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 A Renee One Shot

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PostSubject: A Renee One Shot   Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:53 am

Professor McGonagall walked around the class, giving the students back their essays. Renee fidgeted in her seat.

“You’ll do fine,” Will said glancing over at his worried friend.

“Maybe,” she replied nervously. Will got his back and turned his attention to that, a few moments later McGonagall passed Renee hers.

The Slytherin glanced at the mark and frowned, swearing lightly under her breath. Rolling it up she shoved it unceremoniously into her bag.Will’s eyes followed the movement. “How’d you go?” he asked her.

“Fine,” she answered trying to keep herself fine, so that she wouldn’t have a breakdown in the middle of the classroom.

Will raised an eyebrow. “Are you happy with fine?”

“Course I am,” she said and grinned at him. Because if she said no, Will would probably roll his eyes and say that she got a better mark then him anyway. A peek at his affirmed that. She glanced across the room and saw Annaliese staring at her, she gave her house mate a weak smile.

When the bell rang she excused herself from Will and the others to go to the bathroom. Walking up the hallway, she turned a strand of hair around her finger trying to calm herself down. She got halfway up the hall before she heard her name. She hesitated for a moment and then turned to find Annaliese walking up the hall towards her.

“You okay Ren?” she asked her.

Renee was silent for a few moments, and then she slowly shook her head and blinked her tears furiously back. I would have been, she thought, if you hadn’t asked. I could have kept it together then.

“Oh Ren,” she said walking over to her and wrapping her arms around the other girl. Renee buried her head into her shoulder. “It’s okay,” she said quietly.

Renee shook her head, and couldn’t stop herself from silently crying. Even though she knew that it was stupid, she shouldn’t get worked up over a mark on an essay. Knowing that never stopped her getting worked up though.

“It’s fine,” Annaliese repeated hugging her tightly. “Why don’t we go down to the kitchens? See if the house elves can get you some honey comb or hot chocolate?”

Renee nodded silently, and withdrew from the hug. “I shouldn’t get so upset from this,” she muttered her voice cracking. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, moving her hair in front of her eyes to hide the fact that they were red.

“It’s understandable,” she said with a shrug. “Everyone wants to do well.”
“Thank you,” she said quietly staring at her feet as she walked.

Annaliese bumped gently into her side. “I’m here for you,” Renee smiled softly at her, still fighting to regain her composure.


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A Renee One Shot
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