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 Will and Celeste and Renee (and no, that is not a ship)

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PostSubject: Will and Celeste and Renee (and no, that is not a ship)   Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:31 pm

Heya Renee,

So, I bet you’re really baffled about why you’re getting a letter from me when we saw each other like three days ago. I just got an important letter from your French girl. She probably explains it in her letter, but Frenchie II and I have been in contact lately, since I know it’s been bothering you that you haven’t really been able to talk much lately (since her dad put his foot down with the constant owls and your parents have been weird about you sending owls out to some French person they don’t know, so naturally isn’t a witch from a rich, famous, society family). That sentence got away from me. I was probably saying something important before, but I don’t remember what. Do I have to go back and reread?


Oh! Right. So Frenchie II and I have been talking, and my dad’s a muggle, right? So her parents are cool with sending mail to me through muggle mail, and I agreed to forward it on to you by owl, since your family knows my mum really well and they’d encourage you hanging out with me (really, how have they not noticed that I’m a terrible influence? I’m a bit disappointed in them).

Anyway, enjoy your letter from your girlfriend!


Dear Renee,

You can thank your stupid, charming British boy for passing this along to you. He really isn’t all bad once you get him to stop incessantly flirting with you by mail. Does he do that with everyone? My maman was reading his letters over my shoulder and giggling like a schoolgirl the entire time. One of these days she’s going to have to remember that her being old and married does mean she can’t just flirt with all the charming young men without being inappropriate.

Then again, my maman has hardly cared much about what was appropriate, as you know as well as I do. She and your Will would probably get along quite well.

She keeps telling me to flirt with him to get him to model her new men’s line that she’s designing. I told her that I’ve shot him down far too many times for me to flirt with him and not make him suspicious. She said she’d take it into her own hands. She got that faraway look in her eyes that makes me suspect she’s up to something else to get him to do it. So, I asked him myself if he would do it, to head her off. He said no. Maman was disappointed. I advised her to try a professional model instead of a silly teenage boy. Hopefully she’ll take my advice.

Maman has been trying to get me to help out a lot with the business, not just on the designing side, but also on the financial side. She’s been pushed a lot lately by Papa to encourage me to practice my accounting, even though I enjoy designing so much more. She says that someday, I could easily be in charge of a design company, and she wants me to be able to manage the finances. It makes sense, I guess. Accounting is just so dull. I’ve told her as much before. I’d rather just design and play piano and spend time drawing and writing out on the beach. She called me impractical, and it was so ridiculous coming from her that we both dissolved into giggles. Papa walked in on us in stitches and just shook his head.

School starts up soon, unfortunately. I always get used to summer too easily, and when it comes time for school to go back into session, it’s such a bother to adjust back. Every day should just be warm weather and the sun bright and walking down the beach and meeting interesting strangers and coming back home to new fabrics and eating rich, delicious food and drinking wine (did I mention that Maman’s started allowing me to drink a glass of wine with dinner? Papa’s not too happy about it, but that is hardly new). I love summer. It would be much better if it did not have to end.

I miss you quite a lot. Another terrible thing about school starting up soon is that you will be off to your wizarding school far away. At least when you’re on holiday, even when you’re so far away in England, I know you can floo over and visit me for the afternoon when you’re over at Will’s. Going months without seeing you is always hard on both of us.

Either way, I hope to hear back from you soon! Hopefully we will be able to talk before school starts up again.

I love you, Renee. Take care of yourself.



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Will and Celeste and Renee (and no, that is not a ship)
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