary of cutting himself any slack and he'll never fully escape the world he was raised in, but at least he can break the cycle.

History: Cody was born into a lower-middle class Muggle family in rural North Carolina. His mother was barely out of high school and caught in what was already a severely unhealthy relationship; Cody's birth (and Cassidy's, later) only complicated things further. Cody grew up dirt poor, well below the family's actual means, since his father spent most of their money on liquor and dates with other women. His clothes were always a mess, but he made sure he was always neat, clean, and applied himself at school. He was determined not to be made a fool of by circumstance he couldn't control.

When he received his letter from SAS, he hid it for a long time, fully intending to ignore it. Everett, though, tore apart his room in a rage and discovered the notification. Though Cody was ill with the thought of leaving his sister behind in such a terrible environment, his father's reaction changed his decision; he had to make it out of the rut his town would keep him in and magic was his way. When he arrived, he immediately tried out for the football team, and with his place honestly earned he gained a sponsorship that allowed him less ragged clothes and the ability to send care packages back to his sister.

Cody got along with the other boys but also liked having time alone to practice without all eyes on him. Through this, at the tender age of 13, he met the girl of his dreams. For a werewolf, Colette was awfully skittish and even seemed frightened of him at first, but soon he had learned her inside and out. Before he knew what was happening (and before he had time to /think/ of anyone else), he had fallen hard and fast. He feels lucky that it came so easily for them and that he has something real to hold onto in his life. He doesn't understand the casual dating scene at all.

Despite his love for Colette being unconditional and fairly occupying, over time Cody became more and more aware that she wasn't the only person he was attracted to. His sexual attraction to other guys causes him nothing but stress, and he gives himself a lot of grief over locker-room wandering eyes. He eventually confessed to Colette, who assured him that she'd already noticed. He feels infinitely better after coming clean with her, but the idea of coming out still baffles him. Why deal with the backlash when he plans on sticking with Colette for as long as she'll have him? Lately, though, he spends a lot of time distracting himself from thoughts about the what-ifs and could-have-beens of being with another guy.

Undisclosed Desires
Likes: football, pancakes, CoMC/Zoo
Loves: Colette, his Rube Goldbergs, 'practice makes perfect'
Dislikes: alcohol, pineapple juice, and any collision of the two; getting his socks dirty (really Colette? the woods again?)
Loathes: leaving his sister alone at home, feeling guilty, his father
Wishes: That he can find something he's good enough at to support himself as well as Colette.
Fears: That if he slips up or cuts himself any slack at all, he'll become his father all over again.
Secrets: Closet bisexual with tons of backed-up sexual frustration.
Random Fact: He wears contacts, but they drive him berserk. Only his family and Colette have seen him in his glasses.

Somebody Told Me
Name: i
Age: hate
Rp experience: this
Contacting: section
Other Characters: why is it even here?


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PostSubject: Re: Cody Everett Hudson   Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:05 am

Verse: Poly!verse (Orig, y'all)
Date: August 31, 2012
Full Name: Cody Everett Hudson
Pronunciation: CODEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (as I squeal in my head. okay aloud.)
Meaning: helper
Origin: I definitely, definitely wanted his name to be from the 'country and western' section of my name book. He is technically a southern boy, after all.
Pet name: Without fail, babe.
ID Number: N/a (God, Cody would not do well in jail.)
Signature: Small caps, neatly lined. He takes his time writing since he has to consider his words. His actual signature slants a little to the right, but is still neat.

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Fairly masculine for how pretty he is.
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 17
Age Appearance: Colette says he looks older in his glasses; he doesn't buy it.
Birthday: February 12, 1995
Deathday: N/a
Birthplace: Holly Ridge, North Carolina
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Zodiac sign: Pig

Immediate Family: Father, Everett Hudson, worthless piece of shit/well-digger, 42, Muggle. Mother, Miranda Creel Hudson, stay-at-home nothing-doing, 35, Muggle. Sister, Cassidy Hudson, 14, student, Muggle.
Distant Family: Cody's paternal grandparents are dead. His maternal grandparents have cut ties with their daughter on the basis of her marriage/poor life choices. They send Christmas and birthday cards to Cody and Cassidy, sometimes with five or ten dollars included.
Parenting: Cody's weren't strict, but that didn't mean he wasn't nearly always in trouble for one thing or another. Whether it was sticking his little sister's A+ spellling test on the fridge ("You want her to be like you, you little prick? You think you're better than your old man?") or walking home with his friends still in tow ("Which one's your boyfriend? Hell, they all look queer to me."), Cody couldn't do right in the eyes of his father. If he was lucky he might get sent to the closet or bathroom for a few hours; if he wasn't, he could expect public humiliation in the streets outside his house. His mother never spoke an ill word to him, but she was almost a non-presence. It took a few years for Cody to learn the difference between asleep and unconscious, between a crash or a dangerous high that wouldn't stop climbing. He did most of the parenting for Cassidy, trying his best to reward her for good effort and discourage her from anything that might put her in harm's way.
Upbringing: Cody's mother, when she was sober enough to make her own sort of sense, instilled the primary directive: don't make a scene. He was taught not to react to the emotional bullying he went through, especially not in front of the neighbors. Religion was nonexistent in the house. Most of what Cody became that was based on his family was a list of opposites: DON'T drink, DON'T take drugs, DON'T hurt the ones you're supposed to love the most. Take care of your own.
Infancy [0-2]: Cody's mother was still a teenager when he was born, and there were things missed here and there during her pregnancy and his childhood that: prenatal visits, certain immunizations, proper nutrition. Luckily (but unknown to his parents and therefore not very reassuring), his magic helped to keep his healthy through this period. At the time, his maternal grandparents were still tentatively interacting with his mother, and he thrived during his visits there, where he was (comparatively) lavished with attention and care. His first word was daddy, and he unlearned it just as quickly. His father's biggest contribution to these formative years was to tell his mother to put whiskey on his gums while he was teething.
Childhood [3-12]: Before school began, Cody realized that with his father gone most of the time and his mother generally unresponsive, he'd have to learn to amuse himself. There weren't really toys around the house, but there were tools, and he could turn almost anything lying around their shack into a plaything. When Cassidy was born, he picked up the new role, Big Brother, with a great sense of responsibility. His mother began to drift even further into herself when she realized that the sound of the baby crying would always be followed by the soft sounds of Cody trying to shush her. He couldn't do everything, of course, but he did his best.
When school began, Cody learned his place quickly. Even in such a small town, his clothes and shoes were shabbier than anyone else's. Some of the other kids from his block were in a similar situation, though, and they banded together not for companionship but for protection. As a group they were left alone. If someone had no lunch, everyone else could divide up pieces of theirs for the giving. When Cody spent winters without a coat, there was always a friend quick to offer his, though he always refused (there was a mysterious air of warmth about him that no one could explain...wonder what that could've been). The boys didn't have much in common besides misfortune, but it gave Cody a place to belong for the first time in his life. Despite the continued abuse and neglect at home, the newfound security at school gave Cody something to set his sights on. If he could do well enough, he might be able to finish high school and possibly even make it into college (though he had no idea where he might get that kind of money. Robbing banks crossed his mind more than once). In the fifth grade, after continuously moving forward in the classroom until he couldn't get any closer to the chalkboard, the school nurse determined that Cody needed glasses. His father pitched a fit, but he ended up with a pair of plain black frames that he would keep until they would no longer fit him, despite being broken down the middle and cracked in one lens.
As Cassidy grew older, Cody took even more responsibility with her. It was his job to get her dressed, taken to and from school, to pack lunch when there was no money for the school's food. He refused to braid her hair, paint her nails, or anything else quite so girly, but he did faithfully cut her bangs out of her eyes every few months. He didn't know how to patch clothes, but he did make sure to find out when any of his friends' sisters were throwing out things they'd outgrown. He also called in favors with his friends to have her watched out for on the playground. Overall, he did his best to give her the best childhood she could and bore the brunt of their father's disdain.
Adolescence [13-17]: Receiving a letter from SAS was no great joy for Cody. He'd noticed something off about himself, always wondered maybe if there was something different that made his father hate him so much. With it explained away as magic, of all things, he dismissed it entirely, tucking the letter into his sock drawer to keep as a novelty. He wasn't even going to entertain the idea of leaving when his sister would only be ten years old and not able to protect herself yet. When a bottle of whiskey went missing and Everett tore apart Cody's room, the letter was discovered, and for hours Cody suffered through the mixed mockery and accusations. Eventually, he couldn't take it anymore. He was only 13 years old, and he could only make it so long without breaking. Frustrated and tired of being constantly shoved into 'his place', Cody decided to go to wizarding school and see what he could make of himself outside the life he hadn't been able to choose for himself.
SAS thankfully had a fund for students who couldn't really afford their books and board, so there were no problems there, but Cody quickly realized that the small amount of money allotted to him for that would not be enough. Discovering that athletes were often given sponsorships by alumni, Cody tried out for the football team and made it, receiving a little extra money to put towards his own upkeep and care packages for Cassidy back at home. He made easy friends with the boys on the team, since they were mostly the rowdy sort he had grown up with. None of the friendships were close, though, and he quickly realized that none of the ones back home had been either; he didn't miss his old school or neighborhood at all. What he was most concerned with now was fitting in, making the grades he needed, and keeping his place on the time. He devoted plenty of time to studying and to practicing on his own away from the team.
At home, Cody had no interest in the girls or boys around him in a romantic sense. His mother fell in 'love' and look where that had gotten her. Girls only a few grades ahead of him were already popping up pregnant around the time he left, and he knew that wasn't for him. The heart wants what it wants, though, and when Cody met Colette Kennedy, it didn't really feel like falling at all. They eased into each other, both wary, and soon were inseparable. Together, they grew up and learned from each other lessons that made them fit together even closer. Everyone saw them as a perfect couple, or at least one that wouldn't be splitting anytime soon. Cody helped protect and encourage Colette, while Colette calmed Cody's frustrations and was the only one who could make him lose track of the time, no matter how short of a time it was. He wouldn't cut himself slack, but if the time was spent on Colette, it wasn't wasted.
Cody's presence helped put Colette at ease enough to make a few friends, who he had a passing knowledge of. Two, though, stood out for an obvious reason; Josh and Seth were around for the full moon almost all of the time. Colette's 'time of the month' was something that had come out of the blue when he found out, but over time the animal in Colette became more and more apparent. Seth, a friend of hers in Meriwether, had just enough of a talent with animals to keep her tame during the night when she would be most dangerous otherwise, and Josh often tagged along. The boys weren't especially close to him, or even considered his friends, but they both stood out in their own ways. Seth was unusually level-headed and never expected any thanks for what he did for Colette; that eased Cody's guilt a little, since he couldn't bring himself to try and string the words together in a way that would express how grateful he was. Josh, though, was a different story. Everyone else that Cody knew were like characters in a movie; Colette was the love interest, beautiful and sweet; his teammates were the supporting cast, all extremely similar under the slightly varying surface. Things moved at a speed that everyone could keep up without boring anyone. When Josh burst onto the scene, it was like intermission had lost its marbles. He didn't necessarily look forward to their meetings, but after each one he was left with a distinct impression.
Keeping himself busy when his thought began to bother was a big hobby for Cody. He still loved tinkering with tools like he did as a kid, and he soon found himself fascinated with intricate but ultimately pointless Rube Goldberg machines. Any time his worries got too heavy or he couldn't stop dwelling on a topic, he would keep his hands and mind at work building, rebuilding, perfecting. As he grew older, the main thoughts he always seemed to be running from were ones of other boys. He'd found Colette so fast and so easily that he'd had no chance to consider who or what he found attractive, and it was with slight horror that he realized the way that he would look at the other guys in the locker rooms. He'd heard enough homophobic slurs before entering the wizarding world to be extremely leery of letting on at all that he had those sort of feelings, despite the wizarding world being more open and accepting in general. He did eventually open up to Colette, who of course had already picked up on this very large part of her boyfriend's inner life.
Colette's suggestion of bringing Josh into their relationship shook Cody's world, if only on the inside. He trusted her judgement completely, but he was unsure if even their stable foundation could make a threesome function. If anyone could manage to be the third, though, it was Josh, who knew Colette fairly well, if nowhere near as well as Cody himself.
Adulthood [18+]: Cody goes to college, gets a job(s?), and is both the catalyst and the roadblock to RJ and Josh's relationship. It's too soon for kids, Colette.
Coming of Age: Two stages. Defying his father and leaving home made him a man; learning to adapt, change, and accept himself thanks to bringing Josh into his life made him a better man.
Evolution: Cody has learned to value people for who they are and the ways that they can help him. He no longer has to worry about pure survival and as a result can actually enjoy himself, which wasn't in the cards in his childhood. Being with Josh as well as Colette has made him more accepting and understanding not only of himself but of others, and he worries less about what people will think of him.

Species: Definitely still a human, but wizard.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Blood Type: O+
Preferred hand: Right
Facial type: Hell if I know, but LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKBONES
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dirty blonde or light brown, depending on just how much sun he's getting at the time
Hair Style: Longer on top than on the sides. Usually takes some product to behave.
Skin Tone: why are these questions heeeeeere. He's fair enough that his nose/cheeks freckles are noticeable.
Complexion: ugh why
Makeup: only the once (okay, three times) Colette accosted him in front of her vanity.
Body Type: I never learned all these words
Build: those abs are a thing that exist. respect them. His waist tucks in a little too which is kinda cute and weirdly not as feminine as it should be, it's just nice. He's not bulky, at all, but there's definitely plenty of tone. Let's face it, he could model.
Height: 1.79 m because I'm a rebel
Weight: a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells. Cody might not be a lady, but I am. It's not too much and it's not too little. He eats his vegetables. Leave the poor boy alone.
Facial hair: clean-shaven because honestly who's going to grow a beard and mustache at 17. and on that face?
Shoe Size: how is this relevant? Random google says 10? I think?
Birthmarks/scars: just the freckles
Distinguishing Features: Did I mention those cheekbones yet?

Health: Cody had chickenpox once as a child thanks to a missed vaccine and has been fairly healthy ever since. He does get headaches every once in a while, but they're stress-related and not a medical problem.
Energy: Plenty, but very focused.
Memory: Fantastic at remembering the smallest of details from conversations with those closest to him. He's always had a decent memory, but the motivation to please those he loves makes him excellent. Class-wise, he remembers things well enough for tests and then siphons off the excess when it's no longer needed.
Senses: Cody has terrible eyesight. He wears his contacts everywhere but his dorm and Colette's, where he wears his glasses.
Allergies: None.
Handicaps: I don't think the eyesight counts since he has a manner of correcting it, so none.
Medication: N/a
Phobias: Walking right along in his father's footsteps
Addictions: Tinkering with his machines; worrying

Style: Fairly preppy. He /does/ have a letterman jacket.
Mode of dress: Now that he can buy his own clothes, he buys them to fit properly. He always leaves the tails of his button-ups out because tucked-in looks more than a little stupid to him. Owns about a dozen pairs of colored/patterned socks and an extra dozen for wearing out into the woods with Colette. He doesn't buy warm clothes, since his childhood penchant for warming himself with magic has carried over; anything with long sleeves is rolled up immediately. Overall his dress is very neat and clean but not overly fastidious or formal.
Grooming: Definitely well-kept. Just another area where he doesn't allow himself any slack.
Posture: Straight-backed to face the world. Leans slightly to the right by nature after years of having Colette leaning into his left side.
Gait: Cody has a habit of crossing a room with fewer steps than he should've needed. Apparently football teaches fancy footwork. When he's on his way somewhere, he walks faster but is very deliberate with himself, never really appearing in a hurry. On an easy day, one foot often hovers over the ground for quite a while before he properly takes the next step (this might as well be called the C&C Stroll).
Coordination: Excellent, thanks to all of that practice. He doesn't really do a lot of working out, since that's what his time with the team is for, but he stays in good shape.
Habits and Mannerisms: Touches Colette's bite scar through her clothes. Shrugs a lot in casual conversation whether it fits the statement or not. Cracks his knuckles when he's frustrated.
Scent: The mildest deodorant he can possibly find. On weekends in, sometimes Colette even asks him to forgo that, since he won't be going out. His hair product does have a bit of a sticky sweet smell, though.

Mood: Seemingly relaxed and casual, but always very alert. It's all in the eyes.
Attitude: He communicates on a friendly, shallow level with lots of people (think fistbumps and, "LET'S GO, SALEM!" in the halls) but can become a little cold when someone makes Colette uncomfortable.
Stability: Keeping himself busy tends to stabilize his mood, but his bouts of frustration are intense and usually directed inward. He can make rash decisions or be slightly destructive (usually toward his furniture) while he's in these moods, but they never last long.
Expressiveness: It takes a lot of looking to notice the difference between the way Cody treats acquaintances and his closer friends. He's very good at appearing the average everyman with one level of sunny smile and no other settings, but there are plenty of little dead giveaways that he is much more soft-hearted than all that.
When Happy: Laughs. Real, head thrown back, scrunched up face laughing. His whole body relaxes from the state of readiness and tension it's usually in.
When Depressed: Holes up in Colette's room, where she plays her lightest, happiest classical CDs and sort of fills in all the holes he's dug himeself with her sweetness. He also tends to eat his feelings the slightest bit (but maybe only because Colette is a pretty decent cook).
When Angry: Dismantles his current machine, is unnecessarily rude to his chest of drawers. stays away from people (even Colette) to prevent anyone getting hurt or upset (which is usually what starts the whole thing anyway).

Current Residence: SAS/wizard uni
Community: So many gay, gay wizards. So many.
Family: Colette. Josh. Cassidy when he can steal her away. Possible Kennedy!baby.
Friends: C&J. At SAS, his teammates. Seth to some extent. RJ borders between here and family depending on his mood.
Enemies: His father.
Bosses: Two, one for each job. (I'll figure this out later)
Followers: N/a, though Colette often defers to him on many things
Heroes: N/a
Rivals: NGL RJ was here for a while too. He's bounced around a lot. Lunsford is also mega-creepy and gunning for a piece of the action that is his (if not necessarily ONLY his).
Relates to: He and Marlon understand each other very well thanks to their shared protectiveness of Colette.
Pets/Familiars: Damn this family has no pet what's up with that.

Wardrobe: Cody isn't really a t-shirt guy. He has plenty of button-downs (mainly in light colors), dark-wash jeans, and a pair or two of khakis to balance everything out. A lot of what he wears is second-hand or offbrand, though you wouldn't be able to tell by looking. His letterman jacket is entirely for show and not for warmth, and the few sweaters he owns are light and flimsy enough to be pushed up his arms. He favors plain tennis shoes because he can wear them anytime, but he does have a pair or two in other styles that might've been thrown in the bargain bin or come second hand at a thrift store. Cody puts a lot of effort into making sure he always looks put together, and his clothes reflect that.
Equipment: Wand. His handy-dandy multitool.
Accessories: The glasses never come out in public. Colette bought him a nice watch for their third anniversary but he doesn't wear it often, afraid he'll end up breaking or ruining it on some impromptu trip through the woods.
Trinkets: He sometimes carries his gym bag or booksack, especially if he's going anywhere off-campus on the weekend.
Funds: What little the school and his sponsor can provide him with. No support from 'home'. He refuses to take any actual cash from Colette, but she has a tendency to notice when he's missing out on something and quietly buy it and tuck it away in his room.
Home: Cody's childhood home is a tin-roofed, two-bedroom hovel. His room (shared with Cassidy) stays fairly in order whenever he's home, but the rest of the house collects dirty laundry, empty bottles, and used paper plates. The small front yard is overgrown and littered with broken odd and ends.
Cody's dorm is evenly split down the middle; one side holds bed, chest of drawers, and closte and the other is entirely empty to leave space for building his machines. He doesn't have a television or a stereo; his bedclothes are purple (courtesy of the school). His chest of drawers sports more than a few war wounds.
Neighborhood: We know what SAS is like. Cody's block was the worst end of town. Most of the people on the street are involved with drugs, but some are just genuinely unfortunate families who can't afford to take themselves out of a bad situation. The kids steal things from lawns to amuse themselves; the adults tend to end up in pointless disputes with their neighbors.
Transportation: Walking and apparition
License Plate Number: N/a
Collections: Six or seven incomplete sets of dominos in different colors and sizes (they're cheaper when they're not all there).
Most valuable possession: his watch from Colette
Prized Possession: His collection of letters and report cards from Cassidy

Lovers: Colette and Josh
Marital Status: Settled down.
Sex Life: Active, unless he passes out before things can get started.
Type: Eros mixed with a heavy dollop of storge (out of everyone, though, he leans the closest to mania. it's less pure jealosy and more of a fierce protectiveness.)
Turn-Ons: Expressive eyes, softness, people who are unapologetically 100% themselves, surprises
Turn-Offs: Conceit, true laziness (read: doing zero with their life. like Ellie.)
Position: More dom than Colette, more sub than Josh.
Plays: I'm just gonna cover all of this one spot down in fetishes k
Fetishes: I have just as much trouble expressing this as he does. Cody likes...shared effort. I feel weird talking about it here fuck I'll just tell it to Kat in a text. He also has a thing about sense deprivation, like using complete darkness/blindfolds.
Virginity: Long, long gone. He feels stupid for it, but he feels like penetrative sex with Josh was another, separate sort of virginity, but that's gone too now.
Element: Earth.

Occupation: student/busboy/maintenance for the apartment building (how handy he is came up during an attempt to rent-haggle and...well...)
Work Ethic: Cody devotes an equal amount of diligence to each of his jobs and is not one to slack at work, even when given the opportunity. He's not fond of his job bussing tables but everyone has to start somewhere, and he needs the extra money.
Rank: Lowly
Income: Enough to pay his share of the rent but not much more.
Wealth status: Lower
Experience: Nothing, really, before he went to uni
Organizations/Affiliations: N/a

IQ: 108
Education: working on a college degree
School: SAS/still unnamed wizard uni
Grade: As and Bs, mainly; he's slipped to a C more than once in English but he always pulls it up.
Special Education: nope
Social Stereotype: in high school, jock.
Degrees: college. I'm beginning to get an inkling of what he wants to do ^.^
Intelligence: spatial/kinesthetic. Ups and downs everywhere else. Struggles a lot with that whole linguistic thing.
Extracurricular activities: at SAS, football.

Religion: None whatsoever.
Morals: The worst thing you can do is betray a loved one's trust. A friend comes before a stranger. Not disclosing is equal to lying. If it makes you feel guilty, it's wrong. Idle hands are the devil's playthings.
Crime Record: None. Leery of authority figures until he's sure they deserve his respect.
Motivation: Protecting and supporting the people he loves. Making something of himself.
Priorities: Responsibility always outweighs personal happiness. The good of the triad comes before the good of any individual or pair.
Philosophy: In the end, Cody just wants a good life for the people around him. If he has respect in their eyes at the end of the day, it's good enough for him.
Political Party: Never even crossed his mind until he found himself in the choppy political waters of the wizarding world. Supports equal rights for everyone; supports drug and gun control. Against any further Muggle/magical integration. Pleased with his legal right to marry Josh in the wizarding world; displeased that he can't marry both Josh AND Colette.
Etiquette: Had to pick up manners on his own and is therefore insecure of them; more likely to clam up than try and make nice to a new authority figure/acquaintance. Loses all sense of decency if you hurt Josh, Colette, or Cassidy.
Culture: nope
Influences: Josh, of all people, honest to God. He would never have ended up so comfortable with himself if it weren't for him. His teachers at SAS were so-so, but he truly looks up to his college professors.
Relates to: We did this already.
Traditions: Never misses a full moon with Colette if he can help it. Takes Cassidy on vacation to Colette's house for a few weeks every summer.
Superstitions: Remembers asstons of old wives' tales from back home and only half-jokingly suggests them when anyone has an ailment.

Main Goal: Stability. Keeping the triad together.
Minor goals/ambitions:
Career: Engineering (civil) for the magical community, but the level of math scares the hell out of him.
Desires: A firm place in this world that he's worked out for himself.
Wishlist: Eventually, a house for his family. For now, he could do with his first ever brand new pair of shoes.
Accomplishments: Keeping his sponsorship at SAS. Leading the football team to (relative, at least) victory. Getting a scholarship to university.
Greatest Achievement: the triad
Biggest Failure: Raising Cassidy.
Secrets: The poverty and abuse in his childhood.
Regrets: Not being able to rescue his sister (and, on a deeper level, his mother)
Worries: His money situation and the ability to juggle school and his jobs. Josh's attachment to RJ and what it means for the triad. Colette's baby!feels.
Best dream: A nice house in a good neighborhood, being able to provide (or realistically, help provide) everything Colette and Josh could want or need. A sense of accomplishment in his work.
Worst nightmare: Becoming his father - unable to control his rage/frustration, taking it out on those around him.
Best memories: The first time he met Colette. His first ever paycheck.
Worst memories: Cassidy crying after being screamed at by their father. The fights early on in the triad.

Hobbies/Interests: building/tinkering with things, observing people, any sport that he can use his hands for.
Skills/Talents: Very good at noticing something is up with those who are close to him. Excellent with his machines.
Likes: football, pancakes, CoMC/Zoo
Dislikes: alcohol, pineapple juice, and any collision of the two; getting his socks dirty
Sense of humor: dry and sarcastic when in a ~mood~, easily has his giggle box turned over when happy
Pet Peeves: Being disturbed when he's clearly absorbed in something. People who stare at Colette.
Superstitions/Beliefs: WE DID THIS. But for the record, extraterrestial life is a no-go. People barely make it on earth, even with magic; space doesn't look quite so friendly.
Dreams/Nightmares: Most of his dreams are nonsensical, true decompression from his very focused days. When a dream does make sort of sense and he also manages to remember it, it's usually about sex. That's just how it is. Cody hasn't had a nightmare in years.
Quirks: His shrugging. It's a subconscious thing and lots of people might not take him very seriously on a first meeting because of it.
Savvy: You can't find anyone who knows more about werewolves that isn't a werewolf.
Can't understand: Literature. At all. He's not a reader and never has been.
Closet hobby: His time of fixing his and his sister's hair has given him a bit of a complex. Colette's always trying to get him to cut hers.
Guilty Pleasure: The internet. He could spend about a zillion years on there if he let himself. Luckily, he doesn't have one of his own. He knows it's a waste of time.

Strengths: Hard-working. Protective. A giver.
Flaws: Turns frustration and anger inwards. Communication issues out the yingyang. Prone to distrust.
Perception: People's lives are what they make them. Most people don't do all they can, or even try, and that's the reason things can get so horrid. It's easier to be a bad person than a good one.
Conflicts: originally, devoting himself to Colette vs experiencing dating a guy. Later, keeping Josh to himself (and Colette) vs keeping him happy and fulfilled. Making Colette's baby!dreams come true vs not giving himself a chance to ruin another human being.
Instincts: (over)compensate for any hurt he might cause others.
Lures: more than meets the eye
Soft spot:
Cruel streak: his possessiveness.

Favorite colors: blue, purple
Favorite animals: reptiles are cool. He's not so much an actual wolf fan, since Colette is Colette no matter what shape she's in.
Favorite mythological creatures: Werewolves. Hard not for this to be the answer when you're sleeping with one.
Favorite Places: Colette's house, his dorm at SAS
Favorite Landmarks: He's never seen any.
Favorite Flavors:
Favorite Foods: pancakes, apples, chicken in all forms
Favorite drinks: COFFEE
Favorite characters: if Will Smith plays him, he probably loves him.
Favorite genre: action
Favorite books: None
Favorite movies: Colette made him watch The Pursuit of Happyness. He was impressed. Independence Day. (He secretly digs The Notebook.)
Favorite Games: Rock, Paper, Scissors. Serves a purpose and is easy to win when you know your opponent.
Favorite Shows: He doesn't watch television unless he's with Colette, who watches things about picking wedding dresses and adopting babies. He likes the cooking channels, though.
Favorite Music: when Colette plays the piano
Favorite Bands: None in particular. He's pretty content with the Top 40 stuff he hears around school.
Favorite Songs: Wonderwall
Favorite Sports: Football, lacrosse Wink
Favorite Stores: thrifts
Favorite Subjects: at SAS CoMC/Zoo. In college, he doesn't mind all of the math in physics when his professor lets them actually test out principles.
Favorite Numbers: 7 (his jersey number at SAS), 28
Favorite Websites: he's a wiki fiend
Favorite Words: not big on them. most often heard saying, "I'll do it."
Favorite Quotations: Practice makes perfect.

Least Favorite Colors: Yellow. He doesn't like pink, either, but he's learned to bear it for Colette.
Least Favorite Animals: Bugs count? Growing up with roaches in the house made him squirmy about them forever.
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: It's not that he's ever MET a real vampire, he just hates all of the fake ones.
Least Favorite Places: Holly Ridge, North Carolina
Least Favorite Flavors: pineapple, especially the juice. yeuch. also anything sour.
Least Favorite Foods: Pasta. He gets bored with it.
Least Favorite Drinks: anything with alcohol. Again, pineapple juice.
Least Favorite Characters: Pretty much any werewolf portrayed on televison of in movies these days. Wrong, wrong, always wrong.
Least Favorite Genre: Horror
Least Favorite Books: ALL OF THEM. The Red Badge of Courage took the cake, though.
Least Favorite Movies: Twilight.
Least Favorite Games: Monopoly. HOW IS JOSH SO GOOD.
Least Favorite Shows: Intervention.
Least Favorite Music: Anything where he can't understand the words. This goes for rap and screamo and anything else that makes him want to hire a translator.
Least Favorite Bands: A high school athlete can get reeeeeeal tired of AC/DC.
Least Favorite Songs: n/a
Least Favorite Sports: Swimming. He never learned how and watching other people do it isn't particularly interesting.
Least Favorite Stores: Anywhere Colette takes him that has prices that take up whole paychecks. She never buys anything, just looks, but he cringes anyway.
Least Favorite Subjects: English.
Least Favorite Numbers: 1
Least Favorite Websites: Blogs. Why should he care?
Least Favorite Words: Maybe.
Least Favorite Quotations: If you love something, let it go.

Languages: English
Accent: Mildly rural southern to this day. It's cleaned up a lot since he first came to SAS, though.
Voice: he's colton haynes okay
Speech Impediments: Sometimes speaks very slowly in order to work out what he'll say next. Does that count?
Greetings and Farewells: He's most likely to greet people with, "What?" especially if he's answering someone else's phone for them. With loved ones, though, he's likely not to say much at all upon arriving or leaving. He touches them instead.
State of Mind: Can't complain. I've been much, much worse.
Compliment: Wow. (He finds it pretty safely conveys a 'good' reaction without making him explain himself.)
Insult: You're being a creep.
Expletive: Doesn't really curse. Prone to taking the lord's name in vain in lots of creative ways, since it doesn't mean much to him. You might catch a "Fff-" during sex if you listen carefully.
Laughter: If he's only mildly amused, a quiet huff of air from the nose. If he's really gotten going, it's...a choppy sound and there's usually a gasp or two at the end to rein himself back in.
Tag Line: "Look-"
Signature Quote: this'll work itself out later.

Reputation: At SAS, a popular guy who treated pretty much everyone the same; a jock. Weirdly reclusive, though.
First Impressions: Probably not a lot going on upstairs.
Stranger impressions: Definitely trying way too hard.
Friendly Impressions: Should probably take a break once in a while.
Enemy Impressions: Total hardass. Stingy, could care less about anyone he isn't sleeping with.
Familiar Impressions: Big softie.
Compliments: Gets things done.
Insults: Could definitely be interpreted as an asshole by some. Tightwad.
Self-Impression: His self-discipline is terrible.

Temperament: Choleric, though it's tempered a lot
Enneagram: Reformer
Id/Ego/Superego: Superego

Alignment: Lawful Good
Vice: Pride, in a way
Virtue: Diligence
Defining Moment: Leaving home.
One Word: Intent


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Cody Everett Hudson
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