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 and more poly!verse

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PostSubject: and more poly!verse   Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:24 pm

The fridge is still empty when RJ checks it for the fifth time in fewer hours. He doesn't know why he's here at all; his hotel room is paid for, the room service is excellent, and the booze is expensive but readily available.

Yet here he is in mostly bare apartment, developing a surprisingly elaborate nervous fidget. He's not pacing. He's just restless, yeah? He'd thrown the mustard out on the first trip to the fridge. It had been half empty for six months and wasn't going to be squeezing itself onto hot dogs while he was gone. The jar of olives went on the third trip, only after he'd eaten a handful out of boredom and vague self-punishment. He hated olives. Why did he even own olives?

The last two trips, the fridge has been starkly clean, all white plastic and clear glass, except the one old spaghetti sauce stain. He thinks about shoving his cell phone in there. Maybe that will keep him from dragging up his inbox every two minutes, staring at the fifteen unanswered texts to Josh. Maybe, in the fridge, it'll catch a response. A watched pot never boils, after all.

The phone buzzes and for a second he forgets what to do with it. The screen doesn't fill with that stupid picture of Josh at the Space Needle, though; it's Ramirez. Fuck Ramirez. Fuck him and his dumbass suggestions and his nightly roundup. "Sifuentes knows English!" he'd yelled to half the roster, all standing close enough that a whisper would've done. "Tosh, did...did you know that Sifuentes speaks English? This calls for a fiesta!"

Mackintosh, who was both less drunk and less of a total asshole, had smiled anyway. "You actually comin' out tonight? I thought you'd be busy meditating or some shit." Caldwell, behind him, mimed a disturbingly realistic blowjob and Asher or Ashton or whatever, somebody's kid brother, turned bright pink. RJ hadn't really pinned him for queer before, but one look at the blush on his face and the way he was looking anywhere but at him...well, he was 90% sure. Maybe the poor kid would feel okay to say something now that his brother's on the team with Rim Job Sifuentes.

For a second, he almost shut the door in Ramirez's face. He could've stayed in, watched that shitty werewolf show Josh was always rambling about. But Ashford (yeah, hey, that's it; and my god, the poor kid) had a look on his face like maybe he'd been waiting for this a long time. Shit, he was probably the kid's hero just for existing. He wasn't exactly in any position to be a role model, but it wasn't like he had anything better to do. Josh clearly did, and he always would, but RJ was fuck-all bored and there was an outfielder's twinky little brother to enlighten on the surprisingly gay underworld of professional sports. Someone had to lead the baby gays across the bridge between stealing bases and sucking cock.

He can't actually blame Ramirez, but he tries anyway. He's eight days out and there's been not one peep from Josh, who would probably answer Ramirez if he texted. If Ramirez knew who he was. Or could actually form a sentence. Either way, Josh won't even hear him out, so he has no idea how unbelievably Ramirez's fault this all is.

Ramirez wasn't the first to hand him a drink. That was Collins, who he doesn't blame at all, since he'd asked for it. Just a beer, nothing special, and another one for 'later' that ended up mysteriously disappearing under the table. Most of the guys were swarmed up at the bar, loudly arguing over the flatscreens or hitting on the bartender. The kid was quiet at first, sneaking sips of beer and eyes darting around the room, never lighting anywhere in particular. The look's familiar. It's the face of someone who isn't letting themselves look. It's worse than he'd thought.

"So," he says, slapping on a smile full of teeth, trying to work 'friendly' and not 'creepy', "what's your name, man?"

Well, if his goal was to get the boy to jump about a foot...mission accomplished. He recovers quickly, though. "Ashford. Ash. I mean, yeah, I. I go by Ash." He chuckles nervously to himself. "Gotta catch 'em all, you know?"

RJ doesn't know. He has no idea what the fuck the kid is talking about, but he nods and laughs anyway. At least he doesn't go by Ashford. That kind of name is a hell of a lot to live down. "Ash, cool. I'm-"

"Ruben J. Sifuentes." The words tumble out and it feels stunningly like the bar has gone entirely quiet just for this mortifying moment. Ash doesn't go so far as to slap a hand over his mouth, but he does pick at the label on his beer like it's suddenly much more interesting than anything else in the room. RJ wants to laugh again, but he doesn't. Better to laugh with the kid than at him, and to cut him some slack. He remembers this feeling, the helplessly awkward stretch of seventeen between being a kid and pretending to be a grown-up. He remembers hot guys that made him want to trip over his words. The only difference for him was that he didn't let himself.

"My reputation precedes me, I guess."

"Sorry, it's just that you're really, um-"


"Good! At baseball, I mean. Not good that you're- I mean, it's not bad that you're-"

"Must be pretty bad if you can't say it." He does everything he can to keep his voice casual, loud enough to be heard in the noise of the bar but quiet enough not to draw attention.



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PostSubject: Re: and more poly!verse   Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:03 am

Kathryn Geoffroy:"You didn't tell me you were so /good/."
19855148659:XD "*shrug* We won. It could've gone better."
Kathryn Geoffroy:"You're kidding, right? You've got to be kidding."
19855148659:They could've subbed a tree stump in for me in the third inning, I think.
Kathryn Geoffroy:In Josh's head: "A tree stump isn't as sexy as you." Out of Josh's mouth: "Oh, come on. That's not true at all. You did have that double play to end the inning."
19855148659:Ellie's commentary: hey you don't know there could be some seriously hot tree stumps out there. RJ: "I guess I got lucky *grins* good to know someone was actually watching the game."
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: "When I go to watch baseball, I go to watch baseball." *serious face*
19855148659:Could you maybe pass that along to the rest of the crowd? You know, all twelve of them?
Kathryn Geoffroy:*grins* I don't think I make the best representative for the people. I'm not very good at the whole talking thing. Or, actually, that's all I'm good at. Just not with other people.
19855148659:Really? You're doing fine right now. Then again, most of my buddies *jerks a thumb at the team* don't get past single syllables.
Kathryn Geoffroy:That's because we haven't been talking long enough for me to screw up. Your teammates can't be that dumb, can they?
19855148659:Oh, that was a mistake. Now you have to let me buy you a drink so I can wait for the inevitable mushmouth. *smiles* I made the decision two years ago to just say, "Yeah, dude!" to everything they say, no matter what. Hasn't failed me yet.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Not legal yet, sorry, dude. I appreciate your willingness to hear me incoherent, though. It's a nice change of pace. I can imagine saying, "Yeah dude!" to everything gets you into some interesting situations.
19855148659:What, you don't drink soda, either? And it's taught me a few things about myself. *laughs* Three Yoohoos in a row is my limit before it all comes back up. Oh, and I make a terrible drag queen.
Kathryn Geoffroy:I drink soda, yeah. *raises an eyebrow* You, a drag queen? I think that's a story I'm going to have to hear.
19855148659:Here, I'll cut you a deal. All the soda you can drink, on me, if you can make me look busy enough that Heron and the other guys don't try to drag me away for macho male bonding time. Maybe I'll even tell you about my drag debut.
Kathryn Geoffroy:What, you don't want to spend all afternoon saying, "Yeah, dude!"?
19855148659:Oh, I probably still will, but with you I'll have something nice to look at while I entirely tune you out, right?
Kathryn Geoffroy:*blinks* Er...
19855148659:Is this the incoherent thing? I'm not impressed. I pictured it more like speaking in tongues.
Kathryn Geoffroy:I'm sorry to disappoint. I'm not all that impressive. I think I should probably get going, though...
19855148659:In RJ's head: Is my gaydar low on batteries or... Out loud: Man, you're gonna leave me hanging like that? It's entirely your fault if I end up in orange body paint on someone's roof tonight or something. I hold a mean grudge.
Kathryn Geoffroy:*laughs* Look, don't get me wrong, I'd love to go out for sodas, but I'm taken. If it's platonic soda drinking, then I think we're a-okay.
19855148659:On the inside: ohhhhhh! Right. Gaydar and sexiness both still intact, then. Outside: Platonic soda drinking? Wasn't that one of the new sports in the winter olympics? I'm pretty sure I can handle it, though, star athlete and all.
Kathryn Geoffroy:In Kat's head: hgtrfghtrhtrfghgtr. In Josh's head: htghjhtghnhtrfghgr. Josh: *grins* The extent of my athletic ability is ultimate frisbee, but I think I can handle it. I practically have a medal in platonic soda drinking.
19855148659:In Ellie's head: idudjdiikjhyudi why is everyone keysmashing? RJ: If I have to talk about wearing a dress, you /definitely/ have to explain what the hell ultimate frisbee even is.
Kathryn Geoffroy:In Kat's head: because oh my god I love him so much. Josh: That's definitely not a fair trade, but I'm not complaining.
19855148659:In Ellie's head: well I am glad?! RJ: I'm a generous guy. Besides, it's my responsibility as a survivor to warn people about the dangers of double-sided tape and high heels. I could give you /nightmares/ in the time it takes us to get our drinks.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Is that a challenge? Because, trust me, I don't scare easy.
19855148659:RJ: If push comes to shove, I have pictures.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Wow, we're upping the ante now. You just might stand a chance.
19855148659:RJ: Well, I'll tell you a secret: I don't like losing. *grins* Can't imagine why, but it's true.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Kat: hgfderftgyuiuytrertyuiuytrrtyui Josh: Really? I never would've guessed.
19855148659:Ellie: stop with the keysmashingggg what is your deal xD RJ: Right? It surprises me too. It's probably the reason I picked, "Yeah, dude!" instead of, "Nah, bro." I'm not one to back down.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Kat: I'm sorry! Josh: It seems we're very different. I am a big believer in backing down. Backing down definitely has its merits.
19855148659:Ellie: It's okay it just makes me feel all eikjryhd when you keysmash and it is just a lot of pressure okay. RJ: Now, see, I know that's not true. I was a boy scout and I never got a merit badge for backing down. No merit whatsoever.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Kat: I AM SORRY OKAY. Also the noises is recorded I SOUND LIKE A DYING ANIMAL OKAY that is my "WHY CAN HE NOT BE ME" noise. Josh: God, you were a boy scout, too? Is there anything you can't do?
19855148659:RJ: Be a drag queen. I thought we had established that. It's starting to look like I'm really bad at picking up guys at baseball games, too.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I'm sorry! I mean, I just think my girlfriend and boyfriend would not appreciate me going on a date, and it seemed like that was where that was going. Is this a regular occurrence?
19855148659:RJ: *raises eyebrows* I think I found a fairer story trade. Girlfriend /and/ boyfriend? *realizes what he's saying* Wow, rude. Sorry. I don't even know your name and I'm prying. Journalism habit. And you're officially the third time I have been turned down at this ball field.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *facepalms* Right. I forgot that that wasn't normal. *grins sheepishly* And no, it's fine. I think it's a fair trade. I'm Josh, and I think it must be the field that is bad luck.
19855148659:RJ: Normal's relative. *shrugs* I'm /definitely/ not gonna knock you for being able to hold onto two people. I'm not that good. Name's RJ. Or Ruben, if you're one of those hipsters that turns their nose up at nicknames. Nice to meet you, even though you've completed my 'shot down in the dugout' hat trick.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *smiles* It's a lot of work keeping three people in a happy relationship, but we finally have things worked out, I think. You probably don't want to hear about my gushy feelings, though. *grins slightly* Initials are nice. It's nice to meet you, too, RJ, and I apologize? I guess. I'm not quite sure how this works. I don't often have to shoot people down.
19855148659:RJ: Now you're the one kidding, right? I can't be the first person who's made a pass at you.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Er... kinda, yeah.
19855148659:RJ: *genuinely surprised* You must be a freshman, then. You haven't given them enough time. Glad to be first, though. Now you have a fun, embarrassing anecdote about the star of the baseball team to tell your boyfriend and girlfriend.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Yup, I'm a freshman. Looks like I've been caught. I'm guessing you're... not. You look old. Or, well, not old old, but upperclassman old.
19855148659:RJ: Wow, are my crow's feet showing? *touches around his eyes* I paid fifty bucks for that moisturizer. *laughs* I'm a senior.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *grins* I totally called that. I am the king of guessing ages.
19855148659:RJ: I totally could've fooled you if I owned a functioning razor. There's a babyface behind this beard.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I still would've known you were at least a junior... or, well, a junior or much less law-abiding than me.
19855148659:RJ: Technically, all those people that served me before I was 21 were the ones breaking the law.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *shrugs* It doesn't really matter to me either way. Your choices, not mine. I'd honestly probably drink a lot more if I didn't have the lowest tolerance on planet earth. It only took once before my friend Seth banned me from alcohol.
19855148659:RJ: Seth sounds like a spoilsport. I bet you're cute drunk. As long as you're not one of those drunks that like, cries and asks questions about the universe. My little sister called two nights ago sobbing about the big bang. I think. Half of it was in Spanish.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: God no. From the bits and pieces I remember and from what Seth told me, it was more stumbling around with beer goggles. Seth is most definitely a spoilsport, but that kid has kept my ass alive on several occasions, so I tend to trust his judgment. Do you speak Spanish?
19855148659:RJ: Beer goggles can be a magnificent thing in a bad situation, let me tell you. Does your ass really need saving that often? Maybe it's you that's unlucky, not the field. *sheepish look* Nah. I mean, I understand about half of what she says when she gets going, and I took it in school, but I was more worried about learning ASL.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I'm not crazy about beer goggles. Seth stopped me before I did anything too stupid, but I lost a shirt somewhere over the course of the night that I never did end up finding. My ass doesn't need saving THAT often, but I tend to get myself into odd situations. If you think I'm all that unlucky, you should cancel our Platonic Soda Drinking friendship date thingy. *looks at him* You know ASL? That's kinda awesome.
19855148659:RJ: Doesn't /everyone/ lose their clothes when they're drunk? That's been my experience at least *grins* I dunno, I'm not sure just how much could go wrong with Platonic Soda Drinking. I think I'm safe. *holds his hands up and signs as he talks* My mom and my aunt are both deaf. It seemed more important than speaking a language my dad hasn't needed to use for thirty years. *shrugs and drops his arms* It's not that hard.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I wouldn't know, considering it's only happened the once. I don't tend to really hang out with drunk people, much, either. *grins* You are taking a serious risk, I hope you know. They might slip poison into your drink. I might be part of an elaborate plot to kill the star player of the baseball team. *watches RJ's hands* I don't care if it's hard or not, I'm impressed. So far, you still have me convinced you have very few flaws.
19855148659:RJ: I should probably send out a text ahead of time to make sure everyone blames you if I end up dead. You'd get the worse end of the deal, either way. I die a fairly quick, gross poison death and the baseball team kidnaps you and does unspeakable things with their bats. *laughs loudly* I've got plenty of flaws, they're just not casual conversation topics. Besides, so far your only flaw is being spoken for.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *laughs* I would probably have that coming, honestly. Maybe I'll reconsider the poisoning plot. It's not too late to defect, is it? It seems I'm going to have to keep you around long enough to worm your flaws out of you to prove that you even have them. I've got lots of flaws. I've got them out the wazoo, actually. I would make you a list, but that would take a rather long time.
19855148659:RJ: Not too late 'til I'm foaming at the mouth. I might lose some respect for you for ditching your responsibility, though. Guess you can't win. *shakes his head* Please don't make a list. If it's as long as you say it is, I'll go cross-eyed. If it's not for class or Sports Illustrated, I'll take the cliffnotes. In fact, sometimes I take the cliffnotes for class, too.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: So I'll have to use a non-deadly poison and make sure Seth's girlfriend is here. That way, you'll live /and/ I'll have fulfilled my duty. Win-win situation. You seriously want a cliff notes version of my flaw list, or are you just being polite? I can't quite tell. Cliff notes for classes are a godsend. They're short enough to focus on. I can't handle much longer.
19855148659:RJ: *wrinkles forehead* ...I...think you lost me, there. Spoilsport's girlfriend? Also, see, I knew you were a better choice than the guys. If you were on the team, I'd have to say, "Yeah, dude!" and then listen to you put yourself down. Not worth it, man. I focus fine, I'd just rather be /doing/ something than sitting around reading.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Oh, right! Seth's girlfriend can heal. It's only minor stuff, though, which is why it couldn't be a fatal poison. For that you'd need her friend Sera. It's not really putting myself down. It's just being honest, you know? I... can't focus. At least, not for long. Not without meds. I'm ADHD.
19855148659:RJ: Do you know a lot of people like that? I mean, I dated this girl who could, like, talk to squirrels or something? Never knew someone who could heal like that. ADHD....I feel like I did a project on that about three years ago but everything I learn in class leaks out my ears after a while. It obviously didn't hold you up too much, you got in here, yeah?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I wouldn't say I know a lot, but at my school, Salem Academy of Sorcery, there were lots of people with endowments. Seth's really good with animals. He can calm them down just being around them. It's turned out to be really useful. He's that way with people, too, but it's not an endowment so much as him just being awesome. My ADHD isn't as bad as it could be, but I've only gotten this far thanks to lots of adderall and incredibly patient people in my life.
19855148659:RJ: Oh, you went to Salem? My mom did too. She was...what's the house with the awful colors? Pink and green. But then she moved out to California and met dad and we ended up at Pacific instead. Patience...isn't really my virtue. I hate waiting almost as much as losing.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Hey, don't dis Remingtons! That's my house, and the colors are awful, but we /own/ them. So you grew up on the West Coast? I've never actually been there. I'm guessing there are wizarding schools out there, too? If you're lacking in the patience department, we might have some problems. I'm not really the easiest person to deal with.
19855148659:RJ: As long as you don't go wearing them around, we can still be friends *laughs* Trust me, I'd never say anything bad about the house my mom was in. I may or may not be the biggest mama's boy in the world. My freshman year, I apparated home three times a week just to eat her cooking. Nearly failed but definitely worth it. *nods* Pacific is for wizards and witches. It has some long-ass fancy name that no one remembers. I went to a magic primary, too. We didn't have houses or anything like that, and I swear I think they made me learn more about crystals and auras than actual spells. *rolls eyes* I don't know, I'm putting up with you so far. You might stand a chance.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Awe, you're a Mama's boy? I'm the other way around. My dad and I are like THIS. *holds up fingers* That sounds sweet, though. I bet she appreciated it. I think I've heard of Pacific, but I don't know much about it. I'm a muggleborn, so it was all muggle schools until SAS, for me. Your school sounds a bit hokey, though, not gonna lie.
19855148659:RJ: *joking glare* If you use my soft spot against me, I will be forced to try and turn your poison on you. My dad was never really close to any of us, and when I...yeah, you don't want to hear about that. Anyway, Pacific thought they were 'progressive'. I didn't pay much attention in class anyway. I kept my grades high enough to stay on the baseball team and didn't bother with anything else.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *holds hands up* Don't worry. I don't plan on it. That'd hardly be fair. I considered not going to college to stay back home in Queens with my dad. *frowns* I want to press, because it sounds like there is a story there, but my guess is that it is probably not one you want to really tell, so I'll leave it be. SAS didn't think they were progressive. They actually had a lot of issues. It was a good school, though, and if I were the type to try very hard at school, I could've gotten a lot out of my time there.
19855148659:RJ: Queens? *blinks* Sorry, I just have this idea in my head of New Yorkers and you're not exactly it. You're not a Yankees fan, are you? *cringes* It's not a big deal. The whole 'dating guys' just didn't go over so great with him. I'm not disowned or whatever, but he doesn't really like to hear about it. So, what made you change your mind about college?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *laughs* What, am I not snobby and impatient enough to be a New Yorker? And hell no. Mets all the way, man. *grimaces* That really sucks, RJ. I'm sorry. Do you just like boys, or is it boys and girls or just people in general? And... pathetically enough, Seth. Well, Seth was the major influence. Cody and Colette had a very large share in the responsibility as well, and my dad basically told me I wasn't allowed to give up my youth to coddle him.
19855148659:RJ: Something like that. *grins* I don't know, feel free to tell me I'm not a proper Californian because I don't surf or smoke a lot of dope. If it weren't so middle school, I'd high five you. I can definitely deal with a Mets fan. I might've literally thrown my hands up and walked away otherwise. *thinks* I dated a coupl'a girls but they maybe get on my nerves a little more than I can stand? God, that's like the most sexist thing I've ever said, I am such a jock. But yeah, it's mostly boys, now. Men. Whatever. Cody and Colette? I'm guessing that's the Mr. and Mrs.?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Nah. I've never really bought into the location stereotypes much. I mean, there are a lot of really arrogant New Yorkers, but we're not all bad, so I figure it's the same with you West Coasters. I am totally up for a high five, middle school or not. I haven't met many Mets fans out here. I've met a hell of a lot of Cardinals fans, though, which I find funny. Sexist or not, I get it. I mean, I have friends that are girls, but I consider myself gay. Cody and Colette are the Mr. and Mrs. I would say they're my boyfriend and girlfriend, but really, Mr. and Mrs. is probably more accurate. Anyway, Colette is really the exception to the rule when it comes to girls, for me. She's the only girl I've ever really been attracted to, and we were friends for a very long time first.
19855148659:RJ: *holds up a finger* You'll notice I didn't call myself a fan. It's just acceptable. Good baseball teams tend to have fans everywhere and the Cardinals...well, if you like baseball, you know already. I guess I grew up an Angels fan? I actually watch way less baseball for fun now that I play it. My mom, though, she loves whichever team I say is the worst that year. *questioning look* It sounds like it's pretty serious with you three. Are they together too, or just with you? Colette must be pretty hot to be that swaying *dirty grin*
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *rolls eyes* I think the Cardinals are okay. Then again, I was raised to only have eyes for the Mets. My dad used to take me to games a lot. I don't really know a ton about the Angels' current roster besides the fact that they stole Pujols. What team does your mom like this year? And, er... yeah. It is very serious. They're together, too. They were actually together before I entered the picture. I had the biggest crush on Cody, and then they started dating and I figured I didn't stand a chance. Somewhere along the lines I became friends with Colette, so I really couldn't even hate her for it. Ultimately, she was the one who orchestrated everything. I'd have to say she's gorgeous, but I think I'm a bit biased. *laughs* Don't mess with her, though. She has a football player for a boyfriend, and she can take care of herself better than you'd expect.
19855148659:RJ: Stole is a strong word, you know. After a few years of actually trying to put stats together to help her, I just said, "Mom, pull for the Cubs," and left it at that. Good enough, right? It must be weird, being so serious already. I was sowing my wild oats when I was a freshman. Or, I mean, I guess I still am, but... Cody plays football? Is he on the team here?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I think one thing that baseball fans almost all have in common is the knowledge that the Cubs suck. And... honestly, it probably should be weird, but I've never known any other way, really. I never dated before Cody and Colette. I went from being perpetually single and pining, because I'll be perfectly honest with you, what I was doing was pining, to being in a long-term relationship. I've never really gone looking for someone to date. The idea feels a bit weird to me. Well, played, I guess. He doesn't play here. He played quarterback at SAS, and he was good at it, but he mostly did it for the money. It let him get a sponsorship. He has an academic scholarship and a job here to compensate.
19855148659:RJ: Quarterback? You realize you've just ruined any reason to be scared of him, right? I get this feeling I probably seriously outweigh him, especially with the way I've been eating this year. But wow, two people? Ever? Teenage me weeps for you, dude. Or, more for everyone else that never stood a chance. So me, I guess?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *laughs* Damn. You actually know stuff about football, too. You are probably... two inches taller than him? Somewhere in there. And he's fairly thin, though you are, too. I don't know. I'd have to have you standing next to each other. And, yeah, two people. It's not like I had lots of people clamoring to date me. I'm plain and odd and still haven't grown out of my awkward phase.
19855148659:RJ: I know enough about football to talk to guys in bars about football, and that's about it. Thin? I'm wounded. I should just leave you here and go straight to the gym. *skeptical look* Odd, I can see. Awkward...maybe. Plain? *shakes head* Nuh-uh.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I know more about high school football than any person has a right to know. I know basically nothing about professional football, though. It wasn't ever really a priority. I could also monologue about swimming--Seth did swimming. *tries not to give RJ a once-over* You don't need to go to the gym, trust me on that one. And, uh, yeah. Definitely plain.
19855148659:RJ: I think Michael Phelps is the extent of my swimming knowledge. Or, wait, the other one? With the...on his teeth, you know? That guy. It's pathetic how little attention I pay to this stuff. You'd think I'd care more about guys in tight swimsuits. *smirks and flexes* There's always room for improvement. Besides, I like working out. Beats studying. *carefully considers* I'm pretty sure plain means, like, not interesting to look at. Unless they've been screwing with dictionary again because they know I won't read it. You think I would've tried to take you out if you weren't hot?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Ryan Lochte is the one with the grill. He and Phelps are the best known, but neither is my favorite. *rolls eyes* You're sounding like Seth with your "always room for improvement" idea. He tried to talk me into working out with him, but I went once and gave it up. Working out is not for me. And... I dunno. No one besides Cody and Colette have paid much attention before. Put me in a line-up, and I don't really stand out.
19855148659:RJ: So who /is/ your favorite? I might do some googling later, waste some time. Otherwise I'll end up watching videos of cats ringing doorbells or something. *laughs* You know that's actually exactly what happened to you today, right? I could've talked to anyone before the game, I really shouldn't have been talking to anybody at all, but I made a point to talk to you. I uh....didn't spot you in the stands later until the third inning. *avoids eye contact*
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Nathan Adrian. He's a new kid, but he's really good. *blinks* Oh. Um... I don't even know what to say to that. Thank you? *turns bright red*
19855148659:RJ: You should actually probably apologize for throwing my game off. If I hadn't recovered, I wouldn't have lived it down, let me tell ya. I can't afford to play badly at all this year.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I'm sorry. If it counts for anything, I didn't do it intentionally!
19855148659:RJ: You sure? Maybe that evil plot is more subtle than poisoning me to death.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Let's be honest, do I really look capable of evil plotting?
19855148659:RJ: *takes the opportunity to have a nice, long look and enjoy it* Definitely something wicked going on. Not sure if it's plotting, though.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *blushes again* No plotting. Definitely no plotting.
19855148659:RJ: I'll have to do enough plotting for the both of us, then. *pauses, then grins* Looking a little red in the face there, dude. Too much sun?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Yeah, definitely the sun. What, with my pale skin, sitting outside and watching a baseball game without sunscreen is definitely getting too much sun. I'd better watch that. Thanks for warning me, since, you know, skin cancer.
19855148659:RJ: *shakes head, still smiling* Just wear a hat next time. Or, you know what, have mine. *takes his baseball cap off and plops it on Josh*
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *frowns* Um, don't you need this? Last time I checked it was part of the uniform.
19855148659:RJ: You do realize I have like forty of them, yeah? Plenty of time to dig another one out of the closet before my next game. I'd rather you show up wearing that than a Mets cap.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *takes off* Look, RJ... you're... *stops and thinks for a second before blurting out* Giving me hats is not very platonic!
19855148659:RJ: *blinks* I didn't...it's just a hat, not a key to my apartment. You like baseball, you can't tell me you're not totally coming back to another game, and, skin cancer, right, like you said? I'll keep in mind that giving hats is a mating ritual in New York, though.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Um... Right. Um... We're just going to pretend that I didn't say that and I'll keep the hat. Sound good?
19855148659:RJ: *laughs uneasily* Look, I don't mean to...I get it. You've got, like, a home life or whatever. I'm just a friendly guy. If it makes you uncomfortable, I can...well, actually I can't do much except leave you alone.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: No. *shakes head* I overreacted. I'm sorry. It's already out on the table that this isn't going anywhere, but you seem like a good guy, and if it's not too weird for you, I'd be okay with being friends.
19855148659:RJ: Not weird at all, actually. I could use more friends with more than batting averages in their heads, anyway. I have zero idea what we'll /do/, since drinking and working out are no-gos, but I can definitely handle being friends.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: *smiles* Well, we can start by platonically drinking soda together, and from there we'll work it out.
19855148659:RJ: Is there a pairs bracket for that? Maybe we could medal together. I think they give you money when you win.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I don't really need the money. You could have my share.
19855148659:RJ: You sure? I'd probably do something stupid with it. Money kinda burns holes in my pockets. You *waves a hand at him* you'd probably /invest/ it in something, New York boy.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Honestly? It'd probably go to Cody and Colette. My dad would probably want me to save some, since he's very money-savvy and that's the way he is, but Cody and Colette and I share an apartment, and I always feel bad because their share of the rent comes from them working, while Dad foots my part of the bill.
19855148659:RJ: ....I'm definitely starting to see that...what'd you call it? Remington? In you. My mom would want to smash your cheeks in and make you rellenos. Are Cody and Colette both in school too?
Kathryn Geoffroy:‎ Josh: I don't know what rellenos are, but if being in Remington means I get food out of the deal, I'm a-okay with it, though I am not fond of cheek smashing. Cody is in school with me, but Colette isn't. She works full-time at the school's daycare center.
19855148659:RJ: It's hard not to get food out of any deal in my family. Or, at least with my mom. My fridge has, like, mustard and a jar of olives. It's pretty bad. Believe it or not, I've been to the daycare. Baldwin, he has a little boy, two or three years old, and I guess I said, "Yeah, dude!" to dropping him off a few times.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: When I'm at home, we eat like college kids. It's all pizza and frozen dinners. Here at school, though, Colette makes sure I eat properly. She’s like a second mother sometimes, I swear. I wonder if you met her, then, when you went. Do you like kids?
19855148659:RJ: Must be nice having someone to do all that for you. Sometimes I wish I had the money to move my whole family to the city. Kids....my baby sister was only a couple years younger than me, so I didn't really have to deal with them a lot before I left home. They seem pretty great before and after that screaming, hair-pulling phase.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I don't know what I would do without Colette. She's fantastic. She'd be offended hearing you say that about kids, though. She wants a bazillion of them. Do you have a big family?
19855148659:RJ: She does? It's kind of...early for that, isn't it? Are you and Cody on board? I have two sisters and a brother. My dad always says his parents back in Peru would be upset with such a small family.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Cody's has really strong feelings about it being too early. As for me... well, I'm just trying to get through school. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I'm a kid. The idea of me taking care of another human being is laughable. And you're kidding, right? Four kids is a lot.
19855148659:RJ: You're in a good spot for picking what you want to do, at least. I guess I'm lucky in that way. all those kids that wanted to play sports for a living, and I'm one of the lucky ones? If you don't mess my game up anymore, that is. Four kids is nothing for him. He had six sisters, I think.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: So are you going pro, after this? You seem like you're good enough, even with me screwing you over. I can't even imagine living with six girls. I am sure I would spontaneously combust.
19855148659:RJ: *nods* I'm not much good for anything else, to be honest. It was always baseball for me. I'd probably be living at home like my brother if I hadn't lucked into what talent I have. I think living with women gets three times as bad with each one you add. It was hard enough with just three.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I don't think you really lucked into it. I mean, with all the working out you apparently do, some of it is thanks to effort. I... actually really don't have anything I'm that good at. I'm not made for desk jobs. I do well enough in school, but I don't want to teach or anything. I'd be awful at it, and that's Seth's thing, anyway. I do not have your athletic ability. So... I guess it's just biding my time until something whacks me over the head? I'll have to take your word on the women thing. I am an only child and don't mind it at all.
19855148659:RJ: There are plenty of really jacked guys who couldn't play baseball to save their lives. It takes more than loving the game and some trips to the gym to get as far as I have, and as far as I can tell, luck is the best word. You'll figure something out here, I'm sure. Just take a lot of classes, stuff that sounds interesting or that you haven't thought of before. It took me forever to declare a major. I'd have been bored out of my skull as an only child. I'm not the best at keeping myself amused without getting into trouble.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: That's true, I guess. Still, I think you don't give yourself as much credit as you should. Realistically, I'll probably end up working in magic. It's something I'm decent at and it can make a living. We'll see, though. What IS your major? And I got into my fair share of trouble. Actually, I feel really bad for my parents, raising a kid like me. *grins sheepishly* Between my natural ability to get myself into sticky situations and my tendency toward impulsive behavior and hyperactivity, I was a handful.
19855148659:RJ: I mean, I'm not going to pretend I'm not any good. I know I am. I just know it could've gone either way and I'm really blessed that things turned out the way they did. Magic's never been a really big part of my life. My parents are both magic but we were more likely to deal with things the muggle way nine times out of ten. I'm dragging myself through the last two semesters of MassComm. I figure one day I'll be washed up and I can get all wistful about my glory days on SportsCenter or something. Who could resist this face? *gives his best photo op smile* I think parents are a little cheated if they don't have at least one total disaster magnet. You probably made their lives more interesting.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: It's good that you're realistic about it, I guess. A lot of skill is luck. Magic was never a part of my life until SAS. I don't really use it at home. It just feels more... active, I guess? It's not sitting around all day. It's getting up and doing something, unless you have a boring magical desk job, in which case there's something wrong with you. I think the media will love you. Young, good at baseball... *grins* I think you could easily get a job in sports commentating when you're old and washed out. I definitely made my parents' lives interesting, I'll give you that. I grew out of it, though... kind of. I learned to get into trouble so that it wouldn't put too much extra stress on my parents.
19855148659:RJ: I've heard enough about boring magical desk jobs from my family that I wouldn't go near one. Not that I would've considered it before then, even. Nine o'clock is way too early to be wearing anything more than boxers, much less to be slowly dying in an office. Jobs are just how you make money to do all the stuff you /really/ want to do. /Extra/ stress? *worried glance*
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Nine o'clock is way too early to be up. I stand firmly by that. I'm more of a waking up at noon kind of person. I have all 8:30s this semester, and it's actually slowly killing me. And, yeah. My parents had enough on their plate without having to deal with my messes. At one point, my dad almost lost his job because he was taking so much time off to take care of my mom and my messes-she was always an adventurous person as well. He is a corporate lawyer, and they didn't really take too kindly to it, but he always put us first. I overheard them getting into a big argument about it, and it was a bit of a jolt in the right direction.
19855148659:RJ: i make a point not to schedule class before ten if I can help it, and that's pushing it sometimes. I've seen the sunrise plenty of times, but it's always a stumbling home experience. Corporate lawyer, okay, now /that's/ starting to sound like New York. He sounds like he's got his priorities straight, though.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: It sucks, but a lot of the freshman classes are early, you know. At least it mostly leaves my afternoons free? Also, do you really do that much stumbling home? I mean, I don't have a problem with it, if you do, but I'd figure drinking and stuff would be extra calories you'd have to work off later in the gym. *laughs* Yeah. My dad's New York, born and raised. He's basically my favorite person on the planet, though you aren't allowed to tell Cody or Colette or Seth that I said that.
19855148659:RJ: Like, I said, I came /this close/ to failing out of freshman year. Homesickness and early mornings....killer. The stumbling is usually more, 'I needed sleep six hours ago,' than being wasted. I have a problem saying no to people buying me drinks, though. *laughs* I'm sure they won't grudge you your father. Don't they get along with their parents?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Homesickness is one thing I don't have. I really expected myself to, but I Skype with my dad a lot, which takes the edge off things a little. *grins* Something tells me you're one of those people who can go into a bar and drink the entire night without having to pay for more than a beer or two. And... not really. Those are not really my stories to tell, thoug
19855148659:RJ: Well, Salem's a boarding school, isn't it? I lived at home; my mom taught the deaf and hard of hearing students at Pacific. *shakes head* I get bought lots of drinks, but it's probably not what you think. It's mostly a baseball thing. *nods* I get that. I would say maybe I could ask them sometime, but that's probably not in the cards.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Yup, it's a boarding school. Your mom basically sounds awesome. I think SAS did well with her. And hey, I technically didn't say WHY you were getting bought a lot of drinks. I just knew you were the type who doesn't often have to pay for his own. And... you never know. If we're friends for long enough, you're bound to meet them eventually.
19855148659:RJ: Well, see, you had practice being away from home. I just got tossed out into the world by myself. *raises hands* You're the one who's been calling me practically flawless. Just assumed you'd think everyone else follows that train of thought, too. *shrugs* I can't imagine that going well. If they're anything like you, getting jumpy over a hat, I'd probably end up doing damage instead of making friends.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Guess so. How long did it take you to actually adjust? Not everyone thinks the same way I do, and I know that. And two other people turned you down, right? That means that there might be two other people immune to the RJ treatment. Besides, I know you have flaws. I just haven't seen them yet. *facepalms* I shouldn't have gotten jumpy over the hat, but you were practically, like... eye-fucking me or something. As long as you don't do that in front of them, and you act like a decent human being, I don't see why it wouldn't go well. I'm allowed to have friends.
19855148659:RJ: i spent the summer after freshman year here in the city, and I guess learning to actually live here instead of just surviving made it easier. *amused look* The RJ treatment? I should probably trademark that. Guaranteed to work...unless you're at the ball field. *laughs* Eye-fucking? That's a new one for me. I'm all about safe sex, though *grins*
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: That makes sense. Why'd you stay? Was it a job, or baseball stuff, or...? *laughs* The RJ treatment. Guaranteed to work...unless you're a polyamorous Mets fan. And yes! Eye-fucking is exactly what it was. I swear, I thought you were going to eat me. As your friend, I'm glad to know you most likely don't have a zillion STDs.
19855148659:RJ: Partly baseball, but I figured it'd be a waste of money paying rent three months for a place I wasn't living in. Up until this year, I shared a place with three other guys from the team. Polyamorous..that word's way too big for something so simple. Taken works just fine. Or taken twice, if you want to be specific. Depending on how you interpret eating, the thought /had/ crossed my mind. *grins* It only takes one time catching crabs before you start to be reallll careful about who you take home.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: So you don't live with them anymore? Where are you now? Polyamorous is so fun to say, though! It always gets the Breaking Benjamin song stuck in my head though. *rolls his eyes* No eating me allowed, in any sense of the word. Unless, like, I get stung or bitten or whatever and you have to suck the venom out or something like that. Crabs don't sound fun, but at least you learned?
19855148659:RJ: Now that my sisters are supporting themselves, my dad can pay for me to live alone. He wanted me by myself to begin with, he's not the biggest fan of the guys on the team, but we just couldn't make it work until now. ....you say a lot of odd things, do you know that? I'm pretty sure if you got bitten I'd just apparate you to the hospital. I'm not sure what was worse, actually having crabs or the weeks I spent scratching inappropriate places while the hair grew back *grimaces*
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: It's nice that you have your own place. Why didn't your dad like the guys on the team? I don't say THAT many odd things, do I? I mean, I know I say some weird stuff--my muggle primary school teachers always fussed at me for getting the other kids riled up with my "overactive imagination". I didn't think I was that out there, though. *laughs* And yikes, that sounds not fun at ALL.
19855148659:RJ: I like living alone. I come and go when I please, I sleep naked, I don't have to put a sock on the door. Not that I've gotten to take advantage of that particular perk yet. My dad didn't really want me playing baseball to begin with, and he probably thought I was sleeping with one of them. *indignant snort* Like I'd ever. And...it's more odd things than I've heard from someone I've just met. It's like you don't filter. I imagine any kid with magic would get fussed at in muggle school.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I've only lived alone one year in my entire life, and it was really nice. Granted, that was also the year I got together with Cody and Colette, so I didn't spend a lot of time alone in my room. What does he want you to do? You don't sleep with guys on the team? And... uh, yeah. *grins sheepishly* You're not the first one to tell me my filter is defective or nonexistent. Muggle school was an interesting experience.
19855148659:RJ: Was it weird? Suddenly dating a couple, I mean. My dad wanted me to get a job that didn't depend on my body not betraying me. My oldest sister, she practically runs the business she works at, and he couldn't be prouder. *shakes head vehemently* They're mostly straight anyway, and it seems like it'd be messy. It'd also be embarrassing randomly popping boners at practice, you know? Did your parents ever suspect something was up before you got your letter?
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: A little. We had problems early on. Cody and Colette had been dating for four years already. I constantly wanted to blame myself whenever we had issues because Cody and Colette like... never fought when they were together, just the two of them. Colette was a bit insecure, and Cody was about as deep in the closet as a person can get. Still, those two... they managed to make me feel loved and included and special, and that takes a hell of a lot of work. I'm lucky. I guess your dad has a valid point. Professional sports are a lucrative business, though, and if you're good enough, you can ride out your success if you get hurt or old. Man, I didn't even think of that. That'd be really awkward. My dad always told me I was special, but I always thought it was the "dumb but your parents love you" kind of special. *laughs*
19855148659:RJ: FOUR years? You're all the settling down type, aren't you? I haven't really been the long-term type since high school. I guess when it's right it just falls into place, though. I feel kinda bad now for hitting on the equivalent of a happily married man *laughs*. I bet they feel just as lucky having you, though. I've talked myself blue in the face trying to convince Dad I know what I'm doing, but eventually I just do what he would and throw my hands up. I think most kids get told they're special, but you ended up with proof. *smiles*
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: Yeah, four years. The pathetic part is that I was crushing on Cody for five. *laughs* Don't feel bad, there's no way you could've known. I don't wear a giant sign: WARNING: PRACTICALLY MARRIED. I hope they feel that way. Your dad'll come around when you have a big house and a rich husband or wife or whatever. Unless he's one of those stubborn dads that it's hard to make happy. I think my dad would just be happy to see me not end up a homeless bum. *grins* I think my mom knew. There were some times when I would do things and she would just stare at me, like, "Okay, I know you shouldn't have been able to do that, but I'm not questioning it." My mom was the QUEEN of cryptic smiles.
19855148659:RJ: Wow, you can really carry a torch, can't you? I think after five years I'd have thrown in the towel, gone out and done something stupidly dangerous, and then gotten over it. You /should/ wear the sign. I promise I won't be the last person trying to reel you in. Rich husband? *considers* Nah. And I wouldn't know what to do with a house. I'll probably keep apartment-hopping until the retirement home *laughs* He'll just be excited when I can finally pay my own rent, I think. *takes a minute to consider his words* I bet...she was proud, if she did know.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I... get hung up on people. It's kinda sad, really. Once I've admitted that I like someone, the feelings don't ever really go away. I don't get over things very well. I still don't know where you're getting this idea that people are going to try and hit on me from. It /really/ doesn't happen often. Like, I spent five years going to school with DODGER for pete's sakes and even /he/ didn't make a pass at me. *laughs for a second before stopping* Oh, wait. That probably doesn't mean anything to you. Right. It isn't hard to make you happy, is it? Like, I don't mean that offensively at all, but just listening to your plans for the future, it doesn't seem like you have this strict, high-expectations kind of future in mind. And... *turns red* Oh god. I've been saying was, haven't I? I'm sorry. I probably made you really uncomfortable. I usually am better at catching myself on that.
19855148659:RJ: That sounds miserable, to be honest. I'd pull my hair out. There was one breakup that was pretty rough on me, but otherwise I just kind of roll with things. *shakes head* I just don't understand that. Maybe there are only a few of us who see you properly. I'd say we could start a club but I think Cody and Colette would kick me out. *shrugs* I'm an easy guy. I like what I like, and as long as I have somewhere to crash and a way to keep myself entertained, I'm happy. *frowns* Don't apologize. I probably shouldn't have said anything, but I couldn't help but notice...
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I'm sorry about your breakup. That sounds awful. *frowns* What happened? *shakes head* If you don't mind talking about it. I'm not going to push if you don't. I can imagine that if I ever broke up with Cody and Colette, I'd pretty much be a wreck. Seth would want to shoot me by the end of it. *smiles* That's kinda admirable, you know. That it's that simple for you. And uh... *looks down* No, it's all good. It's not exactly 'first time meeting a person' kind of conversation, you know. I could go into it, but it's not the happiest of stories.
19855148659:RJ: No, no, it wasn't all that bad, and it's been a long time. She was...I mean I guess what you'd call my first love. We dated through high school, but when I said I was coming here to play baseball and not staying behind with her...well, she didn't like that very much. I'm glad it ended when it did, though. Looking back, I don't even know why I was still with her. I guess you just get stuck in a rut. *surprised look* You guys have never busted up? Like, at all? You three get stranger the more you tell me. You could get a reality show. I just don't see any point in worrying yourself over stuff you don't need. So far, it looks like I'll get to do what I love and live the kind of life I'm used to. If I'm not a media scandal from the start, that is. You don’t have to talk about anything that's going to upset you. I think could definitely be a moodkiller on the soda drinking. We might lose points and fall of the podium.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: That sounds... well, at least you have perspective on it now? If you don't regret it now, it was probably a good choice. And, nope. Not really. I mean, there were times when I thought we were going to, but we never really did. Once we figured out that the whole communication thing was actually kinda really important, everything stabilized. We'd be horrible reality show subjects, though. *laughs* And no. I already told you earlier that the media will love you. I don't have anything to back that up, but I said it, so it must be right. *smiles gratefully* Then we'll put it off for a day far, far away. God forbid we risk our gold medal.
19855148659:RJ: I don't really regret much of anything. Maybe I'm just not the type. But it definitely saved me a lot trouble, so...worth it. I dunno, man, they might not be ready for me. I mean, I'm not flaming, but I'm also not gonna date supermodels to try and throw people off. The first time my name comes up and they go digging in my past...well, there goes any semblance of a closet. I want it that way, but it could definitely cause trouble. *smiles* I like the implication that you'll still be speaking to me on a day far, far away. If I'm not too cool for you by then. Who knows, I might thumb my nose at the little people like my Olympic teammate.
Kathryn Geoffroy:Josh: I am big on the regretting. I mean, not intentionally, but still. Regret and guilt are right up my alley. Honestly, if you play baseball well and you don't do anything tremendously stupid, I think you should be fine. I know I'd find you refreshing. You're very honest and real. People like that. And, of course I'll be speaking to you on a day far, far away. We're friends, aren't we? I don't half-ass friendship, though I guess if being your Olympic teammate isn't enough to make me valuable enough to keep around...


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PostSubject: Re: and more poly!verse   Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:07 am

[15:53:55] @ platonic soda drinking : Because Colette's so afraid of two seperate really bad outcomes
[15:54:27] @ platonic soda drinking : 1) totally offending Josh in some way, if he sees this as some kind of 'experiment' and he's their guinea pig
[15:54:42] @ platonic soda drinking : which....er, isn't that bad of a representation of what's going on, really
[15:54:44] @ platonic soda drinking : sadly
[15:54:50] @ platonic soda drinking : eh, teenagers aren't perfect
[15:54:57] @ platonic soda drinking : or
[15:55:10] @ platonic soda drinking : 2) him being entirely uninterested and it making things weird
[15:57:08] @ lover on loan. : :/
[15:57:31] @ lover on loan. : The second she doesn't have to worry about
[15:57:40] @ lover on loan. : the first
[15:57:44] @ lover on loan. : does occur to him
[15:57:56] @ lover on loan. : but not enough that it really bothers him
[16:00:11] @ platonic soda drinking : I can definitely see them getting out to wherever they were going
[16:00:26] @ platonic soda drinking : (between Josh and Colette I'm sure they can find somewhere hella secluded and pretty and still on campus xD)
[16:00:44] @ platonic soda drinking : and having normal (if somewhat stilted on C&C's side) conversation for a while
[16:00:50] @ platonic soda drinking : and if there's a quiet spot
[16:00:55] @ platonic soda drinking : I can just see Colette like
[16:01:01] @ platonic soda drinking : digging her elbow into Cody's side
[16:01:07] @ platonic soda drinking : and just making these EYES at him like
[16:01:10] @ platonic soda drinking : SAY SOMETHING
[16:02:08] @ lover on loan. : Aweee
[16:02:16] @ lover on loan. : Josh looks back and forth between the two
[16:02:18] @ lover on loan. : and is like
[16:02:33] @ lover on loan. : "Am I missing something? I feel like I'm missing something."
[16:02:53] @ platonic soda drinking : xD
[16:03:23] @ platonic soda drinking : There's just such an unimaginable buildup of awkwardness in this kind of situation
[16:03:31] @ platonic soda drinking : like
[16:03:38] @ platonic soda drinking : how do you start that conversation delicately?
[16:03:51] @ platonic soda drinking : xD
[16:04:49] @ platonic soda drinking : So
[16:04:56] @ platonic soda drinking : as a result of Colette's elbows
[16:05:48] @ platonic soda drinking : Cody, who is much less worried about rejection or pissing off Josh
[16:06:37] @ platonic soda drinking : is just like, "So, the three of us hanging out has been fun. Maybe we should do it all the time."
[16:08:09] @ lover on loan. : Josh smiles and says, "That sounds nice."
[16:08:54] @ lover on loan. : he's thinking just as friends
[16:09:05] @ lover on loan. : but he likes spending time with Cody
[16:09:10] @ platonic soda drinking : he's really not going to make this easy. *pets Josh* you're so thick, sweetie, for such a smart boy
[16:09:10] @ lover on loan. : and Colette is his friend, anyway
[16:25:26] @ platonic soda drinking : Cody kind of immediately realizes his point has not gone across
[16:25:37] @ platonic soda drinking : and this is going to take a different approach
[16:25:57] @ platonic soda drinking : and while Colette is kind of antsy and busying her hands and such
[16:26:08] @ platonic soda drinking : Cody's like, "So you don't feel weird hanging out with a couple all the time?"
[16:30:26] @ lover on loan. : Josh gets a little squirmy and he's like, "Well, I mean, I hang out with Seth and Jessie, too."
19855148659 (Oct 05 6:27 PM):‎ Colette smiles at the mention of Jesseth (I think she is happy about that development). Cody is like, "Really? Didn't they just start dating? Doesn't seem like they'd want someone tagging along on their dates." (I'm pretty sure what he's trying to aim at is that while he may hang out with Jessie and Seth at the same time, C&C are taking him on actual bonafied DATES with them, but he's not going about it the best. Poor Cody and his issues with words.)
Me (Oct 05 6:30 PM):‎ Josh blinks and is like, "Well, duh. we weren't talking about dates, were we?"
19855148659 (Oct 05 6:31 PM):‎ Cody just says, "Well, I was."
Me (Oct 05 6:33 PM):‎ Josh stares at him and is like, "Wait..."
Me (Oct 05 6:38 PM):‎ Things are finally starting to click
19855148659 (Oct 05 6:40 PM):‎ And Cody is like, "Look, we're *gestures around* in the middle of nowhere on a picnic. Doesn't that....sound like a date to you?"
Me (Oct 05 6:41 PM):‎ Josh just kinda sheepishly says, "Picnics can be a friends thing, right?" It's really starting to click and he's embarrassed.
19855148659 (Oct 05 6:44 PM):‎ Cody has this face like, "Really?" and Colette is a little bit afraid of what he might be about to say, so she kind of puts her hand on his to stop him and says, "They can be, but this one isn't." Her voice is kind of shaky.
Me (Oct 05 6:49 PM):‎ Josh looks at the two of them, and his cheeks are turning pink and there's this confused little wrinkle between his brows and he's like, "I'd apologize for cutting in on your dates, but you've always invited me, so that can't be it. What are you two up to?"
19855148659 (Oct 05 6:51 PM):‎ Colette manages a smile and takes a deep breath. "You've been having fun, right? With the both of us?"
Me (Oct 05 6:52 PM):‎ Josh smiles slightly, because that's a question he can answer, and just thinking about it makes him happy. "Course I have, Colette. You two are great."
19855148659 (Oct 05 6:58 PM):‎ Great enough to date?
Me (Oct 05 7:00 PM):‎ "You're already dating each other, though, aren't you?"
19855148659 (Oct 05 7:01 PM):‎ Cody laughs and does his weird shrugging thing, and says, "Is there a rule about only dating one person?"
Me (Oct 05 7:03 PM):‎ Josh's confusion and embarrassment slips away a bit. He stares at the two of them, looking completely serious, and says, "Wait, you guys are serious about this? This is a... a thing?"
19855148659 (Oct 05 7:18 PM):‎ Cody does his little snerk because, seriously, perfect? Colette has anticipated somewhat having to argue this xD. She's like, "You're right, Cody and I are really good for each other. We always have been. But we both think you'd be good for us too. I wouldn't bring it up if we weren't serious. We talked about it a lot before we even started asking you to do things with us."
Me (Oct 05 7:21 PM):‎ That idea makes Josh a bit uncomfortable. "How long have you been thinking about this, Colette?" (he keeps wanting to call her 'lette")
19855148659 (Oct 05 7:26 PM):‎ Colette bites her lip and looks to Cody and he just kind of nods at her like, "You've got this, go on." So she looks back and says, "A while. If...if you don't want to, we understand. We just wanted to ask, on the long shot that you might say yes."
Me (Oct 05 7:30 PM):‎ Josh is really quiet for a moment, trying to think things over, because this is coming as a real surprise to him. He doesn't know what to think. Finally, he turns to Cody, and he asks, "And you both want this? Because this is going to take a lot of work, and throwing me in there might screw everything you two already have up." He is not saying 100% yes yet, but he is trying to make it clear that it is not a no.
19855148659 (Oct 06 2:00 AM):‎ Cody nods and he's quiet for a minute like he's not going to say anything, but he's just trying to put his words together. "Honestly....it was Colette's idea to ask you. But I agree with her 100%." Colette feels a lot more at ease, she kind of FEELS the shift in the conversation from WHAT. to, "Okay, let's talk about it." xD and she says, "I'm sure we'll all be okay," because even though she's unsure about a lot, she knows that.
Kathryn:Josh nods, like this is all kinda does make sense, and he's running through things in his head, and he says, "I'm not sure how this is going to work out, 'specially since I'm so used to thinking of you as one of my close friends, Colette I think it is worth trying, though."
Colette kind of desperately wants to reach over and take Josh's hand because it's kind of her instinct but she kind of goes halfway and hesitates but even though that part of her is shaky, her smile is genuine and full-on because things might actually work out. Cody would say something but he's really kind of used up as many serious words as he can without kind of recovering first xD
Me (Oct 06 11:22 AM):‎ Josh sees Colette's hand and of course he reaches out and grabs it and smiles, He is super nervous and not sure what he's getting himself into but that's never stopped him before.
19855148659 (Oct 06 1:11 PM):‎ I feel like Cody would probably pull up another random topic so they could finish the picnic with minimal weirdness xD


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and more poly!verse
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