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 Character Rants

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PostSubject: Character Rants   Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:19 pm

I would like to start this off with a post about Louis goddamn Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson is absolutely ridiculous. He's got a ridiculous amount of energy and he's the oldest and he's just flat out LOVELY. I like fic characterization of him; he's the one who jokes around because it's what is expected of him, what he's good at, what he's used to. He's got a mischievous grin and bright eyes and he kind of looks a little bit like Peter Pan. He's a little bit ridiculous and he has no concept of personal space (seriously, though. None, especially where Harry's concerned), and if you screw with his friends (or his mum or his four little sisters), he'll have no problem calling you out on it. He's loud and he's brash and he's energetic and he's sarcastic, but he can also be quite serious, and he's more likely than most of the boys to take a strong stance on things. He's got his issues, too, but he's more selfless than a lot of people give him credit for. He puts others first.

All of this was prompted by reading the following:

tagged → #louis tomlinson #i can't be the only one that sees the beauty behind this boy can i? #i mean i can't be the only one that sees through that facade #because it's freaking hard what they do #and it's like everyone forgets that they're all human and have feelings and have been broken so many times #this boy has so much to offer #so much he holds back #because he's too busy taking care of all the others #too busy trying to act like it doesn't affect him #too busy protecting and defending and being the guy that always has the smile on his face #he's been hurt and he's been broken but he doesn't let it consume him #he's determined and strong and so caring #but nobody sees that #it's easy to label him as the rudest or the worst #but nobody takes a second to think about how he feels #if he's coping #if maybe we're only getting one side of the story #because we need someone to blame #and he just takes it and goes on #because he's damn strong #as long as you don't touch his family or his friends #i don't know about you but to me those are the people with the most below the surface #i just have a lot of louis feelings today

Basically, I love Louis a lot and he's really kind of my favorite.


Tsuki is fantastic.
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Character Rants
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