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 Colette Vivienne Kennedy

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PostSubject: Colette Vivienne Kennedy   Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:25 pm

Just Like You

Where Are You Now?
Name: Colette Kennedy
Nicknames: Don't even think about Collie.
Age: 18
Year: 5
Gender: Female
House: Remington
Patronus (if applicable): wolf
Blood Status: Halfblood/lycanthrope
Face Claim: Holland Roden

When You Were Young
Family: Stephen Kennedy - 40 - Muggle, Julianne Richardson - 41 - squib, Anita Kennedy (stepmother) - 44 - Muggle, Marlon and Maia Perry - 19 - Muggles, Davon Perry - 15 - Muggle
Personality: Colette is rather quiet and keeps to herself in public, which can lead some to believe she is snobbish or antisocial. This couldn't be further from the truth; she loves her friends dearly and would never hesitate to help a stranger in need. It's casual contact with outsiders that ties her stomach in knots. Her father's wary attitude towards her for as long as she can remember and the further scrutiny she received after the bite made her anxious and insecure. Her feelings are easily hurt and only a few peple can tease her without setting her off (namely, Cody, Josh, and her brother Marlon).

Despite loving quiet time, Colette actually loves to laugh and have fun with the people she's closest to. She has incited more than one bout of mud wrestling and particularly loves the full moon, when she feels that she can be entirely herself. She loves happy, light classical music as well as pop and tends to giggle in delight more often than she'd admite. SHe's not a somber person, just reserved.

Colette is naturally very affectionate and also very motherly, but she tries not to let the two overlap. If she fussed and petted at Cody and Josh the way that she does with Davon, she'd get plenty of unwanted looks. She's not big on PDA beyond hand-holding and chaste kisses, but in private she is a habitual cuddler whose feet always need warming.

In school, Colette has always been more of an ideas person than one for concrete facts. She struggles with math and dislikes it a lot, but she excels in English and especially in philosophy, her favorite subject. Class is one of the few places where she can open up and talk without worrying about the attention, losing herself in the topic. She shies away from debates, however, beyond stating her opinion as simply and inoffensively as she can. There's not a confrontational or aggressive bone in her body, though the moon can get under her skin on occasion.

History: Colette was a bit of a surprise for her mother and father, who were both in their senior year of college and unmarried. The two decided to go ahead and raise the baby together, and four years later they were married and reasonably content...until, suddenly, all of Colette's toys started mysteriously turning pink. Eventually, her magic became more attention-grabbing and her mother was forced to confess that she came from a family of witches and wizards, despite not having magic herself. colette's father, unable to deal with this revelation, ultimately left the family. He remarried a woman with three children of her own and maintained contact with his daughter, though their relationship is very strained.

Colette's mother sent her to spend summers with her uncle and aunt, who live in a secluded magical community in Washington. Her intentions were for Colette to learn about the magical world she would one day be a part of. Instead, Colette spent most of her time avoiding her cousins and playing in the woods. THe summer just before she turned 11, there was a meeting called in the community's church. Though Colette paid little attention and huddled in the back behind her aunt, one of the other girls pointed out her mussy hair and dirty feet from a day outdoors, laughing. Mortified, Colette retreated into the forest far later than she normally would. Unluckily, the town meeting that she had so easily ignored was a warning about the recent werewolf attacks in the area. She was bitten next to the creek and before she even had a chance to feel the pain, it was gone, leaving nothing behind but the deep impressions of its teeth in her side. In shock, she stumbled back to her uncle's house for help.

After some consideration, Colette's mother and uncle agreed that Colette should recuperate from the bite in Washington, with Healers who would be able to tend to her more expertly than Muggle doctors. She remained there for almost two years, carefully watched and lazily homeschooled with her cousins (who were now much less likely to tease). After the Healers and her uncle were satisfied that she could handle the responsibility of taking her wolfsbane and staying out of trouble on the full moon, she returned home to spend her last year with her mother before leaving for SAS.

Colette had no idea about the houses of her school upon arriving, but Remingston suited her just fine. Her classmates (and roommate) all seemed too kind to go out of their way to hurt her, even when word spread that she was a werewolf. Still, she spent most of her time seeking out the most remote places on campus to get away from prying eyes. On one of these outings, she stumbled across a boy her own age throwing footballs at a ring near the edge of the woods. She almost bolted when he spotted her, but when he only smiled and continued practicing, she felt less threatened. Eventually, she approached him, learned his name, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Cody and Colette began dating fairly quickly after they'd met. He was Colette's second kiss (she won't talk about the first) and she was immensely relieved to have someone who could deflect attention when she became antsy. Over time, the two grew closer and fell in love, the real kind that Colette had only seen in movies. They have no secrets from each other and know one another inside out, from Cody's dorky reading glasses and Rube Goldberg machines to Colette's filthy feet and tendency to wake up at the crack of dawn.

Being with Cody made Colette slightly more confident, and over time she began to make friends, mainly in her own house. She became closest with Josh, a boy in her year and house. Through him, she met Seth, a Meriwether with a fantastic endowment that allowed her to forgo wolfsbane hangovers during the moon. Since, she's become much more happy and settled and can focus on bettering her life.

Colette is more than a little aware of the torch her friend Josh is carrying for Cody, as well as her boyfriend's mostly silent frustration over his sexuality. SHe's been considering a solution for some time, but is only now feeling confident and ready to take action.

Endowment: None, but she likes to think of her lycanthropy as a gift and not a curse. When she met Seth and was able to start spending the moon without wolfsbane (which made everything fuzzy and dull), she came to love the full moon and all it entails.

Undisclosed Desires
Likes: picnics, black and white movies, getting filthy outdoors, fishing
Loves: Cody, early mornings, the piano, full moons, pink, babies
Dislikes: math, incessant loud noises, strong smells, attention
Loathes: small dogs, obnoxious ringtones, being hit on, coffee (but she faithfully brings Cody his)
Wishes: That she could be a wolf any time she wanted. As an animal, she's more centered and sure of herself. It's just a calmer headspace.
Fears: That her best intentions will end in ruin. She only wants what will make everyone happiest, but there are so many ways that things could go terribly wrong. She doesn't want to lose either of the most important boys in her life.
Secrets: She's been thinking about bringing another person into her relationship for a long while now..and there's only ever been one boy who fits the bill.
Random Fact: Colette hates the attention she gets, whether from her looks, the fact that her boyfriend is the quarterback (and stunning, to boot), or her status as a werewolf. It makes her severely uneasy, as she hates being made the center of attention.

Somebody Told Me
Name: Lydia Martin
Age: 16
Rp experience: Secretly playing WoW with Stiles
Contacting: creepy dreams and hallucinations
Other Characters: I was pretty good at imitating Laura Hale and Victoria Argent in the pilot.


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PostSubject: Re: Colette Vivienne Kennedy   Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:36 am

Verse: poly!verse (orig)
Date: 9/1/12-9/2/12

Full Name: Colette Vivienne Kennedy
Pronunciation: kahl-et
Nickname/Alia: Nope.
Origin: C&C was a necessity. I knew I'd gotten close to that red-haired charm that I wanted with Colleen, and then Colette came to me. Perf.
Title: n/a
Pet Name: Cody calls her 'lette when he's sleepy.
ID Number: She has a registered lycanthrope identification number, but she doesn't know it by heart. It's on a card in her purse.
Signature: Tall, spindly letters; doesn't put much pressure on the pen.

Gender: Female
Gender Role: very feminine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 18
Age Appearance: 18?
Birthday: September 3, 1994.
Bite date: June 21, 2005
Deathday: N/a
Birthplace: Portland, Maine
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Zodiac Sign:

Immediate Family: Father - Stephen Kennedy - 40 - architect, Stepmother - Anita Kennedy - 44 - home-operated daycare, Stepsister - Maia Perry - 19 - student, stepbrother - Marlon Perry - 19 - student, Stepbrother - Davon Perry - 15 - student, Mother - Julianne Richardson - 41 - restaurant manager. All Muggles minus the mother, who is a squib.
Distant Family - Her mother's brother, Chess Richardson, took her in for summers and for the two years when she recovering from the bite/mastering her lycanthropy. He was kind enough but not close to Colette. His wife, Lena, was much more warm with her and also homeschooled her during her seclusion (though not particularly well). Their children are Asher, Samson, and Naomi (23, 19, 17) but the kids teased Colette prior to the bite and were very wary of her afterwards. Colette's paternal grandparents are retired in Florida; they send birthday gifts that show little or no knowledge of what Colette is like. Her maternal grandmother is dead, but her grandfather is alive and well at 76. He knows her much more intimately, although they've met very few times in person; they've been exchanging correspondence since Colette learned to write full sentences. She developed her fondness for fishing thanks to him.
Parenting: Colette's father remained a big disciplinary figure in her life even after he'd left the family. He had strong feelings about how much money she should be allowed per month, what she should be allowed to do on the night of the full moon and the days surrounding it, and the grades he expected her to receive. Her mother, however, was much more lenient. Her one sticking point is that Cody doesn't share Colette's room when he visits; she knows firsthand what that sort of thing can lead to. Neither of Colette's parents really understand how to handle her magic as neither of them have it, so they get fussy if she uses it around them.


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Colette Vivienne Kennedy
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